Saumane, the treatment of Alpilles

In the middle of the Vaucluse Mountains, with great views of the Alpilles and Luberon, Saumane Golf Course is a feast for the eyes. Its difficulty also makes it quite a challenge. Former French champion Jean Garayaldi was inspired by the mountainous landscape to lay out a steep 18-hole course full of traps worthy of the slope of the 141 white springboard…

A few kilometers from Avignon, a short drive from the charming Isle sur la Sorgue nicknamed the ‘Comtadine Venice’, the Saumane golf course is the perfect place to enhance sunny holidays but also to test the condition of a swing. Less well-known than its outlying neighbor, Pont Royal and its route designed by the legendary Severiano Ballesteros, nonetheless worth the detour, with its highly Provencal charm, stunning views of the Alpilles, panoramic terrace views, quaint restaurant and the sporting challenge it represents.

The golf course is always full, with 730 members and 19,000 golf courses all year round

Jan Garcia, Saumane Golf Course Manager

Jan Garayaldi He didn’t want to make Saumane a place for passing tourists or novice golfers. It must be said that the course that was launched in 1990 does not need trick or complacency to attract the public. As the building’s owner and manager, Jan Garcia, explains, “The golf course is always full, with 730 members and 19,000 golf courses throughout the year. Foursomes follow each other even in winter. You should always be beautiful here! We even set an entry fee for 6 months.

Great views of the Albel Mountains

It must be said that the view, the preparation of the grounds (although some areas were fixed during our visit), the climate, the table and the pool even for the residents of the “Madame Vacances”, everything is attractive. Business seminars are also frequent thanks to the many equipped rooms. But beware, the course is a call to humility for those hoping to take advantage of the rolling fairways and convenient hot air to fly the ball. Big hitters have to be careful!

Jan Garayaldi made matters worse

With 6,191 yards of white, Saumane became solid on paper instantly. From the tees it is quite impressive with lots of doglegs, lots of blind tees, huge fairway bunkers and many cleverly placed water hazards. Mastering ‘powerfade’ is a real advantage to keep the ball in play…

It is a course where you have to learn to put the ballJean Garcia warns. You must first be a good strategist and a meticulous player. ”

Hole No. 1 puts you in the mood right away. That rate 4 in the right dogleg is still 393m uphill with a sea pine grove to be avoided at all costs, then you have to attack a deep green but narrow area with devilish cliffs!

Hole number 1, dangerous right, puts you in the mood right away!

When we came, the greens, dug up three weeks ago, were a bit slow. Fortunately, one might be tempted to say…”Usually this is one of the strengths and one of the great difficulties in our path, I swear by Jean Garcia. They were at 2.80 on the motivation scale before drilling. You have to get to know them well and hopefully you will score. ”

The greens were still a bit slow when we came.

Continuing the course isn’t really the most relaxing, even if Hole #5, which hangs over the entire course, provides a soothing spectacle that started with a series of ghosts.

It also offers hole number 9 Sublime diving towards the club house. A pleasure for the eyes that shouldn’t make us forget the need to fly over a piece of water on the third shot of that average 5 of 534 meters in the double dogleg. Tip, if your index is not number one, go out in yellow (5,782 m), then the experience will undoubtedly be more interesting …

Dive into hole number 9 and club in the distance!

The nineteenth slot that can’t be missed

The nine back slots are sharper and more traditional, even if the tightness of the standoff remains the course’s leitmotif.

Departures are narrow, as here at slot #14.

Hole No. 14, a modest roughly 5 (480 meters for white, 454 meters for yellow) alone symbolizes the character of Jean-Garaald’s design.

The start in a pine tree lane is narrow, and attacking the green into two is nearly impossible despite good driving. The green is already defended by a piece of foreground water. Also, beware of the very long shot limits!

Number 18 presents a final funnel start with the water to the right and left of the Dolgeg upwards. Even if the drive finds its way into the driveway, you should still try to avoid a huge bunker that blocks access to a small, raised green area. The result will be very good. As in all Saumane holes!

The beginning of hole No. 18 is yellow. Whites, the danger of water on the left is not visible, beware!

The panoramic balcony that extends its arms to you is then an invitation to relax that cannot be refused after such a trip. Fountains at Water Danger You will feel less stressed with a drink in hand. Long live the nineteenth hole, this is not to be missed!

The restaurant and bar terrace is a “must” in Saumane.

Because we will not forget to also warn that walking is somewhat of a sport.

Visually appealing, Saumane is a golf course that hides snares that will put your swing to the test. Be ready for the challenge!

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