Women’s basketball. ESBVA’s End-of-Season Apotheosis: Saturday’s Playoffs Begin

Qualifiers begin on Saturday, May 7, 2022 for ESBVA. (© ESBVA)

Big game on Saturday 7 May 2022 at the time Villeneuve d’Ascq (North). at castleThe ESBVA basketball players start the Qualifiers against Angers.

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With a basket scored by the bell by Captain Joe Gomez, who signed the best season of her career, a victory over Basket Lands, which could deprive her of second place in the regular season, the Warriors delighted the fans on the 30th of last April.

Those close to the club realized that after the Covid years, it would be difficult to expand the palace that would require acquiring new standards, adopting new habits in a 2,300-seat hall to be transformed into a cauldron … President Skarna also reformed – he has a cautious goal: “To do a job Better than last season.”

Fifth place already recorded a slow rise to the top of the standings (9th, then 7th, then 5th). With the sixth budget in the tournament where Tony Parker’s arrival at Lyon Villeurbanne caused budgets to explode, ESBVA had to have real but calculated ambitions. The recruits announced at the beginning of the summer did not materialize in the fall and the team could count on only 7 players at the league level.

Despite these hurdles, they just completed the best course of their history: a second at the end of the season that made the Iron and Steel Collegiate Defense (almost all of them) bend.

What is the purpose of the qualifiers?

From Saturday 7 May, Angers’ quarter-final match will be one of the hurdles to overcome. Especially since in the event of a tie (after the home and away match), the support match will be held at the Palace on May 13.

The semi-finals, which will also be played in a round trip, could be contested by Roch Fendi or Asvelle Basketball. A step up a bit higher than we would reasonably hope to play on May 17 at home and in a potential support match on May 23. That would leave the final at 5 matches, which would do a lot for a numerically weak and legitimately exhausted team. Possibly against Bourges. But we will have to defeat Bourget one day anyway.

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Villeneuvoise are sure to qualify in a European competition and have three out of four chances to win qualification in the prestigious European League. Should we go there? Winning score in the courts, welcoming the promise that the adrenaline generated from high level competition.

The experiences of the past years are still in the heads of the leaders: a large additional budget is being collected; Long trips that left the team powerless the day after the tournament, sometimes disappointing results for competitors who would love nothing more than a win.

Of course, Russian teams will not monopolize budgets and players to the point of crushing competition. But their players, who have been recruited at great cost, will spread to all the top teams in Europe. 3 years ago, the Montpellier team abandoned the European competition to take a break and welcomed their decision. What would that be from ESBVA?

Which team next season?

One team is chasing the other and next season will be severely modified due to the expiration of certain contracts. It is rumored that Joe Gomez, the iconic captain who has become not only the team captain, a great goalscorer but above all the true spirit of the Warriors will not wear the jersey next season. Neither in Villeneuve nor, it seems, anywhere else.

We will no longer see his beautiful orange basketball shoes on the court. What requires a complete rewriting of the future history of the club.

Jean-Michel Stevenard

Match against Angers on May 7 at 8 pm at the Palais in Villeneuve d’Ascq.

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