Winning and qualifying for the quarter-finals

NM1 Qualifiers: Victory and Qualification for the Poitiers Basketball Quarter-finals

Poitiers Baskett defeated Tarbes Lourdes on Sunday May 1, 2022 in a support match in the 1/8 finals of the qualifiers. In the first leg of the quarter-finals, Andy Thornton-Jones’ men travel to Caen on Friday, May 6 or Saturday, May 7.

NM1, 1/8And Qualifier Final, Support Match (Sunday 1 May 2022, Room J.-P.-Garnier)



Quarters: 26-26, 18-19, 25-21, 16-16.

Multiply tarp lord in 1/8And The first stage of the qualifiers National Men 1 (69-61), and 86- Ali He reacted perfect on Friday 29 April 2022 by largely winning at home in the second leg (100-69).

Looking back, the two squads had to battle it out for the third time during this beautiful Sunday 1Verse May, Poitiers remains, to qualify for the quarter-finals.

In a life and death match, Union Tarbes-Lourdes immediately set the scene by scoring the first five points (0-5, 1 .).Dr). From the very first seconds, the two teams put a lot of intensity into the discussions. Tarpais Jean, the former NBA player, dominated the racket (3 blocks and 3 assists in 5 minutes) when Poitivin Mbaya came back to the bench for two fouls. But PB was able to find solutions at home with Mazalin, when either Relphorde or Pontens took over outside (13-10, 5).And). In a real playoff, played in an already boiling atmosphere, the two teams were hit hard, Relphorde-Nikolic three-point duel photo (26-26, 10And).

Manu Manu was announced as a spade and it fulfilled all its promises

Manu advertised himself as a spade and kept all his promises. At the start of the second half, Liska put his nose out the window to restore the advantage to the visitors (27-31, 12 .).And). Opponent Seymour, already outperforming Friday in the second leg, supported the comparison with Jane (31-31, 13).And). Tarbes answered with Jane, close up, or Manuel, long distance (36-38, 17And). Before Mazalin put Jean-Pierre Garnier’s room into a trance, the ball came back choppy with a furious shot (40-40, 18).And). The scene was all-encompassing in a breathtaking showdown and visitors arrived at the break a small point in advance (44-45, 20)And).


Like how many points Marcus Rilford scored. In the hot moments of the encounter, PB 86 managed to count on America (4/6 triples, 7/8 in free throws, 4 rebounds and 25 PIR in 32 minutes).

Everything remains to be done. Just sure, PB would have to raise his pointer to defend to get out of the trap set by the visitors. Relford took the match single-handedly with 12 points in five minutes (27 in the match), sparking an uproar from Luska. But the Tarbes-Lourdes stayed on top thanks to the three-point title of Nicoleic or Manuel (56-57, 25).And). In this confrontation, neither team wanted to give up (64-64, 29 .).And). Before Darginton allowed PB to reach the final quarter by three points thanks to two points plus a foul (69-66, 30And).

A stifling final quarter before the release

On appeal, the Chamber doubled these savings behind the line (72-66, 31). Tarbes’ response was instant with Manuel, also from a long distance (72-70, 32). It was sultry. Poitier was more aggressive in defense and found fault in attack thanks to Relphorde (75-70, 34). The gap could have been bigger after Dargenton’s interception, but the latter then missed the inevitable before Incrediol, three points, put Poitier under pressure (75-73, 35). But the centre-back kept his composure, exploiting the whistle-blowers against the visitors to take a little air (78-73, 37). It is far from enough to claim victory. Especially when Manuel’s demon earned this for his team three points after 42 seconds left (85-82). The same player still has a double chance of a draw at the last possession without finding the target this time. PB 86 and the entire Jean-Pierre Garnier room could breathe a sigh of relief.
Out of pain, Andy Thornton-Jones’ men made it to the quarter-finals. This is the main thing. Now put Caen from Friday 6 May 2022 or Saturday 7 May for the first leg in Normandy.

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The PB 86 players would like to thank their supporters who played such an important role in the success of the Poitevins.

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