Milan Vasic (C’Chartres Basket Manager): ‘The season has failed’

The pre-season goal was to finish in the top five in his geographic group. The mission was largely successful by Sebastien Lambert’s men who approached the second stage as co-leader which determined the N1 champion and first promotion in the ProB. But the sequel wasn’t the same barrel…

Season review

On Thursday evening, after her second round of 16 match, which she won over Sergey, President Anthony Hermlin conceded that a disqualification at this point would constitute a failure. We’ve been there since defeat in Sunday’s crucial third game, where Patrick Clarence’s teammates missed out on a disastrous final quarter, and finished 10-29 in favor of Sergius (83-89). “Yes, the elimination in the eighth final is a failure,” CCBM director Milan Vasic said yesterday, who did not utter his words. “We should qualify logically but in the team we deal with spoiled children. We had everything on hand at the end of the third quarter (73-60). When you play at home, you don’t have the right to take 13-0 in three minutes, and you get 10-29 Cash in ten minutes.”

Since his height of almost 38 years, Dejan Sencancki has been Chartres’ best player…

Whose fault is it?

Whose fault is it? It’s a group. In this second phase, the team has shown, many times, that 40 minutes can’t last. “We never felt like a big team. We were happy to be in the top 5. But I saw some problems coming up at the start of the season…” But the first stage, which was successful, hid these imbalances. The expulsion of American winger Stephen Green in November put out the first fire, but the fire continued to burn, if we read the coach’s thoughts.

During the second stage, the group dwindled further due to the numerous injuries, and it exploded to win only one match in ten. She lost the Round of 16 to Sergey, who finished only 12th in the standings, and ended up definitively consuming a skeptical workforce who, above all, no longer had the torch to break the glass ceiling of this Round of 16.

excellent C’Chartres Basket Masculin presents a crucial match against Sergi to qualify for the quarter-finals on Sunday

5 other players under contract

Only five players are still under contract (Segworth, Tallinn, Doumbia, Polokwat, Mukona). But, among them, some have specials like captain and accelerator Yann Siegwarth, his alternate character Kévin Thalien, who has exploded more than cool, and promising center 2-1 Ugo Doumbia (19). As for the others (Mokdad, Piccoli, Bernaoui, Occles, Clarence as well as Senkansky, who finished his career), we shouldn’t see them anymore in the CCBM blue jersey.

Jan Siegworth is still under contract but…

excellent C’Chartres BM disqualified after the disputed match ends: Post-match reactions in photos and videos

What about the future coach?

Six seasons later, and with ProB level up in 2018, Sebastien Lambert will change his outlook. Who to replace him on the bench? The market is provided because, so far, a third of N1 clubs (10 out of 28) will start next season with a new coach. So, to succeed Lambert, will the CCBM endorse the path of an ambitious youngster, such as Julian Courte (42, ex-Vettere) or a seasoned person, such as Stefan Eberlin (46), dismissed this season from AS Alsace (ProB) but who has done well? For fifteen years alongside Souffelweyersheim? The answer is in a few days…

Jean-Andre Provost

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