40,224 new injuries within 24 hours, 104 deaths in French hospitals

Status update – New measures, new reports and highlights: Le Figaro assesses the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chairman of the Scientific Council that ensures that the epidemic does not spread “not finished” In France, British opposition leader under investigation for violating anti-Covid rules, the 2022 Asian Games postponed… le Figaro Provides an update on Friday, May 6, on the latest information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

21,277 patients were transferred to hospitals in France

The pressure on hospitals continues to ease in France, according to data from the French public health authority. In total, French hospitals had 21,277 patients with Covid on Friday, compared to 21,880 the day before. Among them, 1,408 were admitted to intensive care, including 102 admissions in the past 24 hours. The horrific count of the epidemic continues: 104 deaths will be regretted in hospitals in the past 24 hours. Also, 40,224 new cases were detected in the past 24 hours, compared to 44,225 the day before. The test positive rate was 21.9%.

In France, the epidemic is “under control” but “not over”

last week, “The slowdown in the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic has been confirmed across the country, with low infection rates (-39%) and positivity rates (-5 points)”, summarizes the French Public Health Agency in its weekly update published at the end of the week. If these indicators remain at a high level, the tides are no longer in doubt: The daily average of new infections over seven days, facilitating differences, was 43,865 on Thursday, versus 80,980 the previous Thursday. A decrease in hospitalizations has also been confirmed since 21,277 patients were hospitalized on Friday, compared to 23,579 in the previous week.

“At the end of May and the beginning of June, there will likely be political decisions,” he said. Jean-François Delfraissy, head of the Scientific Council, which advises the government, said Friday at France Info. Because it’s true: “We are coming out of this fifth wave, which has been a little longer than expected” And we can be “Reasonably optimistic for France and Europe for the coming months, with Spring likely to go well.”, to rule. By the end of May, he expects a drop in pollution of about 5 to 10,000 cases per day. But he remembers it was the same a year ago, before the Delta version arrived in France in June, which re-shuffled the cards. “The epidemic is under control, but we all know that it is not over yet.”Jean-François Delfraissy warned. We can already expect “When a new variable appears: is estimated instead at the beginning of the school year but may arrive sooner.”

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UK opposition leader under investigation for violating anti-Covid rules

On Friday, British opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer was also implicated in possible violations of anti-Covid regulations, police said on Friday. after receiving “Important new information, (…) we can confirm that an investigation into possible violations of the anti-Covid rules is underway”In a press release, Durham Police, the city in north-east England, said the place to eat a meal inside the home is prohibited in principle. A few weeks after Boris Johnson was fined at Party Gate, the opening of this investigation has put Keir Starmer, who has repeatedly called on the prime minister to resign in the Downing Street holiday scandal while in confinement, in a delicate position.

“Obviously we will answer all questions”A Labor Party spokesman reiterated thisNo rule was broken. The controversial rally dates back to April 2021 when the Labor leader was fighting for a partial legislative vote. Indoor gatherings were prohibited, but Keir Starmer explained that he ordered curry and beer for the team that met that evening at party venues, which he said was the only alternative he said to closed restaurants. The police had already looked at this meal for about thirty people and came to the conclusion“No crime has been identified”, But many details have appeared in the press since then, especially the tabloid daily Mailon the right, which has devoted several front pages to the case in recent days.

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The US Drug Agency is restricting access to Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine

The US Medicines Agency announced Thursday that it is restricting Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine to adults who refuse to be vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna because of the disease.‘personal concerns’, as well as those who cannot receive an injection of these last two vaccines due to medical reasons or limited access. The FDA said it made this decision because of the risk of dangerous clots (blood clots) associated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

For this same reason, the country’s main public health agency, the CDC, in December recommended that Americans be vaccinated against Covid-19 using Pfizer and Moderna, rather than Johnson & Johnson. These three vaccines are the only ones authorized in the country. The restriction is now part of the J&J Emergency Vaccine Use Permission. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified 60 confirmed cases of thrombosis in the United States, including nine deaths. Less than 19 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been administered in the country, or about 3% of all doses injected.

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Asian Games 2022 postponed due to Covid

“The Olympic Council of Asia has announced the postponement of the 19th Asian Games, which were originally scheduled to be held (…) from 10-25 September 2022”, CCTV said on Chinese social network Weibo. New dates will be announced at a later time. TV said. In a statement, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) justifies the decision “Health status” In China. The organizers were planning to implement a plan to prevent corona virus based on the plan of the last Winter Olympics and Paralympics, in February in Beijing, which was successful in terms of health.

But the recent resurgence of the epidemic has not yet begun. However, the Chinese authorities are interested in avoiding any pollution among the population and have implemented a zero-Covid strategy since 2020. The competitions were to be held in Hangzhou (east), less than 200 kilometers southwest of Shanghai, the city worst affected by the recent epidemic outbreak. And where residents have been restricted since the beginning of April. The Committee on Agriculture also announced the complete cancellation of the Asian Youth Games. It was postponed for the first time, and was scheduled to be held in December in the Chinese city of Shantou (south).

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