Loire Atlantic: Already in prison, the “magnetized” is escaping from a new sexual conviction

Four pictures were found on the computer of the accused, who was released in the interest of suspicion. © Paul Le Meur – Illustrations

The Nantes Criminal Court Finally on Thursday May 5, 2022 a former truck driver from Macecoul-Saint-Eme (Loire Atlantic) who was sued after discovering Four children’s porn on his laptop.

This discovery was made on the sidelines of other judicial investigations: the accused, 60, was sentenced in November 2020 Three years in prison By the same court on charges of “sexual assault” on his young neighbour.

This sex offender – who presented himself as “magnetized” – offered his victim one evening to “massage” her to relieve her recurring back pain. He had invited her into his house for it: while his companion was in the living room, he laid him on the matrimonial bed and shut the door behind him.

Having lowered his pants “under the buttocks”, this “oppressive” and “viscous” man gradually fondled his own sex, “kissed the left buttock” or even “pinch the nipples”. “You saw? It’s big,” the man shot the 17-year-old, bragging about his erect penis.

He had assaulted the wife of a former gendarme’s son

She defended the former truck driver, during this trial in 2020, “if she had seen my sex, she would have necessarily seen the details you haven’t spoken about that afflict anyone who sees it: I have no hair at all.”

He also “wasn’t able” to get his penis out of his tracksuit, as long as his penis was too “big” and “big”…

The ex-gendarmerie’s wife was “very naughty” and “motivated” him by coming in for a massage “without panties,” he said again Thursday.

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However, the accused was already known to the courts before this case: he had already been convicted in the past of sexual assaults on his daughter or the daughter of a former companion.

Therefore, in this context, the gendarmerie searched his laptop: they found “in his computer Google search historyKeywords such as ‘amateur schoolgirl video without underwear’, ‘video of a girl getting up playing with my dick’ or ‘teen deep shaves with big black cock’, it was said.

Four more meticulously erased “files” were found in his computer’s memory: These photos depict young men with “the physical appearance of a palace,” according to the chief justice of the Nantes Correctional Court.

He prefers “cougars” and “mature women”.

In response to a question from the detention center, the defendant admitted that he was the owner of the laptop, but One of his neighbors, who was drinking with them, incriminated. “Everyone knows the password… I, I can’t do that, even with 3 or 4 grams of alcohol,” he still defended Wednesday in the Assize Court.

So the neighbor in question was interrogated by the gendarmes, but they told them they “knew nothing about computers,” even if the defendant testified that he “provided him with seven or eight hard drives” and that he had “dozens of computers.”

The same neighbor also stopped seeing the defendant due to his “inappropriate” or “unhealthy” behavior with young girls.

The accused stopped having a stroke in 2016, the accused admits to watching “adult movies” but rather with “cougars” and “mature women”: Consulted 442 porn sites between 2016 and 2020According to police statistics.

but there was ‘Nothing’ in child pornography, indicated the President of the Criminal Court of Nantes. “Given my past, it’s very risky,” explained the former truck driver.

This father left his last mate after discovering these photos: she was “angry” because he assured her that he had not consulted them.

Above all, “I went with someone else”. “I learned after the fact that I have been drowning for six months,” he thought necessary to explain, this Thursday, to the three court judges.

The “eight to ten months” required by the prosecutor

The man was initially arrested in Nantes, and has since been transferred “to a cell the size of a pool table” in Kaen Prison Center Specializing in the care of sex offenders.

“Before it was really interesting, there were old people, we could play plot and discuss,” the former truck driver lamented about this new prison experience. “Now it is only children who are looking for a fight … As a result, there are about twenty of us who no longer leave our cells because we are afraid.”

“I, before, did not know what fireworks or commotion was: I am from the country,” he had already said during his trial in 2020 in reference to the drugs circulating in prison.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor requested an additional prison term of “eight to ten months” for this man whose “argument does not hold”: “The investigators did not prove his “free accusations” against his neighbor “in any way.” He also wanted to prevent him from approaching the palace during the next ten years.

But his lawyer I’m Megan LipinaiHe raised “doubts” about the possible presence of a “minority” of young people in the disputed photographs.

Computer access was not “exclusive” to his client either.

Usually, in this type of business, we have a real catalog of photos recorded by the gendarmerie … There, we only have four.

I’m Megan Lipinai

Finally, the court decided to follow its reasons and to tone down the sex: the four images “cannot be considered child pornography,” the president admitted.

However, the man has returned to detention in Caen to continue serving his sentence in 2020.

with Wholesale Discount Credits (People’s Republic of China)He believes he can go out “in September” and sell the rest abroad with an electronic bracelet-type design. The detainee said he had evidence in order to find “housing in Caen.”

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