Gym: Three more titles for CSMG Dieppe

Good results for CSMG Dieppe in Fédérale 2 with two interdepartmental titles and sixth place. (© CSMG Dieppe)

Once again, CSMG Dieppe is no longer empty-handed of a trip to an official competition.

even better, Dear club, Jay Rowland It had four teams competing in the Interdepartmental Tag Team Finals for the Federal Classes A2, B and Three climbed on the first step of the podium.

coaches to the rescue

However, the preparation was a bit turbulent within the Dieppe Club.

The numbers presented may have seemed unexpected and surprising, but Thierry Dumuchelle, one of CSMG Dieppe’s technical directors, explains the solutions.

We had to take the coaches out of retirement! At Federal A2, Romane Letellier was injured during training. So that there were four girls in the team, Mathilde Thomassen decided the match. After some rehearsals, she regained her feelings and contributed to the victory, while giving her gold medal to Roman. Similarly, for the other Federal A2 team, but in Division 2, Noreen Huard was absent and Océane Castelain replaced her in a short time and with the same success.

Thierry DomuchilInstructor at CSMG Dieppe

In Val-de-Reuil, Federal B formations were first in the business.

Usain Castelen is still in her role as a coach who tells the show

In the vertical standings, the first team finished fifth before the competition, one point off the podium. We told ourselves there was something to play for and the goal was achieved since the girls won first place thanks to their seriousness.

Ocean CastleInstructor at CSMG Dieppe

This team consisted of Lou de Hooker, Jane Dolander, Sarah Muhammed, Pauline Benard and Miles Goasgen.

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In the same category, the second team also met the expectations placed upon it, as Usain Castelen acknowledges: “ Eighth in the vertical ranking, she improved her overall score to get a good 6th place. »

This group included Mary Lou Tharrod, Lianne Troupel, Sabrina Ousayh, Fanny Benaissa and Sultan Sisman.

‘Tough after eight years of hiatus’

Then place in competition for Federal Classes A2.

Division 1 on day 1, Division 2 on day 2, but with the same winner, CSMG Dieppe.

So first with the defense of the colors of Dieppe Oxanna Lecoq, Marilou Pellerin and Justine Savouray and thus Mathilde Thomasin with Thierry Demochelle to supervise the group

We have to admit that without Matilde, we would have finished in second place, but all the girls were serious and focused from start to finish. I am satisfied with the general behavior because it allowed to get more than three points ahead of the second. »

Thierry Domuchil

The team was therefore terminated by Mathilde Thomasin due to an injury to Romain Letelier.

It’s hard to get back to work after eight years of rest and pregnancy, but I think I did the job to bring the medal to the team and of course to Romain.

Mathilde Thomasin

The next day, it was Usain Castelen who took off her gymnastics clothes.

She collaborated with Léa Ledrait, Maïa David and Pauline Gicquel on Section 2

It’s been four years since I entered a contest. In fact, I only had 15 days to get ready. It was a little difficult on a physical level, but the sensations quickly returned.

Ocean Castle

We must remember thatOussin Castelin was a champion of France several times Thus he was able to be a good team leader.

Here, too, Thierry Dumuchil appreciated the behavior of different gymnasts.

A behavior that allowed the match to finish three points behind Le Havre and achieve a third victory at the end of the week.

A novelty in CSMG Dieppe: Parkour

At the same time as this competition, the local club presented the process of discovering parkour.

that it Betty Marie, flag team gymnastwho was in charge last Saturday at the Desjardins gymnasium

This is part of my training for BPJeps. I have to propose an innovative project and after talking about it with Mathilde (Thomassen), we had the idea of ​​proposing the discovery of parkour. Depending on success, this can lead to the creation of a new department at the beginning of the school year. It seems to be going well…

Betty Marie

We can remember that Parkour is similar to what we knew a few years ago under the name urban stunts.

that it Sports discipline consisting of crossing urban or natural obstacles By rapid movements and without the aid of equipment.

56 experiences and 34 interested people

At the Desjardins gymnasium, these famous obstacles were varied and with different difficulties, and the aim was above all to discover these parkours.

Finally, Betty Marie had something to smile about at the end of the afternoon

56 trials were identified with people of all ages, from 5 to 22 years old. In addition, 34 people expressed their interest in registering for the start of the school year. So this is a very good omen for the new section and we can even do two digits per week depending on the number, but that still needs to be confirmed…

Other exams may be taken in the coming weeks or at the beginning of the school year.

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