Antivirus, VPN … Why use these programs in the current context?

We’ve been living in a context for the past few years, with an increasingly blurred boundary between the personal and professional realms, which has exacerbated the extensive use of remote work and the doubling of our devices. PC, Tablet and Smartphone: All of these stations are a goldmine for cybercriminals who sometimes have multiple personal data to steal and monetize on the Dark Web, which is the true theater of Cyberwar. However, the situation is not hopeless. To protect yourself, adopt good practices and Above all, the right tools allow you to maintain your privacy and data in an efficient manner by using an antivirus, smart firewall, VPN or tracker blocking tools.

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Use a private browser to avoid spreading information

It is often repeated that vigilance is the key to protecting your data: do not click on any link, stay away from suspicious sites … All this is true, but it does not always apply in practice. The first solution is to adopt a secure and private browser. It’s not so obvious: your web browser’s “incognito” function limits saving traces of your activity to your computer, but sites can still follow you and that doesn’t prevent malware attacks. to effectively protect yourself, Security software like Avast One can give you the peace of mind you need. With its web protection shields, Avast One scans the websites you visit and monitors the behavior of suspicious application on your system, blocking it if it comes from untrusted programs. Domain hijacking ensures that you are dealing on a legitimate site.

Choose a VPN to browse quietly

The web is not anonymous contrary to what one might think. With trackers following you from one location to another, it is easy for people with bad intentions or even websites that practice ad targeting to create a highly accurate profile of your identity, starting with your IP address and geographic location. To hide this and other information, VPN is an increasingly used tool. A VPN creates an encrypted connection, invisible from the outside, between your computer and the sites you visit. You connect to one server out of thousands around the world which is the address of this server that protects your privacy and activity. A VPN subscription may incur additional costs, but some security suites like Avast One include a full and unlimited VPN in their subscription. Thus, you have a powerful antivirus and VPN from the same interface, and they can be used on all your devices.

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Make your passwords as secure as possible with software

From cloud storage services to social media, most personal information lies behind multiple user accounts, and securing it with passwords that are difficult for cybercriminals to guess is critical. However, despite everything, passwords such as “password” or “abcdef1234” are still very widely used. It is important to have secure passwords, but also to ensure that your passwords are not hacked, by blocking access to untrusted applications in your default web browser. This tool is found in Avast One, with a password proxy built into your web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.). The suite also allows you to monitor your IDs to alert you to any leaks.

Clean your browser and computer with an antivirus

The comprehensive security suite can also clean the data that is jamming your computer, and it can also be exploited for malicious purposes like your web browser data. It is therefore important to clean regularly, and this can be tedious if you do not have a powerful tool to perform maintenance. Avast One includes junk file and browsing data cleaner to recover disk space and delete browsing traces. It also scans all your software and drivers for outdated versions and can perform updates automatically. In addition to updating your computer, it allows you to avoid security vulnerabilities of older versions, which are often used by cybercriminals to distribute malware.

Antivirus: Block Spyware Naturally!

Avast One gets rid of all viruses, malware, spyware, and more. Ransomware Shield protects personal files from modification by ransomware, and sensitive files such as IDs are automatically detected and protected. Anti-tracking tool prevents websites from tracking you by collecting information about your browsing habits and digital profile. With Privacy Manager, you can secure all your Facebook, Google, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts with tips for applying the right settings. Discover these features and more on all your devices: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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