MSB – Monaco, three questions about a crucial match

What must the MSB team do to qualify for the playoffs?

We’re more than ever in the money time of the season! The positions are still very tight and undecided, especially for the playoff assignment. But since the very devastating setback on Tuesday 3 May 2022 against Le Portel (82-83), new data has emerged from MSB: Sarthois club is no longer in control of its destiny. Meanwhile, after losing six of our last seven matches, there is justice somewhereAcknowledges, obviously, coach Alrick Dilord.

But in this thorny situation, there is a colossal irony. In fact, MSB can only qualify with one success in their last three matches, provided they have finished in a draw with Cholet and Nanterre … just as they can be eliminated from the top eight by winning their last three matches but the other results are not favorable to them ( Especially due to the numerous losses in average points in particular over direct competitors)!

You have to win as much as you can, periodsummarizes Elric Delord.That’s what I make clear to the players, these are three finals, you should take it that way.

What is Manco’s state of mind after Portel’s disappointment?

As far as defeat in Villeurbanne, on Sunday 1Verse May, was somewhat planned at the running table, as much as against Le Portel, two days later, he obviously made a mark. Enraged, frustrated, Mansu ended this meeting, very noticeable, well aware that they had just taken a huge step back in their goal of the moment. Also, on this Sabbath, in what state of mind will they approach this last stretch? Will they succumb to depression, or will they find the strength to rebel?

When you’re a competitor, you can’t accept not following everything or a lack of clarityElric Delord continues. On Tuesday, we miss I don’t know how many baskets on our own, so today we have our backs on the wall. Either we really show up or we go home. There are things, such as arbitration awards, over which we have no control. But there are things that we should be able to better respect.

Awareness in an emergency situation where each other’s personalities are revealed in broad daylight. We are losing a lot of matches, we are all affectedDilord admits. But either we use that for positive energy, or we let it eat us. It must pass us.

On an active level, following Breton Lemar’s injury against Le Portel (knee), Darius Johnson-Odom will find his place in the group. As for the arbitration reports, particularly against Williams Nars, they have, for the time being, not resulted in any penalty.

What face of Monaco should we expect?

France has always been thrilled for two weeks in the Euroleague quarter-final between Monaco and Olympiacos. Especially the conclusion of Wednesday, May 4 in Greece. Match 5 lost by Roca team by something (94-88). The Monaco team will inevitably be distinguished, both physically and mentally, by these efforts. Which team and which side will be able to play in Antares?

Whatever happens, we have to tell ourselves that we will face, not one of the best teams in France, but in Europe. So, if they are at the level of Wednesday, it will be very difficult for usanalyzes Elric Delord. If the Bearers played Wednesday’s game, what state would they be in? But if the others are the others, how will they be because they haven’t played much in a few weeks. There are many unknowns.

One thing is for sure, if the MSB team has to adapt to the players that are there, it will have one primary thing to do, or else it won’t: play hard.This is what stood out most for us during the cup match (in February 2022), although with several absentees, they stayed on their toes for 40 minutes. We should be. Recovery, fighting, this will be the first willconcludes Elric Delord.

the difference

This Saturday, May 7, 2022, at 8pm, in Antares


Fifth start: K. Kajami-Keane (Canada, 1.85m) – S. Bamforth (USA, 1.88m) – T. Tarpey (FRA, 1.95m) – W. Narace (CMR, 2, 01m) – T. Thomas (USA, 2.03 million)

Seat: K. Baptiste (France, 2.01 AD); Sherry (France, 2 AD); Cunningham (USA, 2.03 m); Mr. Gouzin (France, 1.91 AD); Johnson Odom (USA, 1.87 million); H. Menande (France, 1.99 AD); Virage (France, 1.97 AD)
Confiscation: Lemar (knee)

Coach: E Dilord


Twelve players to choose from: M. James (USA, 1.85 AD); Diallo (GUI, 2.01M); Motigonas (bed 2.13 m); Hall (USA, 2.08 m); Lee (USA, 1.83 m); W. Thomas (USA, 2.03 million); Bacon (USA, 2.01 million); Motom (Australia, 2.08 m); Angusic (SRB, 1.95 m); R Gray (USA, 1.85 m); a. Val Fay (age, 2.06 m); Wai Ouattara (France, 1.92 AD); Potsiel (France, 2.07 AD); Westermann (France, 1.98 AD); R. Demahis-Ballou (France, 1.90 AD); Raton (France, 2.03 AD).

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