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For a few years now, LG’s big mission in the laptop market has been simple: to manufacture the thinnest and lightest laptops possible. With the LG Gram 16, it strikes again at a diagonal known for its heft: 16 inches. And he does it brilliantly, but not without compromise.

How much does an LG Gram 16 cost?

LG gram 16 2022 is already available in France. The starting configuration integrates a Core i5, 16 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of storage It is sold at a price of 1299.99 euros. Our test configuration is available at a price of 1799 euros.


At this point, the LG Gram 16 is clearly the most impressive. With such large dimensions (355.9 x 243.4 x 16.8 mm), we would visually expect the computer to weigh as much as it would when held in hand. But this is not the case: at only 1.2 kilograms, He hardly feels like he’s lifting a feather.

So much so that every time I take it on a flat surface, I still have a reaction to put in a little force and let myself be surprised. This effect never ceases to please.

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It’s all because of the design Magnesium Alloy Product, which is more than successful. So yes, the screen is quite flexible and the body of the LG Gram 16 tends to form a slight acoustic panel just by typing on the keyboard, but that’s the sacrifices needed for such an outcome…and it’s far from worrying. Even more, the computer resistor is MIL-STD-810G certified.

Opening the cover, very easy and balanced, reveals its large screen with ultra-thin bezels … but above all, the full-size keyboard also includes a numeric keypad.

If the keyboard itself was completely solid, we’d appreciate a slightly more natural stroke. All the keys here have a somewhat bouncy effect, which forces a stronger hit than one might imagine. The number pad is convenient and does not make great sacrifices. The only thing we wanted to see on this keyboard was the full-size Enter key: here, it’s cut in half American-style to make room for the star key.

LG Gram 16 Review

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The touchpad itself, made of glass and very premium, is very spacious and terribly comfortable to use. However, it is not placed exactly in the center of the keyboard, or even in the center of the keyboard with the number pad included. Too little right when focusing on the keyboard part, and too little left when using the numeric pad heavily. It’s not annoying, far from it, but you can’t help but wonder why.

rich connection

LG Gram 16 Review

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On the left side of the device you will find a full-format HDMI port, Two Thunderbolt 4 and combo socket. On the right, you have two full-size USB 3 Gen 2 ports, plus a microSD port.

If we were to find a full-format SD port, this connection is still excellent and will allow you to avoid getting around the slightest dongle.

Screen reflects a lot

The LG Gram 16 benefits from a giant 16-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and a 16:10 ratio. As mentioned before, it is completely integrated into the body and therefore only offers very thin borders around the screen, including the main one where we find the webcam at a natural angle.

Obviously, in a format like this, the screen has to be the star of the show. For the eye, it is difficult to find fault with it when using the product in the room. The screen is clear and bright, the colors are vivid.

However… a big problem is soon sensed. The overhanging surface of the slab is Incredibly reflectiveMore than any other traditional laptop with a glossy finish.

LG Gram 16 Review

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And that’s where the LG Gram 16’s main weakness is felt. Combined with a maximum brightness of 366 cd/m², this fact will make it very difficult to read once the sun comes up.

It’s a shame, because this screen has the potential to be excellent: it covers 99.8% of sRGB and 98.4% of DCI P3 space, and its good 1303:1 contrast and 6700K color temperature make it a good ally for graphic designers. If the Delta E20 averages 3.49, which is no more than good, LG offers the ability to tune the panel to better satisfy demanding creators.

So the screen of the LG Gram 16 is very good, but its capabilities are spoiled This super reflective surface that is unmatched by a strong gloss.

The sound quality is disappointing

Once again, a bit of a disappointment. With such a large format, we can still expect to be able to hear the speakers no matter the circumstances. But here, we’re still on two speakers mounted to the bottom of the machine, where any quilt or pants will mute the sound.

LG Gram 16 Review

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If only they were placed next to the keyboard, because these headphones sound great. Powerful enough, it is above all very straightforward and does not reduce highs or confuse psychics. No wonder the bass is there but it doesn’t have the necessary power, because it’s a laptop: we easily forgive it.

There is really only their placement that we would have liked to study better, even if the sound reverberates enough in the chassis to not be completely muffled either. What we sacrifice first is quality.


The LG Gram 16 is equipped with an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, which is the 11th generation of Intel chips while the 12th generation is available today, with 32GB of RAM. With such a good format, we will be satisfied with the integrated Intel Iris Xe for the graphics part. On the storage side, you can count on 1TB PCIe NVMe.

Software: many applications

It’s clearly Windows 11 that takes care of pushing the LG Gram 16. Computer Fingerprint reader on its power button to take advantage of Windows Hello, which is an additional feature. However, the sensor tends to require 2/3 uses before recognizing my fingerprint, which is not the case with other competitors such as Asus.

LG Gram 16 Review

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LG has a good taste for offering well-designed applications for PC performance management and motherboard calibration. PC updates are also easily handled. Problem: What are all their hacking apps doing here?! On a computer that is being sold as overpriced, we can expect that PowerDVD, PhotoDirector, and others McAfee don’t point to the tip of their noses. First cleaning is necessary before using the device.


Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor provides 4 cores for 8 threads, and is not restricted here in the LG configuration. Its performance is naturally excellent in office automation, but it won’t necessarily shine on the most complex tasks. One wonders especially in graphically intensive tasks: is this not of the greatest interest for such wide diagonals?

LG Gram 16 Review

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However, for those who need a lot of screen space, the LG Gram 16 won’t get around that quickly. Just like normal multimedia tasks, like watching a 4K movie. So it is recommended above all for those who want to devour the lines of Excel, more than those who want to do video editing other than small holiday movies.

The LG Gram 16 is particularly impressive on heating. You just don’t feel it, and fans never really get to hear it. So we’re at 16 inches that we like to describe as “cold”: It delivers towing without any weight or noise, which is far from the case in this class, but by sacrificing a bit of power for it. A more powerful GPU part, even if it was more discreet, could have taken it out of the pack.

Excellent independence

The LG Gram 16 is equipped with a large 80W battery. The latter would still have to support a very large slab, so we didn’t necessarily expect it in terms of autonomy. But LG knew how to do things well: we were able to raise Ten hours of use Watching a YouTube video, about 8 hours of use in a normal work day.

LG Gram 16 Review

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For such a diameter, it is excellent. Especially since the computer offers a 65W USB-C charger that uses the Power Delivery standard. Also, you can easily change the charger for another one of this category, and find another charger in case you forget it. This is great for an ultrabook.

LG gram 16 review: Should you fall in love with the large-format Ultrabook?

The mission of the LG Gram 16: to be incredibly light for a computer of this diameter. And this one is completely successful. The ultrabook is simply an engineering marvel.

But all of this doesn’t come without sacrifices: the board isn’t as good as it should be, and the raw performance takes a bit of a scroll. But with its excellent autonomy, and unmatched portability, it is sure to suit those who above all need a large screen for work, without being a creative person or a gamer.

LG gram 16

1799 €

LG gram 16

Design and ergonomics

9.0 / 10

Autonomy and charging

8.0 / 10

money value

8.0 / 10


  • Incredibly light
  • solid construction
  • full size keyboard
  • Very good independence

We love less

  • Reflective screen as possible
  • average performance
  • Bottom speakers

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