At this price, this MacBook Air M1 would be a huge blow to Cdiscount

There are only a few days left before the end of the French days. This Saturday, Cdiscount is offering a great deal on the MacBook Air M1. The e-commerce offers it at a very attractive price.

While the French days are already underway, Cdiscount does not take the pressure off and always offers more. This weekend it was Apple’s MacBook Air M1 which is subject to a nice immediate discount of 120 euros. For a few more hours, you can buy the MacBook Air M1 for only 999 euros instead of 1,129 euros.

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As a reminder, France Days began last Wednesday and ends on Monday 9 May. After this date, you’ll have to wait until the summer sale in hopes of seeing a similar discount. Without any certainty that there is one. Taking the risk of not finding a MacBook Air M1 at such a preferential price, it’s best to take advantage of this deal now.

MacBook Air M1: Apple’s top at an affordable price

No other laptop from Apple offers such good value for money as the MacBook Air M1. In addition to its impressive 13-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels (WQXGA), the computer has many other advantages. Small in size, the Apple MacBook Air M1 can be taken anywhere. Its discreet and elegant design allows it to be versatile with an excellent finish.

Both are suitable for personal and professional use, and the MacBook M1 is also very durable. The latter includes a battery that allows it to obtain an autonomy of up to 18 hours of use. Thus, you can work quietly all day, without worrying about running out of battery – but also be entertained for hours by taking advantage of the Netflix catalog or even surfing the Internet and browsing social networks.

The MacBook Air M1 as its name suggests is equipped with an Apple M chip. The octa-core CPU allows it to deliver 3.5 times faster performance than the previous generation. All with much less power consumption. The latter is accompanied in this case by 8 GB of RAM which is suitable for the daily use of the majority of users.

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For the software part, the MacBook Air M1 comes with Apple macOS Big Sur 11.0. Thanks to him, you can benefit from an intuitive experience, with keyboard shortcuts and other features exclusive to macOS. For the rest, the device has a stylish keyboard that provides incredible typing sensations. Combined with a large TrackPad that shows impeccable response, you have a winning stack ready for productivity.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, a few minutes will be enough for you to effectively handle your MacBook Air M1. Moreover, the Apple ecosystem is designed to provide users with easy interaction between different devices. Thus, expanding the workspace of a Mac on a smartphone or tablet becomes child’s play.

Also, as for the internal memory, the MacBook Air M1 has an SSD in M.2 NVMe format with a capacity of 256 GB. It is fairly sufficient for the majority of users who nowadays prefer to use an external storage medium such as an SSD, or a non-physical solution such as cloud storage. In terms of value for money, this MacBook Air is Apple’s best laptop.

If we take into account the performance it offers, its excellent autonomy, and the user experience that macOS upgrades, we have a laptop that is close to perfect. Especially since Cdiscount offers the MacBook Air M1 at an unbeatable price of 999 euros during the French days. Don’t wait until tomorrow to take advantage of it, the promotion may expire by then.

Why choose a MacBook at Cdiscount?

If you didn’t know, Apple is one of the few manufacturers that don’t offer promotions on their products. And that’s wherever it is. In its online store or in Apple Store stores. Even on devices released several months ago – as is the case here with the MacBook Air M1. So if you want to get a discount, you have to go through other merchants…like Cdiscount.

Choosing your MacBook Air M1 at Cdiscount is exactly the same as buying it directly from Apple. The manufacturer’s warranty is exactly the same. For two years, if a malfunction occurs, you can take it back to the Apple Store for repair. The only difference is in the price. At Apple, the MacBook Air M1 costs 1129 euros. Whereas this MacBook Air M1 is €999 on Cdiscount. Or 130 euros more expensive than Cdiscount.

On top of all that, ordering from Cdiscount is very safe and your MacBook Air M1 gets delivered within a few days, with free shipping. If you’re a Cdiscount on-demand member, you can even pick it up the next day provided you submit your application before a certain time. Also, if for some reason you change your mind once you receive your MacBook, you can reverse it by returning it within 14 days of receiving it.

This free return is free and results in a full refund for your MacBook Air M1. With plenty of warranty, you can secure this deal and not take the risk of choosing a MacBook Air M at Cdiscount. Attention, the promotion ends already on Monday evening. So you know what you have to do.

To access the French Days offer on the Macbook Air M1 at Cdiscount, it is available here:

See offer on Cdiscount

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