Elden ring, GOTY of the future? The point in this real phenomenon that afflicts social networking sites

Written by Laurent P., Rizhlaine F. Posted May 4, 2022 3:06 pm

Could Elden Ring become the video game of the year? Since its release with great fanfare at the end of February 2022, Japanese studio From Software’s work appears to be gamers’ favourite. Reactions and gaming sessions are invading social networks en masse as players relive this challenging game with massive success. So Aidan Ring is more than just a social phenomenon game? We are evaluating!

Since its release end of February 2022Elden Ring is a huge hit. A true masterpiece from Japanese studio of softwareThis Action RPG at open world conquered the planet the games. On social networks, reactions, memes and gaming sessions invade the feeds. With such enthusiasm, elden ring Can it become GOTY (Game of the Year) 2023 ?

And for good reason, this phenomenon is extremely difficult to miss. I must say that FromSoftware I saw great things. Right from the start, players can customize their characters and create their hero from scratch. from stage tutorialThe immersion begins and takes us through dark caves. Then we finally got to the open world and fully realized the scale and beauty of it Game graphics. Enough to elicit goosebumps of excitement for enthusiastic playersexploration.

Excellent program…

But what distinguishes more precisely elden ring…this is his difficulty. It was expected, after all software is also an asset Evil spirits, Cult Now try hard. But kingdom between the earth in which it happens elden ring push theexpertise Beyond that: players Face ultra-challenging bosses in an open world that gives them the freedom, in between two failures, to level up their character by taking on other enemies and exploring the map, before trying again, constantly, until capturing Victoire.

This is the key to success elden ring : a Difficulty level So that when the player finally wins, it gives him a feeling of exhilaration commensurate with the efforts expended. The taste of victory is irresistible. This can be allowed elden ring to win Game of the Year award !

More than a game, it’s a social phenomenon!

A real social phenomenon, now, never before seen, given the numbers that speak for themselves: elden ring It is the best selling game instudio history, which says something. About two weeks after its release, it has already sold 12 million copies worldwide. Therefore, undeniable success, to The most anticipated game of 2021.

On the notes side, among the specialized media, it is also complete with A high degree Almost everywhere: 18/20 for jeuxvideo.com10/10 for daily mirror10/10 for IGNthe same for Game SpotAnd WatchmanAnd detective game…a real tidal wave amplified phenomenon and excitement around software. Nice guess pay players to get the game.

Elden ring, GOTY of the future?  The point in this real phenomenon that afflicts social networking sitesElden ring, GOTY of the future?  The point in this real phenomenon that afflicts social networking sitesElden ring, GOTY of the future?  The point in this real phenomenon that afflicts social networking sites

and on social networksEven though the game has been off for a while, the tide continues, especially today tik tok Which so far has more than four billion views on the hashtag # adam. Among the hit videos are those that show players defeating a difficult enemy, with relief that the desire to share their exploits with the world is especially strong.

skatebearding #eldenring #livestream #fail #fyp ♬ original sound – skatebeard

Other hit videos, the ones that share tips on weapons, glitches or secrets to unlock to make your life easier in the game. More “hands-on” videos, which are essential to research if you want to advance in the program. Such frenzy that developers around the world are now trying to unravel the mystery of this success.

blerp Reply to irokangi This is a secret like Jada smiths love life. #eldenring #eldenringsecrets #eldenringtips #eldenringhype ♬ Great Gray Wolf Sif – Motoi Sakuraba

Why this success?

The beginning, secrets of all kinds hidden in the corners of the map, the level of difficulty … a reflection on the cursor that moves to interest players Born in the community of developers and other game designers, on the occasion of the Game Developers Conference from San Franciscoheld at the end of April, according to what was reported by the journalist Jason Shearerfrom Bloomberg.

Why elden ring Does this get excited? The answer might be good Swen Finkon head Larian StudiosWhich he found explained is still according to Jason Shearerthat what seems to make the game a success is Secrets to discover that they contain.

A risky strategy to put into action, at a time when game release deadlines are getting shorter, but the Belgian studio has scrambled for its future open-world adaptation. Offering secrets so hard to find that very few players discover them is a bet the studios seem willing to exploit for their future applications, with the idea of ​​replicating the success ofelden ring.

When games and word of mouth meet…

What also makes the game a success is discussions that arise between players regarding various secrets to be discovered. Each explains to the other how he found this or that piece, and how he came to this or that defect. Encouraging others to continue exploring also continues to generate interest outside of the game, keeping it intact for some time, until too many players discover it. And on this side, elden ring It has enough to last you for a good while, as the secrets listed at the heart of the game are numerous, and hard to find.

The game may use the difficulty of finding these secrets to maintain interest in the game, even if they are all found. And for good reason: These secrets are so hard to find, and how many secrets the studio has yet to reveal, nothing stops them from maintaining a mystery about their search.

A formula that seems to be winning at the moment FromSoftware, after he came up with the correct recipe for his game. All that was left was to transfer the audition to other studios, trying to reproduce the formula elden ringMaybe they will succeed in finding them..and the success that comes with it!

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