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Intel’s latest update on its processors, the 12th generation has revealed itself in our homes Around November 2021. Always more powerful and equipped with the latest technology, the manufacturer introduces a development that allows to restore the situation in many areas and especially in the video game segment.

, always abreast of developments, seizes the opportunity to present, from CES, its new ranges of laptops, which take advantage of this latest generation of processors while adapting to the desires of users. In fact, if gaming is a mainstream field, there’s no consensus among laptop users who, more and more, have since Spreading remote workThey are looking for a solution that matches their professional and/or creative needs. MSIclose to its users, is back this year with custom models such as:

GP66 conveyor

What is the best way to start from the range of players with distinction. her simple name vector It highlights MSI’s desire to offer a laptop close to stable use. With the notable improvement in the engineering experience coupled with greater computing power, the ” vector » Make it a point of honor to satisfy you in the gaming part.

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Of course, the compact side can quickly become a nuisance, especially if you want to get the most out of your graphics card’s capabilities. NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Laptop Graphics Processor 8GB GDDR6 who endowed it with. This is the reason why computers are equipped with technology Coolpost 5 Offers fans as well as dedicated GPU and CPU heatpipes that can be easily activated with a click of the Fan Boost button. Finally and in order to satisfy the retina, the screen is a file 15 inch 6 inch hard disk drivehe is Max resolution of 2560 x 1440 to repeat 165Hz refresh.

Stealth GS77

For the most diverse users, who don’t just rely on the game, but don’t want a PC that’s focused only on work, while maintaining a certain amount of mobility, the range Ghost GS dedicated to them. Awarded many times over, these are the brand’s models that best combine the light and portable aspect. In fact, no more compromising, its nomadic use, its hybrid use.

(9) Stealth_GS77_Scenario_Photo__ (9)
However, make no mistake. Losing weight is incompatible with reducing well-being and this is what MSI understood. This is why the touchpad and keys in general have been increased in size to combine comfort and precision. Unlike keyboards 60%, which you want to be extremely compact to save space, without necessarily considering ease of use. finally, Stealth GS77 Equipped with six powerful speakers as well as a camera lock button for added privacy.

Creator Z16P

As I promised, MSI Prefer not only gamers, but professionals as well. If the Z17 series offers One of the first 17 inch laptops Able to support the use of the pen, the Z16Pstill equipped with a 12th generation Intel processor and graphics card up to 3080 T, to be a somewhat more elegant and portable model. There is no shortage of technologies with a high-definition infrared webcam, fingerprint reader and system Thunderbolt 4 . port Above all, to delight students and creators, a SD card reader (Does not include USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports). With Aluminum frame is synonymous with lightnessWeighing in at just 2.39kg on the scale, it also has a 180-degree swivel hinge on the QHD+ True Pixel display to lay flat.

Finally, don’t stop there, the Creator suite makes use of an amazing number of technologies aimed at optimizing its use by reducing its heating, automatically selecting mode with MSI Smart Auto, but is also capable of detecting ambient sound and adjusting the fans accordingly. No more quiet moments ruined by excessive ventilation of your computer. In addition to your support in Daily work tasksIt does everything to make you feel as comfortable as with mobile devices.

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