Sniper Elite 5 preview: Did this shooter hit its target right in the heart?

preview Sniper Elite 5: Did this shooter hit its target in the heart?

Lurking in the shadows of AAA shooters, the saga developed by Rebellion Developments studios continues its military epic generation after generation. Will this fifth major episode titled Sniper Elite 5 risk deviating from the path its predecessors followed?

Preview conditions

During an online event organized by Just for Games, Rebellion Studios quickly presented their new project to us before letting us explore the second mission of Sniper Elite 5. This gameplay session continued via Parsec, a desktop capture application primarily used for video game streaming. hour.

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In enemy territory

The Rebellion Studios franchise is closely related to World War II. It is now 1944, a few days before and after D-Day… the famous Allied landings. Thus Karl Fairburne resumes service to eliminate several priority targets within the Wehrmacht. Our US Army Ranger and Sniper lands in France and travels in disguise with the resistance to thwart General Mueller’s plans and sound the death knell for Operation Kraken. Behind this top-secret project hides the production of V2 missiles that could potentially change the course of the war by directly targeting the United States.

From the coasts of Brittany to the beaches of Normandy, our hero crosses occupied French territory in order to eliminate high-ranking enemy officers and stop the German war machine. The plot is rarely innovative and is primarily based on timeless classics of the genre, films and games stamped with World War II in mind. Staging does the same thing and keeps the simplicity, even minimalism, of previous episodes. Several movie scenes introduce missions, punct them and then wrap them up, just to create a cover and tell a new episode of World War II, nothing more, nothing less.

Sniper Elite 5 wants to plunge players into the heart of this international conflict by allowing heroes and antagonists to express themselves in their own language (or not for that matter) and each character’s own joy, often spoken. recognized, Dubbing sometimes struggles to copy the intensity of the scenes, but it guarantees a certain immersion. Especially since the environments seem to have worked out enough to copy the idiosyncrasies of the different regions that Carl Fairborn “visited.” However, it will be necessary to wait for optimal playing conditions to judge parts of the technique and presentation.

American sniper

The Sniper Elite formula has slowly but surely evolved since its debut in 2005 with the first episode that laid the foundations for the series of its time. Sniper Elite 5 tries, more or less successfully, to enrich the experience with keys without revolutionizing them. Rebellion Developments prioritizes some natural developments in order to please fans first. British studios virtual snipers offer larger and richer semi-open environments, and try to multiply the methods to complete tasks that ensure the possibility of a certain replay on the title.

The adventure remains linear and structured around the priority goals of ‘elimination’, but offers several secondary goals to achieve for the boldest soldiers. for the rest, Sniper Elite 5 does what it does best…reaches its target…the experience focuses on stealth, exploration, infiltration, and/or remote elimination of enemies. It’s not uncommon to launch squabbles at the bend of an orchard, wall, or building and make the powder talk even if it means sounding the alarm. While perfection is possible, these forward attacks are fun, even though the AI ​​is still always struggling.

The heart of the truly hilarious experience lies in those moments of weightlessness where the eye is focused on the target, the ball departs and hits the body resulting in a Kill Cam in X-Ray Vision that emphasizes the precision and violence of impact. This sweet and sour pleasure is a trademark of the franchise. The interest in this aspect of the title – the deadly accurate shooting – is largely due to the studios. The opposite would have been surprising. Karl Fairborn can hurt an enemy in order to lure others and eliminate them one by one, trapping a corpse, disposing of it with a knife, etc. Finally, builds boost the deck with a skill tree to unlock by earning XP and customizing/improving the various weapons available to the Ranger.

Sniper Elite 5: Did this shooter hit its target in the heart?

Our impressions

The developments of the insurgency are efficient, if not surprising. Sniper Elite 5 relies, perhaps too much, on the original formula, but it definitely evolves it. Fans of the franchise will by no means be confused by the face of an often exploited historical context and a fun, predictable experience. The improvements made are noticeable and should please fans of precision shooting, despite the many bugs, especially the errors of artificial intelligence.

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