Best French Days laptop deals for gaming or remote work

Laptops for sale are an opportunity to outfit yourself well without breaking the bank. Discover our selection of the best PC deals during France Days 2022.

Getting a quality laptop is not easy in normal times. So when the French days arrive with many promotions, it is essential to choose the best possible so as not to go wrong. We have a selection of the best laptops also available to know the state of the market.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go: An accessible ultrabook

In the popular Ultrabook segment, there are many references in fierce competition. Among them is the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, a nomadic product that entices you with one of the most rugged configurations and fun everyday services.

Best French Days laptop deals for gaming or remote work

In this case, the proposed version has an Intel Core i5 chip and 8 GB of RAM. An ideal configuration for work, but it will not meet the expectations of PC gamers. It is above all a Bedouin product thanks to its compact dimensions and weight of 1 kg.

Add a 12.4-inch LCD panel with up to 7 hours of battery life and you’ve got a fully working product. The ultrabook is available at €599 on the Leclerc website.

Lenovo Legion 5: The Best Gaming Laptop Available

Among the laptops introduced during the French days, the gaming-oriented ones are particularly popular. If the Lenovo Legion 5 isn’t part of our selection of the best gaming laptops, it remains attractive for its price.

Best French Days laptop deals for gaming or remote work

Whoever says the gaming-oriented device, says the internal configuration of the most solid to meet expectations. This Lenovo laptop has an AMD Ryzen 5600H processor clocked at 3.3GHz, and also relies on 8GB of RAM to organize everything. The icing on the cake, the PC takes advantage of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3070 to enhance graphics for the latest generation of gaming.

To complete the set, a 15.6-inch IPS panel is capable of Full HD display. With the promo code 50DES499, the Lenovo Legion 5 is available at the price of 1149 euros at Cdiscount.

Asus TUF F15-TUF506HC: The Complete Package for Everywhere Play

It is not uncommon for entire packages including laptops to be rolled out during French days. This is the case that Leclerc offers with the Asus TUF F15-TUF506HC with Carrying Case and Mouse.

Best French Days laptop deals for gaming or remote work

Again, this is a gaming laptop for less than 1000 euros. It has an Intel Core i5-11400H processor with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics chip. Compute 8GB of RAM to balance out this entire chassis and you’ll have enough to power a wide range of modern titles.

To complete the set, the package includes a transport bag as well as a mouse so it’s ready to use upon receipt. The Asus package is sold for 799 euros on the Leclerc website.

Dell G15 Ryzen Edition 5515: For those who prefer AMD

In the lineup of gaming PCs for sale, the Dell G15 Ryzen edition is powered by an AMD processor. The brand offers the best CPUs on the market in competition with Intel. With this fully equipped gaming laptop, all you have to do is enjoy the power that is saved.

Best French Days laptop deals for gaming or remote work

At the heart of the device is an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor but also an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 processor. It’s enough to deliver the best possible performance in the gaming component. On a Dell gaming PC, you are also entitled to a beautiful 15.6-inch Full HD display. Upon completion of the package, a 120Hz refresh is available for smooth visuals no matter the game.

During the French days, the Dell G15 Gaming Ryzen Edition costs €749 instead of €849 on Amazon.

So you don’t miss anything from France 2022

The French days officially started on Wednesday 4 May 2022 in France and will end next Monday. As of now, many merchants have already pulled their best offers. Here are the promotions that are worth your money.

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