France is still in the anteroom for major contracts in India (weapons, nuclear)

With the speedy visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Paris on Wednesday – the third since 2017 – France aims to restore a new dynamism in cooperation on major programs (armaments, and nuclear in particular) with India. the two countries Strategic partners since 1998. There is a very intimate relationship between the two leaders, the head of state and the prime minister Minister Narendra Modiwe are assured of the Elysee. We have a relationship of trust with India and above all we have a mature relationship in the sense that we are discussing a whole range of bilateral relations with India.”.

againstI expected, Narendra Modi, Who is on a European tour which has already taken him to Germany and Copenhagen for a Nordic summit, did not announce new contracts for the French industry on Wednesday. The Indian Prime Minister had invited the French President to visit India for “to deepen” Collaboration undertaken, from defense technologies to energy transition, Emmanuel Macron was there only once (in March 2018). My visit to France was short but very fruitfulNarendra Modi tweeted. President Emmanuel Macron I had the opportunity to discuss different topics.”. It should also be noted that India maintains a very close partnership with Russia in the field of armaments and does not wish to extend it despite the war in Ukraine.

Armament: So what?

After the major contracts for Scorpene (submarines sold in 2005) and Rafale (2016), Naval Group and Dassault Aviation are trying to secure a second order from Delhi. The Elysee also has this desire to give a new impetus to the discussions, especially since the Indians are satisfied with the performance of Scorpene and Rafale. “lamThe parties agreed to build on their mutual trust to find innovative ways to promote greater French participation in the Atmanirbhar Bharat (Independent India) campaign efforts in the field of defense technologies, developments, manufactured products and exports, in particular by encouraging the development of partnerships between industrial enterprises”according to one A joint statement issued by Emmanuel Macron and Narendra Modi Wednesday from the Elysee.

As much as the aircraft manufacturer retains serious opportunities to sell the Rafale again to the Indian armed forces, and in particular to the Navy, the Naval Group is going through a complex period in India. “We are no longer in the race. We have invested in the RFI stage, but certain conditions of the call for bids ultimately do not allow us to participate”, explained Naval Group at the end of April to La Presse de la Manche newspaper. In general, the goal of Paris is To help India enhance its strategic independence and thus to be able to make choices independently vis-à-vis its partners”, we explain in the Elysee. It is said in this context: “All our offers to the Indians are based on the principle of strategic autonomy and independent choices and we want to continue on this path.”.

The Scorpio decade was already ahead of the strategy that Narendra Modi launched when he took power. Thus, the sixth Indian submarine (Vaghshir) It was built entirely by shipyard Indian Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) Thanks Transfer Naval Group Technology. So he worked for many years between France and India. The purpose of the Elysee during the business meeting with Narendra Modi was to work “on this way”. “We will build (on the great successes of the past, editor’s note) to make suggestions, and continue discussions, confirm in the Elysee. Therefore, the Presidency has expressed its wish to refer to Topics we will be able to move forward on. “This is the path we want to take, to continue the discussion, and to maintain close contact with the Indians”. For France, the idea is to follow Dialogue about the main sectors where companies and the French state “work hand in hand” with their Indian counterparts.

Nuclear, speed up discussions

In the joint declaration, France and India agreed “The two parties once again reaffirmed their determination to ensure the success of the EPR Gaipator strategic reactor project, which they welcome its progress over the past months, with the aim of providing reliable, affordable and low-carbon energy”. In this context, Paris and Delhi will “Intensify contacts over the coming months to achieve further progress.”. EDF has been trying for many years to finalize a project to sell six EPR (pressurized water reactor) reactors in India at the Jaitapur site in Maharashtra, of which Bombay is the capital. French energy company hopes to reach agreement “in the coming months” to build six EPR reactors in India, according to Reuters.

The Elysee explains: “We have redoubled our efforts to try to finish this project as quickly as possible, as the Elysee explains. We congratulate this acceleration in recent months, and the President of the Republic, in his goal of supporting French industry, was mobilized. Now, given the Many criteria of the discussions, we will see where we are at the end of the year. But the main objective is of course to try to move forward as quickly as possible to build a project that enhances India’s strategic independence in energy matters.”

Finally, France indicated in the joint declaration “His unwavering support for India’s desire to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council as well as a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group”.

Nuclear power in India: EDF hopes to reach agreement in coming months