Possible first ball for Orleans Luart Baskett against POW

By showing off a great personality to unlock his last race, Orleans Lowart Basketball It is back to a very suitable position for maintenance. Judging by the strength of their three successes in the last four meetings, Even the Loiretans can put an end to the suspense this evening, in happy circumstances. To renew their lease in Elite from Tuesday, it will be necessary To win at home, against Pau (match at 8pm).and at the same time, Vos-sur-Mer bows down on the floor of the Bourg-en-Presse teamWhich, for its part, has a lot to forgive.

Still breathtaking, Aurelien and Loart Baskett are back from it all against Paris!

“Of course I know this scenario, but I forbid myself to think about it,” confirms German Castano, Orleans coach who the timeThree days from the end Not yet “for accounts”. “I don’t want to bet everything on this game because I don’t want to have a bad night if we don’t take it.” Especially since Orleans is not my favourite.

Opposite dynamics and the inevitability of victory

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One thing is for sure, Pau and OLB, to achieve their respective goals, desperately need this success. If they won the French Cup at the expense of Strasbourg less than ten days ago, the players of Alain Bernier, who settled in the Top5 of the tournament at the beginning of the spring are In Free Fall (The Current Five Defeat Series). Their participation in the final matches and a possible European Cup, which seemed to go unmentioned not so long ago, could be seriously called into question in the event of failure in Loiret, who still have to face Boulogne-Levalois (second place) and Strasbourg (fifth).

Two teams pull the ropes

If their dynamics are opposite, both teams are experiencing an amazing end to the season. Although complete, they will not venture out not On the gym floor In perfect physical condition. Orléanais play their fourth game in ten days, including two tough fights that left a lot of energy. For Palois, this will be the seventh meeting in 23 days…

“As is often the case, we will have to figure out which team will want this game the most. If we want it just as much, Pau risks winning because they have more talent than us“But if we want it more, we’ll have our chances,” said German Castano.

En plus d’être au rendez-vous de l’intensité, il faudra égallement être capable de limiter le rendement des shooteurs de l’Elan, Brandon Jefferson en tête, sans négliger leur force de frappe à l’intérieur… Avec, cet OLB everything is possible !

Out of standards! Aurelien Laureate Baskett wins in a scenario beyond amazing against Borg en Press

Jerome Cotton Coudray

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