“Be careful, we’re starting from scratch in the playoffs,” Julie Barnes announced

Defeat at Villeneuve-d’Ascq (85-80) on the final day, after six straight victories, is it absorbed?

Yes, because in this job you have to move forward. It also allowed us to put things right and see what we have to do before qualifying. We must use these defeats to build something behind us. We came back, took a break – and it did us good after a series of two trips (Charleville-Mezière and then Villeneuve-d’Ask, editor’s note) – before a good week of training.

You were second, you could have had your best rating since 2014, but that defeat in the North put you back in fourth place. What is your assessment of the regular stage?

I find it good. we finish 4And But then, we played the Euroleague. It was physically tiring and could be dangerous for the classification, we saw it with Montpellier (Euroleague quarter-finalist, Latis Montpellier qualified for the 8th qualifier).And position, last day, editor’s note). The first 4 was the main thing. We could have done better, of course, but there was also the Coupe de France and this great victory. I am very happy and very satisfied with the season. I sign every year for seasons like this.

back to 4And Place, you are now placed at a part of the leader’s table Borg, the top candidate for this qualifier (18 win/2 loss)…

Anyway, in the qualifiers, you play to win the title, not to face Borg in the final, so you have to defeat everyone, both in the semi-finals and in the final. The most harmful thing is not having the house edge in the last four matches. But this is part of the game, you have to be stronger.

Navy Voothox and Celine Domarck will have an important role against the opposition leader, Amal Boudra.

Philip Sulfate

“I am fortunate to have an ambitious group that gives itself the means to do so.”

By facing Bourges in the semi-finals, you will only have to defeat them twice to eliminate them, compared to three in the final…

We don’t have to do all these calculations. There is no point in worrying too much. The important thing is to be present in these qualifiers and to be able to perform both indoors and out.

Is it different this week before the first game of the quarter-finals?

No, because we’ve already had such important moments this season, with the tough Euroleague matches, the Eurocup quarter-finals, the Coupe de France…we were entering the final stage. There, we had more time to prepare and work. We see that the girls are well focused and applied.

In preparation or staff speech, do you change things when approaching such an event?

I am fortunate to have a very good group, who listen and follow. The group is ambitious and gives itself the means to do so. The difference compared to the regular season is that we have less time to recover and work with organizations that are in good shape, and we can push sessions even further. Sometimes you can’t go any further because the group is exhausted. There, it is not so, it is positive. We completed the preparation, and were able to prepare well as we emerged from a stressful week both physically and emotionally, with the Coupe de France final and the final two days of the championship in seven days, in three trips.

The defeat at Villeneuve-d'Ascq left its mark, as seen by Celine Domarck (left).

The defeat at Villeneuve-d’Ascq left its mark, as seen by Celine Domarck (left).

Philip Sulfate

“We must not forget that they missed a lot in the last matches”

You’ll find the team you beat most recently (64-73, Wednesday, April 27). Can you count on this meeting?

Yes, we know what we’re talking about, and we don’t need to look far at the memories. It’s interesting, because we can, tactically, go further. But it works for both teams (laughs).

Charleville-Miziere is now in trouble, with five defeats in the past six days, including the most recent at Roch Fendi (93-61), their biggest setback of the season. Is this the time to confront them?

Attention, we start from scratch in the playoffs. We must not forget that they have had a lot of absentees in the last matches, and in particular players who did not play the last match (Tema Boy and Lisa Berkani, editor’s note). They almost played with five players and we can’t count on this match.

Match schedule

Saturday May 7 (8pm), first game : Basket Lands (4) – Charleville-Mezière (5), 7 pm, Bourges (1) – Lattes Montpellier (8); Villeneuve-d’Ascq (2) – Angers (7), Lyon (3) – Roche-Vendée (6), 8:45 pm. Tuesday May 10 (8pm) Game Two: Charleville Mezier – Basket Lands, Latisse Montpellier – Bourget (the two winners will meet in the semi-finals); Angers – Villeneuve d’Ascq, Roche-Vendée – Lyon. Friday May 13th, possible match 3 (if both teams are 1-1 in the series) in the highest rank at the end of the regular season.

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