But why are dollars being taken lightly?

You found the predictions of the experts ESPN for the second round of qualifiers. One prediction surprised me more than the others. 14 out of 20 “thin” journalists at the American giant imagine the Boston Celtics beating the Milwaukee Bucks. It still seems a lot to me. too much. It also comforts me in this idea that the defending heroes are among the most underrated characters in recent years.

It may seem easy to draw a conclusion after winning the first game by more than 10 points from the house Giannis Antikonmo And his band despite the embarrassment of the Greek star. But, in all seriousness, I would have thought of the exact same thing if I had come across expert advice before the series started. For me, it’s 4-2 in favor of the Wisconsin franchise.

I understand that the lack of khris middleton, who has been missing for several weeks due to a knee injury, leads to pessimism. But in this story, I get the impression that his group makes some forget about players still in the workforce. Bucks are armed, even without him. And they still have as many superstars as the Celtics at the end: 2 against 2. Antetokounmpo and Jrue holiday In a confrontation Jason Tatum And Jaylyn Brown.

He died for Chris Middleton vs Boston

The holiday isn’t often considered the same as some of the All-Stars (choice only one). Maybe this is the error. In the playoffs, with his experience and defense, he seems to me at least as “valuable”, if not more, than a player like Brown. He has 25 points in Game 1 and an average of 18 pawns with nearly 6 rebounds and 6 more assists and 38% of three throws since the start of the playoffs speaks for him as well.

As for Giannis, he is two worlds above everyone else. The best basketball player on the planet with Kevin Durant. Yes, KD struggled against Boston’s defense. Antetokounmpo too, in a way, because he was restricted to 9 out of 25… Double Triple Compilation (24-13-12). But physically, “Greek Mania” presents an entirely different challenge to Celtics players. They can’t just rotate it. Tatum doesn’t make the cut. Alhorford We’ll have to scramble like crazy in every game to contain him. Suffice it to say that it won’t work every time, knowing that it wasn’t enough in this first match.

It is important to talk about physics. Milwaukee is a completely different team than Brooklyn. Bigger, sportier, stronger. She will not allow herself to control the bouncing balls or under the circle. Not even in painting. Nor is she afraid of committed duels or “ugly” matches where you have to play “dirty” to win. Besides winning, she knows how to do it.

The Bucks have team experience like the Celtics – still a huge difference with the Nets – but while they’ve gone above and beyond in the competition. They know the way to success. They were tested and knew how to get to the end. In these two aspects, it would be difficult to mentally shake them. The opposite is most likely.

player dynamicsIm Odoka Since 2022 makes you want to believe in them. But the logic of the regular season is not the logic of the playoffs, even less when it comes to facing the same team multiple times in a row. In a minor league of 10 or 15 games, they would have a real chance of being first. There, it works differently and works for the bucks. Especially since the Celtics let feathers get their way, even winning 4-0 in generally tight games where they were forced to defend like the Lions. Roam their opponents against the bulls.

Beyond the stars, the Milwaukee team is at least as deep as the Boston team. C seat is good, not excellent. The same observation is opposite. Both formations basically use 8 players each. The sweep in Brooklyn is a real coup, but you have to gauge the very large gap in the end between Durant’s band and Antetokounmpo’s band.

In short, the Bucks have the best player in the series, more experience, a profile that matches the Celtics and at least a talented team. Underestimating it at this point is undoubtedly a real mistake.

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