From “ineffective attacks” on land to hegemony at sea, Russian forces advance in the charts

The Russian army continues its offensive on Ukraine. In the face of Ukrainian resistance, Moscow decided to concentrate its forces in the east and south of the country where the fighting was taking place. 20 minutes Provides an update of the war in Ukraine in four graphs.

The advance of the Russian forces on the 72nd day of the war

Map of the situation in Ukraine on May 6 at 9 am (French time). Simon Malfto, Sophie Ramis, Kenan Ogaard / Agence France-Presse

Russian forces are advancing in southern and eastern Ukraine. The city’s mayor said Severodonetsk, one of the main Donbass cities still under Ukrainian control, is “virtually surrounded” by forces from Moscow and pro-Russian separatists trying to take full control.

Across the front on the 72nd day of the war, experts say, Russian efforts to snatch coveted successes ahead of the May 9 celebrations marking the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany appear to be slowing down. « Les forces russes ont poursuivi leurs opérations offensives inefficaces au sud de Kharkiv, dans les régions de Donetsk et de Lougansk sans enregistrer de gains territoriaux significatifs au cours des dernières 24 heures’ je udité pourés” from war).

Focus on Mariupol

The situation in Mariupol.
The situation in Mariupol. – Valentina Brisci, Sylvie Hassoun / AFP

To the south, Ukrainian authorities said nearly 500 civilians were evacuated in recent days from the besieged city of Mariupol (southeast). Evacuations continued on Friday.

Information about the situation at the Azovstal steel mills in Mariupol, where civilians and fighters live fortified in huge underground galleries, is still contradictory. Kyiv claims that Russian forces are continuing their offensive while Moscow claims respect for the ceasefire declared from Thursday to Saturday. The Russians targeted a car with an anti-tank guided missile. This car was heading towards civilians to evacuate them from the factory,” stressed the Azov regiment, which defends the iron factories. He added that “a fighter was killed and six wounded. The enemy continues to violate all agreements and not respect security guarantees for the evacuation of civilians.”

Slight decrease in food prices

FAO Price Index and Price Index by Commodity, to April 2022
FAO Price Index and Price Index by commodity, through April 2022 – Sophie Ramis, Irene Conroy/AFP

The yield of Ukraine’s next wheat crop is expected to decline by at least 35% compared to 2021 due to the Russian invasion, according to satellite images analyzed by geolocation firm Kayrros in a note published Friday.

The conflict has severely disrupted the ongoing growing season, and forced farmers to work under bombs, where fuel is hard to find. However, after a historic high in March, global food prices fell slightly in April as evidenced by these graphs – this is particularly the case for vegetable oils. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said that prices are still at a high level due to the war. Un « modeste recul des prix des huiles végétales et des céréales » a fait fléchir l’indice FAO des prix alimentaires, qui suit la variation mensuelle des cours internationaux d’un panier de produits alimentaires de base, de 0,8% par rapport March.

Update on the Russian fleet

Inventory of the Russian Black Sea Fleet by type of ships.
Inventory of the Russian Black Sea Fleet by type of ships. – Valentina Brisci, Baz Pizarro, Sylvie Husson / AFP

The Russians control the Black Sea – as well as the Sea of ​​Azov since the capture of Mariupol – while the Ukrainian fleet was wiped out at the start of the war. The Kremlin wants to capture Odessa, in order to encircle Ukraine and establish a link with its elements in breakaway Transnistria from Moldavia. However, the kyiv managed to calm the enthusiasm of the Russian cruisers since the destruction of the flagship Moskva.

A senior US official, who asked not to be named, denied that the US had provided information to identify the building that sank on April 14. The American NBC channel had claimed that the information sent by the United States helped Ukraine sink the Russian cruiser. If they are not on the infographic, then Moscow will also use dolphins for military purposes. But that’s a whole other story 20 minutes Discussed in this article: Russia Will Use Dolphins To Defend Its Ports…But Why?

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