“Vladimir Putin rewrote history by saying that only the Soviet Union defeated Nazism,” according to one historian.

Celebrations and Parades… This Sunday, May 8, all the Allied nations celebrate the Armistice of World War II, 1939-1945.

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Victory Russia celebrates on Monday 9 May. “Vladimir Putin rewrites history by saying that only the Soviet Union defeated Nazism, while 55 countries have already united”Explains Antoine Arjakovsky, historian, and director of research at the Collège des Bernardins.

franceinfo: What are Russia’s plans to be able to celebrate May 9, in Mariupol in particular, the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany? What victory will Vladimir Putin be able to achieve?

Antoine Argakovsky: That’s the difficulty, it’s been more than two months since the war resumed, it started in 2014, and there is still no major invasion. In addition, Russia is isolated internationally and subject to harsh sanctions. So what Vladimir Putin wants is to show his military might through the parade, with more than 11,000 soldiers, planes and tanks. He will want to show the support of the elites. That is why, traditionally, he shows himself above the shrine with the generals and the government. And popular support is important to him. Simply put, this popular support is where the manipulation is. In fact, people would want to celebrate the more than 25 million dead in World War II, and they wouldn’t be there to celebrate the invasion of Ukraine. This is where Russian propaganda wants to act.

May 9, is this an occasion for the Kremlin to say that Russia has captured Mariupol in Ukraine?

And Russia has already sent its envoy the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration to inaugurate a monument, a statue of a grandmother with the Soviet flag. It was counter-propaganda, everyone understood that the grandmother depicted on the television was in fact hostile to the Russian army, and it would be ridiculous to want to celebrate the conquest of Mariupol in a completely destroyed city, where the fighters of the Azov battalion are still resisting. Vladimir Putin wants more awards and that’s why Odessa was bombed. On Saturday, they bombed one of Ukraine’s greatest icons: the home of Ukrainian philosopher Grigory Skovoroda. [dans la région de Kharkiv]. It hurts, it is the heart of Ukrainian identity and culture that has been destroyed.

May 9 celebrations in Russia, is it also a rewriting of history on the part of Vladimir Putin, where it is said that “Russia defeated the Nazis” while it was a victory for the Allies? These allies are, to some extent, the same ones who today oppose the invasion of Ukraine.

Of course, Vladimir Putin rewrote history by saying that only the Soviet Union defeated Nazism, while 55 countries had already united. Furthermore, the Americans strongly supported the Soviet Union during World War II by granting Stalin the advantage of the Lend-Lease Act, which made it possible to finance hundreds of millions of dollars from the Soviet war effort. Another thing Vladimir Putin doesn’t say is that the Soviet Union started World War II with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939, which led to the partition of Poland between Hitler and Stalin. This is the beginning of the conflict for the West. Indeed, Stalinism was a warmonger while presenting themselves today, Stalin’s heirs, as the only victors in the war. It is a rewriting of history.

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