Basketball: Mandatory wake-up call for Ilan this Tuesday!

Ilan Bernier suffered from this feeling. Physically and mentally affected by the calendar and Coupe de France, the ax fell in front of Asvel and against Schole last week: a delay in the ignition (-10 in the middle of the second quarter), running behind the score, making the mistake of making choices ending with your head down. “We’ve been swayed by the negative whirlpool, acknowledges Eric Partischki. Percy had a happy, sweet moment in the middle. But we’ve had five losses, including three back home. Justin Pippins, with his phlegm, tries to reassure the troops.” It’s just a bad time. We have to refocus on ourselves. To achieve victory, we can look at what we have done in the past. We showed that we can beat a lot of teams and develop beautiful basketball. »

Synestrositis is prohibited

His return will pass through the defense. Because in order to cash out 53 and 54 first-half points over the last two rounds, that would mean serving two balls to the ankles. “It’s not possible, coach Bao has plagued it. Our pace is suffering. If we don’t stop, we don’t have rebounds and running potential. The key is defensive investment.”

Limoges, Nanterre and Chollet, the last three clubs to visit the palace, have a limited playing speed. Half-pitch attack is more fragile. Saturday night, when Jefferson is well muzzled by Artis and Chikoko by the Makoundou-Anosike duo, solutions are scarce. Other players must replace them. “It’s everyone’s responsibility,” urges Justin Bibbins. Because Brandon is such a great goalscorer, we know there are certain teams that will cut him off the ball. We talked to analyze our current weaknesses. »

The powerful speeches given by Hamadi Ndayye and Eric Particci before the cup’s coronation touched the nation. A reissue is required. “We have four games left in 15 days, we are seventh, the technician recalls. It’s not like we’re at the end of the table. You need drive, enthusiasm and a smile. Have a winning spirit and throw yourself into a fight with our weapons.”

The final play-off race

Boulogne-Levallois, Asville and Monaco are vying for first place. In the back, fourth place should be played between Limoges, Strasbourg and Dijon. For modes 7 and 8, five teams are still in the race. Elan (16V-14D) is seventh and has an average score on Le Mans (16V-14D). Balois, after Orleans, will receive Boulogne-Levallois and Strasbourg before going to Rouen. Sarthois has the advantage of picking up three times (Le Portel, Monaco, Dijon) and a trip to Alsace. Nanterre (16V-15D), he will face the same teams as Le Mans, except for Portel. Chollet (16V-15D) has the toughest schedule with Boulogne-Levallois and Monaco at home, as far as away. The danger could finally come from JL Bourg (15V-16D). The Bressanne team, without stopping their coach Laurent Lignam on assignments, can look forward flawlessly with receptions from Fos-sur-Mer and Portel and a trip to the ill-fated Chalons-Reims.

Almost mandatory victory

Except that as a result of the opponents in the race leaving the play-off matches, the bad surprise awaits. But in this stagnation, the positive point – which is there – is to have one’s destiny in one’s own hands. In an infernal race, data cannot be neglected. “We insisted on this: the possibility of being eighth or even higher if all goes well, says the Béarnais coach. You have to give 100% and do not regret. If we have this state of mind, we will take it.”

In Orleans, from Tuesday evening, he will be welcome. On Sunday, German Castano’s men beat Haley Carpenter twice in overtime against Paris (93-94). They have the first catching ball in the elite. Justin Bibbins explains: “We know there is no easy game in this league. But we have to look ahead!”

In the January first leg match at the Palais des Sports, Pau beat Orleans 94-85.


His coach is also aware of the challenge. “You have to assume that they will be able to give everything in 40 minutes. What matters is our behavior: fighting spirit, putting in the effort together like we did in the final even if it was a different context.”

Finally, it is not much different. Admittedly, this match is not the type of defeat and play-off match. But with the future receptions of Boulogne-Levallois and Strasbourg, the horizon will take on a bleak hue. Eric Particci was not fooled. “Success is imperative because you have to stop the negative streak! It’s a real opportunity. It shouldn’t spoil. Still.”

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