Really the masterpiece that everyone portrays?

Elden Ring, a game like no other

Elden Ring has been waiting for millions of FromSoftware gamers. A few weeks after its release, we can see that the title has achieved something extraordinary: attracting an entire audience of gamers, many of whom were previously reluctant to embark on such a grueling adventure.

Thanks to the early fans, the game was interesting. Then he is attracted by word of mouth. Finally, it has charmed more than 12 million players around the world. But are the Elden Rings the pearls almost unanimously described by everyone? Cool, we present our cool test of the latest game from Hidetaka Miyazaki studio.

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Step back to jump better… into the void

Like all FromSoftware games, understanding Elden Ring can be complicated. at all levels. The will of the developers, which is part of the experience. After a few minutes, an almost unbeatable boss will hit you. If you’re lucky, you won’t miss the combat tutorial that walks you through the mechanics of the Elden Ring.

The simplest of them anyway. Because yes, you can miss the beginning of the tutorial before discovering the open world of Elden Ring, which never tells you where to go first. The Elden ring is steep and never takes your hand. This is one of the main strengths of the game.

The form, that is, its huge open world, made up of ruthless bosses in the service of seemingly simple gameplay, is delivered to you on a platter from the first minutes. At the bottom, you’ll have to discover it with the sweat of your brow and spend the first hours, which can be exhausting. But it clearly shows why Elden Ring is so radically different from the studio’s previous productions: You’re Free.

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An open world takes us

Since the beginning of the game, the games of millions of Elden Ring players can take radically different paths. Some will get lost in the game’s first optional caves, while others will try straight with the first mandatory adventure boss. The open world of Elden Ring has no limits except for those that are imposed on you by enemies in very difficult areas.

And you will have to manage things like an adult, because the game does not drown you under a mass of points of interest and mission markers. The interface of Elden Ring is as clean as possible. Its map also shows you only merchants and bliss locations (which replace campfire). Just easing the map will help guide you and direct you to the seemingly out of place places that will often surprise you. Proof that FromSoftware knows how to do this in terms of level design, even in the open world (we’ll get back to dungeons later). An open world as we like to see it often and prove that a sense of freedom also goes through this type of element.

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Exploration also allows you to appreciate the artistic direction of the title, which knows how to amaze you with its detailed structures and other amazing world trees. DA which makes up for somewhat questionable fee quality. The clip is present, especially in the vegetation. Some frame rate drops should be noticed, even on the PS5, which is surprising. The game doesn’t really take advantage of the capabilities of PS5 (nor DualSense) and Xbox Series X. But obviously everything is playable and these concerns won’t spoil your experience in any way, even on PS4 and Xbox One.

come as you are

Another thing that won’t change, regardless of your console: the RPG mechanics of the game. The beginning chapters are 10 in number. The Samurai game, completely new to the studio’s gaming history, easily found its audience. Note that unlike Souls, you’ll keep your starting weapon and armor for a while before finding really interesting stuff.

A rather slow development of the character, but we’ll describe it as progressive so well that it is well brought in and extends nicely throughout the entire duration of the game. A way to do things that serve the open world, advance exploration and make loot more enjoyable. And victories over presidents, too.

Yes, the Elden Ring has its share of very powerful bosses, as does the Souls. Lots of optional bosses, but you definitely have to do this to fully experience the adventure. FromSoftware gets her talent talking, delivering impressive sometimes, and sometimes disgusting bosses. But always thanks to chara’s always successful design and inspiring patterns.

So how difficult is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is not an easy game. Debate over gaming difficulty rages with every release of FromSoftware. But this time around, the simple Elden Ring beta will be enough to start the fire. What about the Ring difficulty?

Concretely, fans of Souls will find the series’ distinct challenge. Their experience will in no way be altered by the access mechanics of the game. If we consider that farming or exploring further before facing a difficult boss is one of them. Something that wasn’t possible in Dark Souls or Sekiro, or at least had a greater marginal effect. The other option, thanks to Marika’s figurines, allows you to help another player while fighting your boss.

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A new feature appeared: Ash. Ash of War allows you to modify the custom skill of your weapon and can give you a great advantage in combat. Ashes of Spirits gives you an ally (usually an enemy you crossed) for a few moments, an important helping hand again. The result is an eclectic experience, designed to appeal to a wider audience, allowing everyone to set the level of difficulty wherever they want. But by no means make the game “easy”.

If you collect Elden Ring on its open world or gameplay, its history will definitely not be remembered. With the still-mysterious narrative, FromSoftware quickly loses players due to over-complicated rhetoric, and lore that is hard to come by, particularly through reading the items and equipment in your inventory. If your adventure in the underworld continues with you forever, we are sure that it will not be because of its story.

genius design

Souls fans won’t be surprised by the choppy storytelling. The Legacy Dungeons wouldn’t surprise them either. These giant master dungeons allow us to find the know-how of FromSoftware in terms of level design. Newcomers will also understand why Souls is revolutionizing video games.

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These dungeons filled with secrets, valuables, and sometimes little bosses – before the big piece at the end of the level – beg to be explored around every corner. To make it easier to explore, several shortcuts to unlocking it, often to a save point, let you breathe after spending long minutes under stress.

Thanks to the talent of the developers, beginners will quickly understand that the elevator, which is blocked in one direction, must be unblocked in the other direction to return to the location of grace and resume its progress through this same shortcut in order to get to the pavilion faster. It’s a pity that Legacy Dungeons aren’t more numerous, just to prolong the fun.

But don’t worry, you’ll get your money’s worth regardless. Count at least 50 hours to complete the Elden Ring in a “straight line”. But you will need a lot of skill to defeat the main bosses without exploring the underworld. 100% will take you about 100 hours.

to rule

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Elden Ring achieves the amazing feat of bringing together Souls’ henchmen and novices, which is almost unexpected in the lands of the underworld. How do ? Quite simply because the title does what we like to see more often in an open world. Exploration is truly free, rewarding and very enjoyable thanks to the uncrowded interface. FromSoftware tweaks its formula for the better and also brings in accessibility elements that not only welcome beginners (ash, farm before a very powerful boss…), but are simply well thought out, even for seasoned gamers. Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team continue to set a fine standard in design: both in dungeons and in the open world. The first is a very obvious tangle, while the second manages to guide you without any indication of places to explore. A game you dive into without being able to get out before the end, not without sharing your experience with those around you. Very great sign.

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