We watched the controversial Russian reality show “I’m Not Gay”.

“Я не гей” (“I’m not gay”) is a reality TV show that has been broadcasting since April 25th on Youtube. It has already been watched by over a million people. midway between secret story And Koh LantaThe concept is to expose the homosexuality of the eight men who are locked up together. Over the course of the tests based on the most dubious biases – the candidate’s reaction to a stripper or stripper with a lottery, blind recognition and touching of the female or male buttocks, and this last test makes it possible to win a trophy of immunity – it comes to detecting the “intruder” among heterosexuals.

Participants have 52 minutes per episode to stop their voting. One of them will be eliminated by the majority. If a gay person crosses eight episodes without being hacked yet, he wins 2 million rubles (27,000 euros). On the contrary, the amount will go to those who specified it.

The program is very

“Finding gay people in this country is like finding a working McDonald’s. There are certainly some, but not many and very few people know about them”throw the sound off After a mobile camera crossed a snowy landscape against a background of haunting music. The atmosphere heats up as the candidates greet a laughing caged rooster arrive, placed at the entrance to the television studio. “Rooster” is a slang term for gays in Russian prisons. An insult so fatal and so serious that it has now almost disappeared from the language of everyday life. Then the participants discover a sitting room decorated with pictures of old men kissing and gathering deer. The stage is ready.

The first test consists of sleeping together in the same room, in the same bed and sharing the same shower… The scene is complemented by oily men, chest and chest in very scanty clothes. In just one week, the show easily exceeded 1 million views on Youtube. If some of the comments describe the show as“interesting” or“cheerful”Most of them are betting on getting out of the presenters. “The harshest end: Amiran admits he is gay and accepts Milonov. It will be huge!”Viewer writes. Another applaud for the concept: “Anyway, guys, well done making such a form of a show! Finally, viewers will understand that gays are no different from non-gays, that you can be straight and stupid, and that femininity or masculinity means absolutely nothing.”

To frame the “Game”, the participants of the program introduced: blogger Amiran Sardarov, who made it clear that he wanted “Entertainment and something socially interesting”and … Vitaly Milonov, a far-right Russian lawmaker, known in particular for his anti-gay and transgender stances.

In 2013, it was out of the law that punishable by a fine any act of homosexual “propaganda” in front of minors. “I will try every day to help the participants identify the weak link”, is a promise. In photos taken at 2014 France 24 in Saint Petersburg, Vitaly Milonov speaks poignant words that qualify homosexuals “Child rapist sodomy”. In 2021, he received a reprimand from the Russian Human Rights Council for his advocacy “to disinfect” gays.

Screenshot of Russian LGBTTophobe MP Vitaly Milonov, in the show he co-hosted on Youtube,

In Russia, the 2013 law was supported by 67% of the population, according to an opinion poll quoted by Geopolis. A third of those surveyed considered homosexuality “A disease that needs treatment“And attitudes have hardly changed, if we believe this study conducted by the Levada Center in 2020 which proves that one in five Russians think gays should be.”exclusionJudgment “inactive” Under the 2013 law, two deputies from the Russian Communist Party proposed toughening it in 2015, providing for penalties ranging from a fine to 15 days in prison for homosexual men. Let homosexuality ‘A mortal threat to all of humanity’. In Russia, it was considered a crime until 1993 and a mental illness until 1999 (1982 in France). If homosexuality is officially decriminalized, Gay Pride is outlawed, activists are regularly imprisoned and tolerant of beating homosexuals, particularly in Chechnya.

for the magazine StubbornAnd “This is probably the most homoerokitch in the country!” It is also considered that the result is somewhat “contradictory”Because “Gay like fuck…”. The Mirror [article en anglais] Feedback echoes on the web. “what is the point ?A user who is concerned about the consequences of media coverage of homosexuality that will be revealed in the program asks: “Who will you reveal next? Muslims? Jews?”

In a similar genre, one of the entertainment episodes strange one out From the American YouTube channel jubilee Which was also represented in the detection of homosexuality among seven people. But the game consists of guessing by asking fifteen-minute questions with an entirely different goal: to create a movement of empathy for the sake of living well together.

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