Golf for your personal development: finding your game

Golfers, professionals, and amateurs alike often share rich life lessons along the course, particularly about flexibility…and here are lessons for Hole 7, aptly named for the legendary albatross. It’s up to you to find your balance on the Jump!

At the National Golf Course, Hole 7 is called Albatross’ Camel Because the architect, Hubert Chesnot, Have fun creating a huge bump in the middle of the lane, just to further complicate this challenging lane that stretches along the colossal out of bounds. So wait as long as you can!

Be happy with your game

Golf is one of the rare sports where beginners, experts, young and old, girls and boys can play together.

It’s a game for everyone and it can revolutionize the world Defending the coach Bill Owens, The initiator in France for educational golf. On the contrary ” fight “, being” Game “If we want to change the future of the planet, we have to get people to play! »

The Olympic slogan “higher, faster, stronger” disappears at the same time Its first ambassador, Master Pro, comments, Stephanie Bashos : Because with this game I find harmony with me. I became happy with my game, which would relentlessly give me the possibility to be happy with myself and with others. Thus, we have all the ingredients available to offer our planet a better future!

When you know that you can count on yourself, you develop what is called self-confidence.

Anne Le Konyat

I still strongly believe in the program invoice : Even if it goes back twenty-five years, it’s still topical! When I decided to change my life, to devote myself to golf, after cancer, I changed my state of mind. Then I was able to listen to and understand Bill’s teachings, take the club as it suited me, and from there, could fully develop! »

Trust yourself, you can do it!

High-level athlete coach, Anne Le KonyatYou had a very serious car accident: I went two years without being able to walk! When you turn 22, you spend two years lying on a board, you have time to think. And what saved me at the time was saying to myself, “You have to play golf again!” This accident gave me access to parts of me that I had never used until then, including my determination, my resistance to pain, my patience…I know what waiting feels like. I accept curves, ups and downs.

Above all, I discovered with this incident that I could rely on my willpower. When you know that you can count on yourself, you develop what is called self-confidence: “I know I can…”. Then Anne managed to win the world championship with the French women’s team!

Improve your talents, plan for the future

Communications Manager at ffgolf since 2014, Olivier Denis Mass He has a sparkling eye for those who appreciate the pleasures of gambling and 19And Gap. He sees golf as a school of humility: ” You always have to persevere and keep working. Everyone has a level, and without going as far as the biblical tale of talent, I would say that everyone has a talent that they must fully exploit to make it pay off. In golf, you’ll never be sure of hitting your target. You can say to yourself: “I want to be 12 indicators by the end of the year”, there are no miracle recipes. Just because you’re going crazy doesn’t mean you’ll get there. There are a lot of technical, physical, and mental factors and factors that can prevent you from improving your swing. I do really well with the putter (Oliver is a 6 pointer), OK, but hey, there’s always someone out there who plays better! there. In the measure of golf’s value, it is always difficult to define one’s standing.

There is no “way” to success in golf. Golf is a course that never ends.

Olivier Denis Mass

This is also what makes sports and golf in particular so fascinated. Some do it and some don’t, because there are things that don’t connect…there is no “way” to being successful in golf. Golf is a course that never ends.

What golf does for me above all else is projecting myself into the future, not living in the past. at the age of ninety, Clint Eastwood He still plays golf. Recently, when asked why he keeps playing, he said “I’m trying to get better”.

Find your own way

Hero Patricia Meunier LebokKey to his success is having a mental coach at his side to help him manage his energy flow, and set the record straight: This coach, I had the chance to find very young in my family, with my aunt, Nicole Ortis “.

Patricia explains how this charitable support helps her achieve her goals:

After clearly defining where I want to go, I outline the steps to get there.

This preparatory work for the trip, once in action, allows me to make the most of my abilities without asking myself more questions.

Patricia Meunier Lebok

As on a golf course, a hole, then another hole… Determining these steps precisely is a real business. This preparatory work for the trip, once in action, allows me to make the most of my abilities without asking myself any questions, and abilities that I ascertain beforehand, of course, to improve them.

When I was in competition, I really needed that well-defined route. I also needed to be assured that I would accompany my relatives to the end. All this is also important. Because once everything is clear in my head, I can work without limitations by respecting the letter written in the plan. I was the one who created this program, who made the plan, and I respect it. It was really something I lived on from the inside.

The key is to be able to select the parameters that are very important to you. It then allows you to plot your own course without looking back at every challenge. “.

Strengthen your willpower

Hitting several buckets of balls a day is one thing. Come back the next day and hit new buckets of balls for two hours after school, as you did every day Celine Potter In his childhood, he is another, more representative of willpower.

“Always keep in mind that your will to succeed is more important than anything else.” Abraham Lincoln Books.

Will assumes a tension towards the goal; It is this internal tension, directed towards an external target, that moves the body. This tension is a manifestation of bio-ilan. Which one is yours?


Your progress depends on your strategic and psychological approach to the course, which is why we invite you to consider every golf course as an introductory journey. And this trip, we suggest you take on the legendary National Golf Course, Albatross, by finding previous episodes here:

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