The amazing run of a tattooed re-criminal giant and an intrigued prison guard

It’s a race against the backdrop of a romance that has America on hold for a week. Casey White, an “extremely dangerous” inmate from an Alabama prison, has made himself a beautiful blessing… for his beauties specifically: Vicki White, a prison services officer at the same prison. An escape from rose water dazzled Americans for a few days who 20 minutes Offers you to understand the tricks.

What happened on April 29?

It All Began (Finally Escape), on April 29th in Florence, Alabama Prison. When Vicki White showed up in the morning to pick up Casey White, arguing for the psychiatric evaluation of the court, a car was already waiting for her in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center, which she had bought in anticipation of the run. .

However, in the remote monitoring photos of the prison, nothing indicates that the tattooed giant and the prison official are cooperating. Vicki White holds the detainee’s door but doesn’t even look at him until his feet and hands are chained to his police car. She closes the door carefully and the car drives away shortly after 9:30.

The duo’s disappearance won’t be reported until around 3:30 p.m. that same day. The detectives who started the chase seemed already far away. The fugitives were last seen Friday, the day of the escape, about 40 miles from prison in a rust-colored Ford SUV.

Who are Casey White and Vicki White?

On the one hand, there is a typical small prison official, nearly sixty, swaying gait, on the other hand, a colossal statue of repeat offenders 2.06 meters high, with a shaven head, qualified as extremely dangerous. Vicki White, 56, and Casey White, 38, have the same name but are not related. A coincidence that obviously adds flavor to this whole story.

A story, probably about love, that would have begun in 2020. Casey White, who was serving a 75-year sentence in a state prison for “kidnapping,” “burglary” and “attempted murder,” will be transferred to County Lauderdale Prison (Alabama). This is where he meets his sweetheart.

After a few months away from another job, Casey returned to Lauderdale this past February. He then exploits what Sheriff Rick Singleton called a “special relationship” with Vicki White. « Nous n’avons pas de preuves d’une quelconque relation physique », note le shérif, mais les autres prisonniers ont dénoncé des « privilèges », du « rab » à la cantine et les « choses qu’elle faisait pour pas lui ‘ for others.”

Why does this run so fascinate Americans?

In “The White Affair” there is everything to make a “good TV series” and an excellent “road movie”. It’s the perfect match! A tattooed giant, a placid sixty, a smooth escape and extra cash in the canteen… It didn’t take less than that to wow America.

Plus, the effect was totally surprising. Who would have thought to be wary of Vicki White, who had never made a wave within the Florence prison administration? “She never did anything. I bet she didn’t even have a speeding ticket,” her suspicious mother told a local channel. Far from the “Love Story,” a former girlfriend of a fugitive from justice elicits enthusiasm: “He is very dangerous, to everyone around him.” The young woman gave the following advice to Vicki White: “If you’re still alive, get out of hell. Run, Run, run as fast as you can.”

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