Elden Ring, Mission Fia: How to find and complete it? our guide

news tip Elden Ring, Mission Fia: How to find and complete it? our guide

Do you want to complete the Elden Ring 100% without missing a single task? Here’s how to complete the Fia mission in the From Software title, one of the longest in the game. Discover our dedicated guide without further delay!

Following our guide on how to get the Greatsword of the Golden Order, here’s the solution to a long quest on the Elden Ring: It’s all about character fi ! In particular, you will need to initiate a portion of Rani’s quest to complete it. In particular, you will be able to recover an object there which will be used for an alternate ending! We explain how to proceed.


  • Mission Fi
  • Departure from Fondéracine

Mission Fi

It should be noted that in particular this mission will allow you to recover an object that will allow you to reach one of the alternate endings of the Elden Ring!

you can find fi to Stronghold of the Round Table, which will open access to at the beginning of the game, when the latter comes to talk to you at the place of blessing. in the fort fi In the room next to the smithy. When you first talk to her, she will then offer to hug you. By accepting, you will get a Umbrella blessing. Immediately go to your inventory and immediately use the blessing. In fact, when fi She hugged you, then gave you a penalty that made you lose 5% of life points in your total life. And you’ll get rid of it with this item!

Elden Ring, Mission Fia: How to find and complete it?  our guide

Then go back to her each time she’s at the blessing table to see if she has a new conversation when she hugs you. Always remember to use grace every time to remove pitfalls.

To advance in the mission, you will then have to advance in the mission Dr (Even if you miss the first steps, it doesn’t matter). To do this, kill a Nosher Diavan (It doesn’t matter which one) To get the Deathflower and give at least one to Gurranq in Beast Sanctuary.

Elden Ring, Mission Fia: How to find and complete it?  our guide

National People’s Congress Dr He will then appear in the Table of Grace (if you haven’t seen him already) after giving at least one Deathflower. Then, once you reach the Altus Plateau (if you haven’t already), Fia will give you a dagger that you have to give to someone: it’s D (think of exhausting his dialogues by talking to him a few times). Returning to the blessing table, you will find D dead with his shield installed in the room next to the blacksmith.

Then come back to discuss with Fia and you will leave the grace table. Now you have to do almost all tasks related to Ranni to get Cursed death sign. It is not necessary to complete it, but you will have to at least complete the Lyornia Divine Tower to find the sign.

Departure from Fondéracine

Now, we will have to access Fondroot. If you have not found this place yet, you must first find the city of Naukron (for more details on how to get to Naukron, click herecan be accessed after defeat radanthen cross the whole city to face gargling two). Once you defeat them, you will find a casket that will lead you to Deeproot.

In the location, go to the throne of the prince of death and face FIA Champions. After the fight, you will find Fia next to the big monster in the room. Talk to him and you will then have the option to do the following: Don’t select ‘exactly’ otherwise you won’t be able to face the boss in this part. Instead, select “No, I want to cuddle.”

Elden Ring, Mission Fia: How to find and complete it?  our guide

Then give her the sign of death, talk to her, leave and come back to upload new dialogues, after doing this three times, you will have the option to confront her. Fortsacks.

As a reward, you get Memory of the Dragon Master. Go back to Fia’s body in the room to get fi . group And above all, the Prince of Death Rune of Recoveryan item that allows you to get an alternate version of the “Lord of Elden” ending.

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