Pancho Gonzalez’s return, OGC Nice’s win over OM… Philip Campes remembers the 1954 Coupe France final

The picture has been discontinued since May 23, 1954. Pancho Gonzalez no longer touches the ground. He has fire in his eyes, his right leg is raised, and his foot is raised toward the sky. The ball is somewhere between the keel and infinity. Sixty-seven years and eleven months later, Columbus Stadium is still holding its breath. This gesture belongs to the history of French football and the legacy of OGC Nice. Thanks to this golden chisel and so much more, Pancho Gonzalez will never leave us. He took a small step aside on March 5, 2016. He was 89 years old. But Pancho is Khaled. Pancho is eternal. The picture is frozen, but the legendary gym defender will always pop out of the frame with a little smile.

Pancho makes a good mother cry

The action takes place in the 88th minute of the breathless final. The gym is advancing (2-1) but is suffering as it is attacked from all sides by the Marseille launch. Hairabedian goes out, jumps, dives, and pushes back. Even that perfect lob from Scotty. The cute goalkeeper was beaten up. Not Pancho Gonzalez who, with a totally insane acrobatic spin, sends the ball over the bar. ray of light. Arms work for our friend Pancho. “You know, baby, I don’t know if it was the ball or my right foot that touched the crossbar! Years later, I still don’t know if the ball crossed the line or not… I don’t think so.”Gonzalez who is gym single, whispered to us one day much of his career (player, captain, coach, manager) says a lot about his love for the club.

This famous 88th minute, you can see and watch it again in black and white on Youtube. If it doesn’t give you chills, keep going.

Good Mother and all the Marseille people continue to see the ball in the background. cheap. Especially since in the process, Palluch would have a second chance. But this time, it’s Carneglia who will save at stake by pushing back with a header. Miracles always happen twice.

You have to believe in the signs. Evidence: The Eagles’ Road to Sunday, May 23 is as much about talent as it is about puzzles. In 16th place, they came so close to disaster against Blenod fans who would push the Pros into a second game. He rebelled in the quarter against the friends of Bordeaux after an amazing first showdown. In short, Niçois played not five games, but seven (no penalties) before he arrived in Columbus. Phew!

OM getting ready to party, nice match

Two years after their first win in the Coupe de France, after a legendary final against Bordeaux (5-3), this time the Reds and the Blacks got a date with neighboring Marseille. OM already has six glasses in her cupboard and the champagne is chilled. A wind of optimism is blowing over the old harbor. Strange fog. Inflated for sure, Olympic leaders asked SNCF to repaint the return tug in the club’s colors. Star Ben Barrick, striker Anderson, as well as Scotty and all the others stand with Fernandel before they leave for the capital. OM can already see it.

Despite the unsuccessful championship – they finished 14th, six rows behind the gymnasium – Marseille are the favorites. In their heads and between bookmakers. It all suits the residents of Nice who quietly organize their coup on the side of the Maisons-Laffitte. “Marseilles are preparing for the party, we are a match … “, Whispers of George Perry. The gym’s English coach has figured it out. He also knows that his attack can severely hurt the enemy. Therefore it combines five players with an attacking career (Uglaki, Antonio, Carneglia, Fontaine and Nuremberg). It’s anything but crazy. Especially when you have a kisard and blocker in the middle. “One of the most beautiful running pairs in OGCN history.”always emphasized by Julian Giarese, journalist beautiful morning And the legend.

Niçois had a long way to go before this meeting. But on D-Day, they are on time. This is not the case with their opponents. Getting caught in a Parisian traffic jam, the OM bus will arrive at the stadium twenty minutes before kick-off. Not the best way to enter the event. Evidence: Ben Mubarak and his team lost 2-0 after 10 minutes. Two goals were scored by Nuremberg headed by a superb dive and Carneglia with a cross shot.

The gym is waiting by 50,000 cute people in joy

The gym plan works great. The Marseillais are standing on KO, they look like Ujlaki floods, Carniglia breakthroughs, Fontaine flashes or Nurenberg attacks. The angel, the egg janitor, lives in Hell. The Cuissard-Mahjoub duo wins all duels. For 45 minutes, OM is not present. At the beginning of the second half, a goal from Anderson restored the suspense and hopes of Marseille. We know the rest, saving Pancho Gonzalez, Carneglia and arms raised to heaven, to the gods. After Jean Belver, two years earlier, it was Antoine Caesar who received the Coupe de France from the hands of President René Coty who succeeded Vincent Auriol. The night is beautiful. After a paragraph in the newspaper the team And a party in Matesco, the famous Niçois that runs a restaurant in the Saint-Michel district, the heroes have bags under their eyes and luggage in their hands. Back by train troubled.

Pancho sings, dances, spins his mustache, and talks about his comeback. In Nice, 50 thousand people are waiting for the winners. mad. Players cross the city in a taxi. The prom is red with happiness and black with people.

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