Disable password on alert

As you may have noticed, your Windows 11 PC automatically goes to sleep after a certain period of inactivity. This feature is primarily designed to save power and preserve battery life (in the case of a laptop). This feature in itself is a good thing. The problem is that when your computer comes out of sleep mode, you have to re-enter your password before you can use it, and that can quickly become annoying. Luckily, Windows 11 It includes an option that allows you to Disable password when exiting sleep mode. In this tutorial, we’ll see together How to disable the call back request When your computer comes out of sleep mode. Follow the guide!

There are several quick and easy ways to avoid having to enter your password every time your computer comes out of sleep mode. However, note that this feature is also a security measure that helps protect your computer. So, if you decide to disable it, it means that anyone with access to your computer will be able to log in without having to enter a password. So be careful!

Method 1: Via Settings

to Disable password alert In Windows 11 via Settings, do the following:

1. Start by going to Windows 11 settings. To do this, click on the Start menu, then on the “ Settings Note that you can also use the keyboard shortcut windows + me.

2. Once in Settings, tap on ” accounts “in the right pane, then in” Login options In the right part.

3. Finally, under Additional settings You will see the option. Request a call back after your absence From the dropdown menu next to this option, select “. Start Instead of “When the computer wakes up from sleep.”

Disable Wake Up Password in Windows 11

✅ Now that you have disabled the password after waking up from sleep mode, your computer will automatically log you into Windows 11 without asking for a password.

Method 2: Use the local security policy

The local security policy allows you to configure security settings for users and groups, as well as specify what actions are allowed or prohibited. You can also use this tool to disable the password when your Windows 11 PC comes out of sleep mode. Here’s how.

1. Open the Run dialog using the keyboard shortcut windows + s.

2. Then type the following command and verify that the key is correct entrance or click ” Okay “.


3. Develop them local strategiesthen press security options Then look for politics. Interactive login: computer idle limit Then double click on it.

4. Finally, in the box ” The computer must be locked after “, He writes ” 0 « Then check it using « Okay Restart your computer to apply the changes.

Disable logging in after waking up in local security policy

✅ Now, when your computer wakes up from sleep mode, the login screen will not appear again, so you no longer have to enter your password.

Method 3: Use the Registry Editor

To disable logging in after waking up via Registry Editor in Windows 11, follow these few instructions:

1. Click on the Windows 11 Start Menu, then type regeditthen click Registry Editor “.

2. From the Registry Editor window, navigate to the following key:

Ordinateur\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Panneau de configuration\Bureau

3. Then right-click on the “Desktop” key (in the right pane), then select “ new ” And ” 32-bit DWORD value “.

4. name this new value ” DelayLock (without quotes).

5. Finally, double click on the value. DelayLock “Verify that its hexadecimal value actually works” 0 “.

Disable password after waking up in Registry Editor

✅ That’s it! Now Windows 11 will not ask you to enter your password after waking up.

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