Basketball. Big Salz, the crazy giant holding Caen BC and the crowd in the playoffs

BC Caen’s ‘crazy speaker’ Pierre Salzmann crocheted eagerly awaits the warm-up of the audience during the reception of the Poitiers Basket at the Palais des Sports in Caen, Friday, May 6, 2022. © Maxence Gorréguès

Sometimes, at the end of the score table, the gentle giant Pierre Salzmann Hock, aka Big Salz Speaking, gasps, struggling to get the mic open again. This is the price to pay to raise the Sports Palace from Cayenne (Calvados) in dead time, and 3,000 spectators await the fever, the sacrament, despite the dangers.

Since 2015, at least, lovers Basketball In the Caen conglomerate you know it, the one-man squad in a suit jacket and tie, Stenturi’s voice and Afro hairstyle, sometimes set the tone for the match more than the players on the floor.

“as a player”

Sunday 1Verse May 2022, like the previous Friday evening, the 2.08-meter bet was also “converted to play-off mode”. Likes to repeat:

As Michael Jordan said, the regular season is pointless.

Kane Baskett Calvados (CBC) took on Leonso Baskett’s junior shooters in the round of 16 of this famous qualifier, the men’s National 1 Final, the grueling championship finale.

And the announcer did not count in vain in the two river victories by more than 20 points.

I dealt with these matches as a player, telling myself I have to do more, do better than usual.

From his long strides on takeoff, he restrained the field turns, addresses the runners facing each other, tells them to sing and clap their hands and feet more forcefully, when CBC took a real hit. He stagnated before the break. He emphasizes this: “The public has to realize the power he has. At National 1, not many people like to come and play in Caen for that.”

This Friday, May 6, this boiling crowd, pushed by him by standing in his chair or raising his arms in the middle of the floor, will eagerly await the reception of Poitiers Basket 86 (PB86) in the quarter-finals. For what could be – we hope not – the last game of the season at the Sports Palace.

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Until the European League

For nearly ten years now, Pierre Salzman has been a character donor crocheter, hosting senior boys meetings from CBC and girls from USO Mondeville. And also these, at the highest level, in the Euroleague, the legends of the orange ball in France, Bourg Basket and Asvel, Lyon Villeurbanne. As for Asvel, it was Tony Parker himself who stole it in Normandy.

First time into the microphone? Coincidence, a joke. During a “minimum or small” tournament with his favorite club Caen Nord Basket, he likes to introduce his fellow players with a deep, deep voice, lengthening the consonants to an extreme. Already, at home, a sense of “American” show, which he has continued to raise ever since.

“Obviously a profession”

Rather, it is his trademark that distinguishes him in the closed circle of hall drivers. He admits: “It makes sense to imitate the best. His models are Alain de Senne, the official host of Team France, the one who pushed him to the deep end, Vincent Rooyer or Jamil Rouissi, out of street basketball and into politics. But since his upbringing in the NBA [la ligue majeure aux États-Unis] Pierre Salzman adds a humorous, ‘crazy side’, another ‘obsessed with sounds’ side that balances it, inspired by video games.

Today, being a speaker is clearly a profession. He set up his company in 2016. He remarked: “At one time, the animator was a volunteer from the club who took care of her. Now, there is a charter that must be respected. The speaker in the rules of the French Basketball Federation (FFBB). He must be familiar with the program [pour la platine de DJ]Prepare index cards. »

goal olympics

Pierre Salzmann Crochet, who is over 30 years old, is one of the few who can make a living from it. But its ceiling has not yet been reached. In his view, he seeks to hold the Paris Olympics in 2024. “You have to stand out, protect your schedule as much as possible. Even if it is complicated for me to create more clubs.”

At the end of the contract at the end of this season, he says he’s open to “all offers.” CBC or USO Mondeville knows what to expect to hold. But if Real Madrid or the Los Angeles Lakers call him…

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