In French days, Cdiscount crushes the price of the MacBook Air M1

The MacBook Air M1 is one of the most premium laptops on the market. With a distinctive design and tremendous power, Apple introduces a new version with a home chip. Less than two years after its release, this device is still one of the best models in its class. In addition, this person is entitled to a discount for French days.

On Cdiscount, the price of the MacBook Air M1 drops to 999 euros instead of 1,129 euros. Discounts on Apple devices remain relatively rare, especially at this level. If you want to get an Apple-branded laptop at a discount, it’s now or never.

To see the show on the MacBook Air M1 at Cdiscount, it’s available here:

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The French days in Cdiscount and others began early Wednesday morning. As part of the process, the MacBook Air M1 has fallen below 1,000 euros. If the process is meant to last a few days, the best offers are bound to be gone within a few hours. Obviously this is the case with the Apple laptop, stocks may run out in a few hours. Our advice remains to act quickly to secure this additional offer without delay.

Why choose this MacBook Air M1?

The MacBook Air M1 is the latest laptop from Apple that shines in this kind of lightweight device. Historically, this is a group dedicated to thin models – this version revealed in 2020 is no exception. The Apple brand offers a device that is easy to carry in a bag thanks to its 1.2 kilograms weight. As usual, it also relies on an elegant design with excellent finishes.

The difference between the MacBook Air M1 and the previous model in the range is the presence of the new M1 chip. If the appearance of laptops is the same, then everything happens under the hood. Apple has designed its own processor in order to compete with Intel and, above all, to bring crazy power to its hardware. Such is the case with this version that offers exceptional graphics and processor performance.

The MacBook Air M1 clearly has all the qualities expected of an Apple laptop. We find macOS and its ease of use. Always intuitive, it lets you navigate the device with confidence, even if you’ve switched from Windows to Mac or aren’t familiar with US brand models. Either way, the user experience is intuitive and efficient. Our test tells you more here.

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Despite its versatility, the MacBook Air M1 does not skimp on autonomy. It can last about fifteen hours with conventional use, which is much longer than the majority of models on the market. In short, you can work without a plug on hand or without a charger. With Apple’s solid ecosystem, you can easily connect all your other Apple devices, whether it’s your smartphone or wireless headphones to take two examples. In conclusion, this model has everything that pleases, even its price.

Order MacBook Air M1 via Cdiscount

This offer on the MacBook Air M1 is exceptional. In fact, Apple never discloses discounts on its devices from its official website or physical stores. The Apple brand has always preferred its high-end image rather than offering discounts of all kinds. Fortunately, some online merchants are allowed to offer occasional discounts, including Cdiscount.

At the moment, Cdiscount offers the best price on the MacBook Air M1. No online merchant can compete with the French merchant, which is proof of his involvement in this new edition of French Days. On the other hand, we remind you that this is a quick sale limited in time as well as in stocks. As soon as the slightest offer appears on an Apple device, it is stormed by the public in search of high-end references at discounted prices.

By ordering the MacBook Air M1, you are sure to get free and fast delivery. Your laptop arrives at your home (or anywhere else) in a few days. It can even be shipped the next day depending on when you order and if you’re a member of the Cdiscount à Volonté loyalty program that gives you access to many benefits – including ultra-fast delivery. This is not all.

The MacBook Air M1 is entitled to a 14-day withdrawal period, which is a mandatory period in France for all online orders. If you want to return the device during this period, the procedure is completely free and the refund is complete. Note that the computer comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, just as it does on Apple. In short, all guarantees are the same, except that you save money by taking this version on Cdiscount, so don’t miss this opportunity.

To discover the offer on MacBook Air M1 at Cdiscount, it is available here:

I take advantage of the offer

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