Vladimir Putin: 10 things to know about his ex-wife Lyudmila Putina

Vladimir Putin, who is rumored to be in a relationship with former gymnast Alina Kabaeva, divorced nearly ten years ago. Who is Lyudmila Putina or his children?

The relationship has not been formalized. Vladimir Putin has been in a couple for several years with the former Russian champion of rhythmic chants Alina Kabaeva, thirty years younger than him. The young woman, who is said to be hiding in Switzerland under heavy security, reappeared in Moscow a few days ago. She is scheduled to participate in a gymnastics festival in her name on May 8.

Until 2013, Vladimir Putin was married to Lyudmila Putina. Who is she really?

Former flight attendant

Lyudmila Alexandrovna Shkrebneva was working as a flight attendant at Aeroflot when she met the current master of the Kremlin. She was born in 1958 in Kaliningrad, a city located in a regional area between Poland and Lithuania. As a child, she wanted to become an actress. I studied Spanish at university. Madame Putin, in turn, was the bearer of letters or the turner’s mill. His father was a laborer and his mother worked in buses.

surprise wedding

Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila got married in 1983 after three and a half years of relationship. She was 25 years old. The marriage proposal surprised the former first lady of Russia. “I thought we broke up,” former diplomat Vladimir Fedorsky tells in “Putin, The Secret Itinerary” (du Rocher ed.). The party is held in the company of some friends and relatives without pomp. “His first wife was a matter of interest, not a love marriage,” says the former Russian diplomat.

Putin’s Spy: Her Secret

Before starting a political career in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Vladimir Putin was a spy for the KGB – the Russian intelligence – for many years. Even his future wife did not know! Vladimir Putin always told him that he works in the criminal police. Lyudmila Putina only once found out about the activity of her real husband. Vladimir Putin was stationed in Dresden, East Germany between 1985 and 1990.

two big girls

Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Putina have two adult daughters now: Maria, born in 1985 and Katerina in 1986. Maria Vorontosa is an endocrinologist, according to Russian media reported by France 24 and is married to a Dutch businessman. Katerina Tikhonova is a mathematician and professional acrobatic rock dancer who was married to the son of the head of a major Russian bank until 2018. They are close to their father.

Vladimir Putin with his ex-wife and their two daughters on vacation in 2002.
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hidden woman

Lyudmila Putina has always been cautious during her marriage to Vladimir Putin. Her appearances were limited to her husband’s official trips and official dinners.

Divorce announced live

The Putin couple announced their separation live in an interview with Russian public television Rossia-24 on June 6, 2014. “It was a joint decision, our union is over, as Lyudmila Putina explained.

Committed to the Russian language

Lyudmila Butina founded the Center for the Promotion of the Russian Language. She also managed the Personal Communications Development Center.

Lyudmila Putina at the School Booksellers Festival in Moscow, September 10, 2007.

Lyudmila Putina at the School Booksellers Festival in Moscow, September 10, 2007.
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He remarried to a businessman

Former Mrs. Putin married again in 2015 to businessman Artur Ocheretny, who is 20 years younger than her. After a career in events in the 2000s, he now runs an NGO. He has a son from a previous union.

His tagged villa in the Basque Country

The villa of Lioudmila Poutina and Artur Ocheretny was twice marked in Anglet in the Basque Country. Anti-Putin carvings and the colors of the Ukrainian flag covered the gates and wall surrounding Villa Susanna, a massive Art Deco residence, last February.

life in France?

The Washington Post in 2020 or USA TODAY He wrote on April 26, 2022 that the ex-Madame Putin will live in France in the prestigious Villa Angles in the Basque Country, worth 6 million euros. but according to Southwestif big works have been started, the site hasn’t progressed in several years and the house looks deserted.

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