How do you delete your Twitter account? (mobile and computer)

Tired of Twitter? Do you want to delete your Twitter account for X or Y reasons? While American billionaire Elon Musk announced the acquisition of the social network in April 2022, some users were heard clamoring. If he wishes to give more freedom to the platform members, he is also known for his sometimes extreme stances.

Whatever the reason for deleting Twitter, we have made a tutorial with screenshots to show you how to do it. It will only take a few seconds to deactivate your account in the long term or long term. Note that this method is available on both mobile and computer.

With just a few clicks, you will be able to delete Twitter and all the content you have dumped there. Note that you can have a reactivation period of 30 days or 12 months if you regret. You are free to choose how long: sometimes you delete it due to accidental frustration, so it is a safety net provided by the social network.

Delete your Twitter account?

To delete your Twitter account, you must be logged in from your computer or mobile device. First, we will make a tutorial on how to remove Twitter from your computer. At the bottom of the page, you will have the detailed method to follow to do the same on your smartphone.

Twitter removal steps:

  • Select the “More” tab
  • Choose “Settings and Privacy”
  • Go to “Your Account” and then “Deactivate Account”
  • Confirm deletion

To go into details now, here is the method you should follow to delete Twitter on your PC. First of all, you will have to go to the right menu in the “More” tab. It is located above the blue “Tweet” button in the left sidebar of the platform.

© / screenshot Twitter

Another menu will appear allowing you to go to “Settings and privacy”. Below in the screenshot, you will find this second step to delete your Twitter account.

delete twitter

© / Twitter screenshot

From then on, you will instantly access your account settings. At the bottom of the screen, in the last line, there is an option “Deactivate your account”, which must be clicked. You can try this step in the screenshot below. We will also appreciate that deleting an account on Twitter is much easier to do than on Instagram or Facebook.

delete twitter

© / Twitter screenshot

Therefore, Twitter offers some information to know before you want to delete your account, including the fact that it will remain available for 30 days (or 12 months, if desired) after you deactivate it. During this period, it is possible to connect in the traditional way. As a reminder, Facebook or Instaram also offers a 30-day period before deleting an account.

This gives you a safety net if you decide to delete Twitter out of one-time frustration. This allows you to go back and find your content, subscribers, and all your subscriptions. This also allows you to keep your Twitter ID which, once the account is deleted, will be available again.

delete twitter

© / Twitter screenshot

Like other social networks, Twitter talks about the consequences of deleting your account. In this sense, the platform indicates that your display name and username will no longer be available to them. However, it is possible that information from your account is “still available in search engines” because Google (for example) caches certain content.

Once you have clicked the “Deactivate” button at the bottom of the page (see screenshot above), typing in your password and clicking on the red button confirms your account has been deleted. Unless you log in within 30 days of your decision, of course.

Unlike the very controversial Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp (all of which belong to the Meta group), Twitter is still more popular in its community. Sure, there are only 210 million members on the blue bird social network. However, many personalities and journalists share relevant information on this social network.

In April 2022, Elon Musk announced the acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion. If the information causes a lot of talk, it doesn’t seem like users have decided to delete their Twitter accounts en masse. At the moment, no decision has been made yet, so we will have to see in the long term what the ramifications will be for the daily life of the social network.

Delete Twitter on your mobile phone

As you can imagine, deleting the Twitter app on your iOS or Android smartphone will not be enough to stop having an account. You have to follow a similar procedure on your mobile application to terminate your activity on the social network. Below we have put screenshots of the procedure on the iPhone.

Delete Twitter from the mobile app:

  • Settings and privacy
  • your account
  • disable your account
  • Confirm account deletion

The procedure is exactly the same as on a computer. In the end, with a few clicks, you will be able to permanently suspend your activity on the social network. You will need to confirm this decision with your password and accept the relevant terms.

delete twitter

© / Twitter screenshot

Want to delete your social presence?

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