The war in Ukraine: US intelligence annoys Russia

War in Ukraine – this is an American version of “At the same time”. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the West and the United States in particular have been on a fine line from the climax, aiding the attackers without the aggressors being able to see his entry into a war that could precipitate the world into an alarming escalation.

And these days, the narrow gray area in which Americans operate reveals just how fragile it is. This is about one topic: US intelligence assistance to the Ukrainians.

The case began on Wednesday, May 4, when it was The New York Times He revealed that the Americans were providing information to Kyiv to strike Russian military figures near the front lines. Thus, on May 2, for example, Washington announced that the Russian Chief of Staff, Valery Gerasimov, had recently visited the Donbass. A man is now rumored to have been wounded in battle.

The United States denies

In total, since the beginning of the conflict, twelve generals in the Kremlin were killed by Ukraine. A number that amazes observers and analysts.

However, according to information from the New York Daily, which quoted US military sources, if this list of hunting was presented to the Ukrainian forces, it was precisely due to the assistance provided by Washington. Just as the United States was going to provide crucial intelligence to Ukraine about the Russian reorganization in Donbas.

The United States strongly denied the information on Thursday, May 5. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, acknowledged that his country had been providing data to Ukraine “to help the Ukrainians defend their country,” but denied any assistance that would contribute to offensive action.

“We do not provide information on the locations of senior military commanders on the battlefield, nor do we participate in targeting decisions made by the Ukrainian military,” said John Kirby. The US National Security Council went so far as to describe the revelation as “irresponsible”.

What about Moskva?

except if The New York Times This was not limited to the first revelation. In a second shooting, published Thursday night and confirmed by NBC News, the transatlantic reference newspaper added that US intelligence also allowed the sinking of the Moskva, the main ship of the Russian Navy, which the Ukrainians succeeded in hitting. in the Black Sea.

A success for Ukraine seems an insult to Moscow, especially if it turns out that the United States contributed to it. but according to The New York TimesAfter a request for information from the Ukrainians about a ship located in the Black Sea, it will be the Americans who identified and identified the building, which allowed the strike.

The information was denied again by US military sources. “We are providing a suite of intelligence to help Ukrainians better understand the threats posed by Russian ships in the Black Sea and help them prepare to defend against potential attacks from the sea,” a senior official told AFP. It could have been used to flood the Moskva River.

Russia is ready to respond

And for good reason: As reported this week before Washington PostAnother major daily in the US, Russia does not appreciate this critical participation of the Americans in what they continue to describe as a “special operation.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the state news agency RIA Novosti that Russia “is well aware that the United States, Great Britain and NATO countries as a whole transmit information and information to the Ukrainian forces.” He adds that “of course” Russian forces will respond if this results in the deaths of Russian generals or significant losses.

A threat that has its effect, especially since the press reveals information about it. In his article on Moskva, a The New York Times Thus, he talks about the US-Ukrainian cooperation that “the Joe Biden administration is trying to hide for fear that it will be seen as contributing to the escalation and this pushes Russian President Vladimir Putin to enter into a larger conflict.” Evidence that the longer the war drags on, the more the crest line shrinks for Westerners.

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