Nantes and Quimper breathing, landing rounds, one foot in playoffs for Grace Souville

In addition to the status quo at the top of the Pro B Championship, between Saint-Chamond and Nancy’s wins, the real challenges on Day 33 were about fighting to keep it.

BBD avoids the worst

Bolazac extends Pro B lease! The huge success (80-67) achieved at the expense of the amazing team Antibes allows them to calmly approach their last meeting of the season against Lille, next Friday, May 13th. The Sharks’ seat was harmless in the first half: only Jean-Marc Pensa saw the ball pass the ring. In general, it was the defense that missed the subscribers. The attacking talent wasn’t able to make up for mistakes on the other side of the field: Ben Monclair’s 19-point hit didn’t resonate in the Big Five from Antibes. Luke Lubacki was the meeting guy, for BBD. With 22 ratings on the bench, he scored 13 points, 7 rebounds, stole 3 balls, made 2 assists and made 1 against. A very comprehensive statistical sheet that reflects his influence on this game. Even without brilliant Nick Moore (6 points by 2/8 in shots), Polzac provided the basics: maintenance. What wasn’t really obvious a month ago but BBD had five straight wins.

Shalon at its worst

For his part, Nantes had to beat Chalons for not finding the drop zone. It has been, with such success (91 – 86), that the NBH has never been led. The big hit was to be expected, because Buildings has the second worst record in this return stage of the championship: 5 small wins in 15 games. Only Roan, who had already landed, was doing worse. The match had started in the best possible way for NHB. Kevin Denal and Jonathan Kasibabu were in the paint respectively, before Terry Smith and Lamine Sambi set their sights on three throws (14 and 10 points respectively for the two in the first inning). It should be emphasized the excellent contribution made by Jerome Sanchez (17 ratings in 16 minutes), who brilliantly served the Nantes group, as well as the warrior Harvey Gaultier. Leading by 11 points three minutes from the end of the game, Nantes didn’t look away from sinking when they saw Chalon back to three units thanks to Antoine Eto’o. It was Lamine Sambi (19 points for most ratings) who scored the two free throws to secure Hermine’s victory in this first final. For Elan, with Desi Washington punished (of just five and 18 minutes), morale couldn’t be lower. He will lack a touch of madness to turn the game around at the last minute.

Quimper imitates Denain

The real fear match took place in Quimper between Béliers and Tours, with the two teams of the famous club with 13 victories going to fight to the end to ensure its maintenance in Pro B. . In the first half, both teams got off to a great start. Theo Lyon and Mike Ivivberha carried the Britons on their shoulders (14 and 16 points, respectively), while James Battimon and Florian Leopold played for the Knights. Although Tours had the match early in the last quarter, they inexplicably suffered from the wrath of Laurent Fuerst’s UJAP team. Paul-Lou Duwiquet came out of the coach’s hat and finished the game’s MVP with 14 units, 3 rebounds, 2 assists for a rating of 16. Batemon, despite the number of his talented soloist (25 points) was unable to turn the tide of the match. Kemper will travel to Vichy-Clermont, while Tours-Blois will receive a derby already promising he can’t breathe. The calculation is simple for Torango: if they lose this last encounter, they will go down to 1 National Center. If necessary, it will be necessary to hope for the defeat of Lille (who will receive Polazac). The TMB average lost the basket to the Northerners by only a small point (74-72 on the way, 86-89 in the return). Pre-tube fall, to the point of sending Pierre Tavano off the bench in the All-Star Game, rookie on edge.

ASA retains its ninth place

Without Marquis Wright, who was unavailable after an injury in the last game against Chalons, ASA had the most difficulty to force their match in the Drome (87 – 79). . Saint-Vallier expanded the difference in the first half thanks to the glowing Ryan Romes: in 11 minutes, he scored 14 points and had 4 rebounds. In the second quarter, the SVBD bench grabbed the questioner with 20 points at 10/10 in shots from the Florent Tortosa-Alexis Thomas duo. Returning from the locker room, the alliance returned with other intentions and got the result: on Sunday, Racine and Saultier crossed the ten-unit bar. Saint Valier can blame himself. After winning the first half 51-41, they ceded 28-46 in the second half. In question, a questionable outside defense at times, which allowed the ASA to finish the game on 10/27 in practice. Balls often sailed into the hands of Strahinya Gavrilovic (24 points at 9/17 in shots, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 interception for a rating of 19), who took over in Wright’s absence. In a solid ninth place in Pro B, Gries-Souffel will attempt to validate his ticket for next Friday’s playoffs (against Saint-Chamond), which is still contested by Aix-Maurienne.

Results of the 33rd day of Pro B :

  • Denin – Night: 88-87
  • Rouen – Aix Maurienne: 72-77
  • Saint Quentin – Evreux: 76-56
  • Saint-Chammond – Vichy-Clermont: 94-75
  • Blois Nancy: 80-88
  • Polzac Antibes: 80-67
  • Chalons-sur-Saône – Nantes: 86-91
  • Saint-Valaire – Grace Soville: 79-87
  • Kimber – Tours: 81-76

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