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It’s not every day you try a game that publishes some kind of game! Two years after its early debut, Rogue Legacy 2 has entered the rogue-lite arena once and for all, on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. As you understand, it is a sequel to the excellent Rogue Legacy (2013) who was able to update this very special formula, where everything is based on randomly generated levels. A cult game like Spelunky or Binding of Isaac. In short, the task is heavy for the Cellar Door Games studio, especially after Early Access which is more troubling than compelling. What will you give in the end?

The test was performed on a computer. Rogue Legacy 2 is also available on Xbox One and Xbox Series since April 28, 2022.

Not going to lie to you, we got our hands on Rogue Legacy 2 with some excitement. In addition to everything that the first installment of the genre brought, it’s mostly exciting to see how Cellar Door games rose to the challenge of “modern rogue-lite”. The game’s early access has raised some concerns about this (although welcome updates) with a formula almost identical to the first Rogue Legacy. But in 2022, We really can’t do Rogue Lite anymore like we did in 2013. Because in the meantime, other games have established themselves as new references in this field – Hades, Dead Cells – with reinforced concrete arguments, in terms of art direction, narrative and gameplay. For studio Cellar Door Games, it’s impossible to trace its trajectory without trying to rise to its height. you know what? Rogue Legacy 2 is on the way.

Not like the others

But before we get into the details, let’s review the basics first. As in the first version, Rogue Legacy 2 gives you control of a dynasty. You play not the hero himself throughout the adventure but many of his descendants. And therefore , Every time your avatar falls into a fight, it must be replaced And choose another from among three suitors of the same blood. Never fear, the wealth collected by the deceased is automatically transferred to his heir – except for relics, temporary rewards collected along the way. It is enough to unlock permanent improvements over the course of playing hours (increasing health and physical / magic damage, unlocking new classes and characters for the hero with useful services). Not to mention the very practical magical equipment and runes, for which you will first have to find the diagram.

But far from a virtuous circle based on plenty of money and a family relationship, the heirs have little in common. simply because Their class and “traits” vary with each new generation. In other words, you could spend an hour in the company of a perfectly normal warrior before continuing with a dwarfed sorcerer. The recipe was already in the first Rogue Legacy but has been greatly expanded here, with so many diverse features – practical and absolutely crazy – that rekindle the fun throughout the adventure (about fifteen hours). The same note for chapters, which was a more prominent work topic. There are fifteen in total and they all seem to fit us, well balanced, and each time we keep new weapons/details: Overall, the gameplay in Rogue Legacy 2 is particularly accurate and effective. These classes, you will unlock throughout the game thanks to the skill tree. And you’d be somewhat ‘forced’ to try them with choosing three grandchildren after each failure. But it is for the better: all in all, the progression is varied, rhythmic and very smooth.

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Privacy in Rogue Legacy 2: You cannot accumulate the wealth of your ancestors forever. When you find Death, you pick it up right before the entrance to the dungeon, where there is the skill tree and stalls to buy permanent upgrades. And to venture out again, you’ll have to completely empty your pockets, even if you only have a few cents left after shopping. Charon, the famous hero you borrowed from Greek mythology, keeps the boat to take you to the bunker and will be stubborn. Note that you can however soften this sentence with a skill.

Rogue Legacy 2 Happy Swimming Magician (Gameplay)

prompts and can be accessed

So you begin to understand the episode of this Rogue Legacy 2. We get lost in randomly generated levels, die with pockets full of money – at best – back to square one to unlock permanent improvements, etc. So far, nothing surprising for this species. But vault games don’t like to do anything like everyone else A structure closer to Metroidvania than a traditional Rogue Lite. In fact, you will not have to play the game from the ground up and in one go to get to the final boss. Indeed, the latter waits wisely at the beginning of the adventure, in the same place where each “run” begins. But to open its door, you will first have to face six other bosses hiding in the heart of six regions. Once the enemy is defeated, the health of the enemy will be validated forever. You’ll see, it’s a relief.

Battles that will not be easy, against ordinary opponents. The latest bosses embody real challenges that will undoubtedly require a little farming. But Rogue Legacy 2 may be demanding, but it always gives a sense of moving forward. Very good point. Concrete example: Sometimes you’ll have to find specific powers to flirt with bosses. We talk for example about the double jump, the possibility of dashing through the air. Powers distinct from Relics and Attributes that will definitely be yours once you get them. In the end, Rogue Legacy 2 can activate permanent portals, in order to teleport from the entrance to the dungeon limits. Even more surprising, however, is the possibility that the last intersecting levels will freeze, preventing the world from regenerating randomly. It is convenient not to turn back before the manager. But in both cases, you will have to pay a large part of your fortune in return. Finally, note that there are accessibility options, to reduce damage, aim in slow motion or even fly, or even make the game more difficult.

highly polished

In fact, no matter where you look, Rogue Legacy 2 feels thought through absolutely every aspect. The feeling couldn’t be more fun. And again, we didn’t tell you everything. Cellar Door Games have the luxury of having a fun little scenario to follow, in Fall of the Empire that serves as the setting for the adventure. Everything takes the form of letters to search, giving clues to some obligatory and some exciting secrets, accompanying the rhythm and a constant sense of progress. But there are also 2.5D visuals and soundtrack, both of which are very successful. All in all, here’s a top-notch coating that serves up a versatile design, sometimes confined, open, vertical, or even immersed in darkness. For this technology, we apologize for the rare slowdowns on the PC, which did not interfere with the procedure in progress. As before, we slightly regret certain penalties for heroes, sometimes it is so insane that it becomes – also – embarrassing (the title retains a golden reward depending on the most dangerous cases). Other than that, the version is flawless.


strength point

  • Really sublime formula
  • Accurate and addictive gameplay
  • 15 different and high categories
  • More than strong progress
  • Lots of ‘features’ to discover
  • Both are funny and epic
  • The visuals and soundtrack are good too
  • Entry Options

Weak points

  • Penalties are sometimes too restrictive
  • Some slowdowns (PC)

Addictive, varied, accurate, cohesive, and relevant, Rogue Legacy 2 is the perfect sequel to the popular 2013 game Rogue Lite. But more than doing an absolutely better job on every level (classes, weapons, and attributes), studio Cellar Door Games sets a new standard in the genre thanks to a clever mix of metroidvania and randomly generated levels. It’s simple, everything works like hell. Never get discouraged, always giving you a feeling of moving forward, constantly reviving the fun of the game with different powers and heroes to embody, Rogue Legacy 2 returns and marks the rogue-lite with red iron. One of the best games of 2022.


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