Mubasher – War in Ukraine: Brussels proposes a gradual European embargo on Russian oil

Ukraine: Brussels proposes gradual EU embargo on Russian oil

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday that the European Commission had proposed a gradual EU embargo on oil and petroleum products purchased from Russia, in response to the war in Ukraine.

“We will gradually abandon shipments of Russian crude oil within six months and those of refined products by the end of the year,” she told MEPs in Strasbourg, and introduced a sixth package of sanctions against Moscow to cut funding for its war effort. against Ukraine.

Michel Goya: “Putin ordered not to carry out the attack on Azovstal in order to spare Russian soldiers.”

Meanwhile on RMC and BFMTV on Wednesday morning, Colonel and Counsellor Michel Goya spoke on air about Ukraine as fighting raged on as May 9 approached. For him, the pocket of resistance at the Azovstal plant could be captured only by ground combat.

That is why, according to him, “Putin ordered not to carry out the attack in order to spare Russian soldiers.”

For Colonel Michel Goya, the outcome of the Battle of Mariupol is beyond doubt

Guest of Appoline de Malherbe Wednesday morning on BFMTV and RMC, Colonel and Chancellor Michel Goya returned to the current battle at Mariupol and the last pocket of resistance inside the Azovstal plant.

“We have little impression that there is some form of urgency, and that the Russians want at all costs to end this resistance,” especially as May 9, the symbol of the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945, approaches

Ukraine: Brussels proposes to punish the head of the Russian Orthodox Church

The European Commission has proposed sanctioning the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, as part of a sixth package of measures in response to the war in Ukraine, according to a document seen by AFP on Wednesday.

The new list, which will still need approval from member states, includes 58 people subject to sanctions, including several Russian soldiers, as well as the wife, daughter and son of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Belarus, bordering Ukraine, announces a surprise military exercise

Russia-allied Belarus bordering Ukraine began a “surprise” military exercise on Wednesday to test its army’s reaction capabilities, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The Belarusian ministry said in a statement that the military units will work on their ability to “stand aside, move to predetermined areas and carry out combat training.”

The engineer who survived the Azovstal plant in Mariupol tells

Tania, a surviving engineer from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, Ukraine, was live on BFMTV Wednesday morning. After two months of isolation, she recounts her life in the site’s basement:

“We were able to go out a few times just to see the sun, but that was very rare and we were too afraid to go outside. Above all, we shouldn’t make noise. It was really terrifying.”

Uncertainty about the fate of civilians evacuated from the Azovstal plant

On the 156 civilians evacuated from the Azovstal plant This weekend, some were not able to reach Zaporizhia like others, according to witnesses interviewed by BFMTV and the company’s HRD words on our antenna.

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Zelensky says 156 survivors from Mariupol have arrived in Zaporizhia

In his overnight address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed to continue his efforts to evacuate the residents of Mariupol. “We will continue to do everything in our power to get all our citizens out of Mariupol, Azovstal,” he said before that, before adding that “many Ukrainian cities have once again become targets for Russian missiles.

“Today, 156 people have arrived in Zaporizhia. Women and children. They have been in bunkers for more than two months,” he said.

Russia will boycott the European Union’s political and security committee on Wednesday at the United Nations

Russia will boycott, on Wednesday, a meeting of the UN Security Council with the Political and Security Committee of the European Union, in a rare gesture, which indicates a further deterioration in relations between Moscow and partners in the United Nations, according to diplomats. .

According to a Russian diplomatic source who spoke on condition of anonymity, Moscow’s decision is related to the situation in Ukraine. A Western diplomat said he had no recollection of Russia’s boycott of the Security Council meeting since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

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