At this price, the VPN will mock all its competitors

On your computer, mobile phone or smart TV, VPNs have captured the hearts of the French. Besides privacy, they provide access to all websites. We explain why this offer is mandatory and why NordVPN has a crazy offer for French days.

Today, nearly a third of French people use a VPN to connect to the Internet. This, whether on a computer or on a mobile phone. This software caters to the growing need for privacy on the network where hackers multiply exponentially.

Among the main market players, one brand constantly stands out: NordVPN. The latter is the universal reference for this service and it must be admitted that it is up to her. Its tool is fast, efficient and provides a very simple and successful user experience. It is the key to success, which is what has helped this VPN attract millions of users.

NordVPN, the only company in the industry of European origin, is more popular in this region. It adapts to local characteristics with offers at every high point. But these French days, a VPN publisher wants to disgust the competition. It offers its software for just 2.77€ per month (instead of 10.59), adds a free monthly bonus and includes antivirus features as a bonus.

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Obviously, in terms of value for money, this offer is unbeatable. Its closest competitor (like ExpressVPN) is three times more expensive for less service. In fact, NordVPN makes use of two programs in one: you not only have its industry-reference VPN, but you also have an antivirus included.

Why choose a VPN for everyday life?

Within a decade, VPNs became software that entered the daily lives of residents. They are more common than antivirals, which are steadily declining in popularity. And for good reason, VPNs like NordVPN offer a range of services and uses which means they respond to very different audiences.

The basic principle of a VPN is that it gives you privacy online. In addition to wanting to protect privacy, the program gives you real protection. It will automatically encrypt all the content you watch on the Internet. No one, not even your ISP, will know what you’re doing on the Internet. In NordVPN, no log is kept: there will be no information per se about what you’re doing.

Of course, we’re quick to say to ourselves: VPNs on the dark web are used to do things (often illegal) without revealing our identity. The reality is quite different and that is why it addresses a very large audience. For example, a VPN like NordVPN allows you to avoid targeted ads or oppressive tracking from certain advertisers. It also lets you confidentially navigate to different sites: Remember that a simple “anonymous browsing” function in your browser still associates your IP address with a website, so you’re not anonymous.

In addition to (real) encryption and anonymity, VPNs also make it possible to circumvent geo-censorship. When you open NordVPN, it offers to connect to one of the thousands of sites available. You can choose a location in France … or abroad. With one click, you can go virtually to the United States, for example.

I am using NordVPN

What is the point of actually traveling to the United States? In this case, websites will only see a US IP address (even though you are at home, on a French IP by default). This will allow you to access websites that are blocked in France, such as CNN. In addition, this also opens the US catalog for all streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney +, etc.). Remember that Netflix signs licenses with movie/series publishers by country.

With NordVPN, you can thus access all licenses from all countries at no additional cost. With your VPN, Netflix will secure that you are in the US and will show you all the content available there. Likewise, if for example you are abroad and you want to access French TV channels on the Internet, a VPN is the only way to access them by going by default in France (using a French IP).

Why is this NordVPN offer so special?

French Days is an operation that was organized exclusively in France and was a huge success. The big players on the network offer attractive prices on all their services. VPN sellers are more conservative as they often do not have a local strategy. On the other hand, NordVPN treats us with an offer that is not ready to go back.

In detail, NordVPN actually allows you to save more than 70% on your VPN subscription. It lowers the final price to just €2.77 per month instead of €10.59. For this you will have to commit 2 years (66€ total) but who cares: the value for money is insane. And soon its competitors rise to more than 6 euros per month.

But NordVPN doesn’t stop there – which is what makes these French special days even more appealing. It already adds a free month (remember that you also have 30 days to test the service with a “satisfied or refund” guarantee) as well as antivirus functionality. NordSecurity that publishes NordVPN is a European company in the field of computer security, and this antivirus is another chain in its alignment.

Of course, it is up to you whether you use this antivirus or not. By default, people tend to sign up for NordVPN for their VPN – which makes sense. The latter is really a tool par excellence to protect yourself on the Internet. In the formula detailed above, you have the option to connect 6 devices in parallel (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.) for maximum flexibility. You can cover all family members or friends with this formula.

To discover NordVPN’s VPN, you will find it here:

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