The gym on all fronts – genius and player feedback (Bordeaux 0-1 Nice) – football

Against Nantes next Saturday in the French Cup final, Nice also remains in the race for Europe through the tournament after beating Bordeaux (1-0) on Sunday to mark the 35th day of the French Ligue 1.

Delort brings 3 valuable points to Nice.

Nice spoiled for choice at the end of the season! In addition to the Coupe de France final that faces Nantes next Saturday, the gym can also aim for European qualification through the tournament.

Azureen is already fifth in the standings and two points from Rennes and the podium after their logical but belated victory over Bordeaux (1-0) this Sunday marking the 35th day of the French Ligue 1. , square 19 remains worrisome.

Bordeaux blames itself

After a good start to the match, the Girondins quickly overcame their defensive fervor and Kostel and then Ahmet Hodzic were convicted of a heavy ball loss. Then Dolberg then Delort tried to take advantage of him but was blocked every time in the max! Since then, Christophe Galtier’s men have flown upward and put pressure on Bordelais, who have had a hard time breaking free.

The second drug action

However, no new heatstroke on Costel’s target was reported, and the locals, under the turbulent Mensah momentum, began to pose a threat against the Niwas’ defense that had remained quiet. The second act then turns out to be particularly absurd, on the one hand, the people of Bordeaux huddled together and completely harmless, and on the other hand, Neuss completely dominating but lacking subtlety in the field of truth.

Lacco launches Delort…

By insisting, the Aiglons still benefited from a new position, but Costil made a decisive flick to push the Thuram head back. While we thought we were heading towards a tie, the visitors finally relied on an involuntary pass from Lako to find the foul through Delort (1-0, 74). A goal that had the advantage of throwing this game away and we finally saw David Guion’s men come close to Benitez’s goal. On the other hand, Al-Quwairi missed a good shot, and Delort with a fatal header missed the goal, while Lutumba failed in the last moments. without consequences.

Match result: 3.5/10

We finally got away with a scary 0-0, but it’s like… Because of Bordeaux fever and Niwa’s lack of imagination, we saw a very chaotic match and the rare occasions were often the result of major defensive mistakes. Only the last quarter of an hour, the more open, the more fun will be. All in a special atmosphere with Matmut Atlantique always whistles.

Target :

– Fired by Thuram, Bard overflows onto the left side of the surface and is matched by Lacoux whose missed tackle turns into an assist for Delort who concludes from close range (1-0, 75).

Players’ Notes

Maxifoot assigned a score (out of 10) to each player’s comments.

Man of the Match: Andy Delort (7/10)

A Delort-style match, full of generosity and asceticism and rewarded with a goal at the end. Throughout the match, the striker from Niois spared no effort and severely pressed the opponent’s defense. If Jelavuji defeats him early in the match, he will not discourage the Algerians. Fight to scrape the balloons and take the lead. The position that paid off in the end.

Bordeaux :

Benno Costel (5): For his big comeback in goal at Matmut Atlantic, the controversial goalkeeper was frantic from the first minutes with a loss of the ball that could have had dire consequences. The goalkeeper caught up in the second half with a reflex stop on Thuram’s head.

Josuha Guilavogui (5): Aligned in the center of the defense, Aquitaine captain saves furniture when Delort recovers at the start of the match. Then the usual midfielder again failed to achieve the desired leadership.

Marcelo (4.5): The center back didn’t hesitate to go fencing and did well overall, but he lacked subtlety in his reminders and symbolized Bordeaux’s great fears at this level.

Anel Ahmedhodzic (4): Despite a fairly correct performance overall, the center back almost cost his team dearly due to his poor control at the start of the match which gave Delort a great opportunity. The kind of unforgivable mistake…

Tom Lacoux (4.5): Unhappy, the right piston misses his tackle on Bard and turns into an involuntary critical passer for Delort. His generous match did not deserve such a result.. He replaced it in the 79th minute by a narrow margin Jimmy Briand (No no).

J. Onana (4.5): The midfielder showed his usual fighting ability but showed a lot of technical waste. Offensively, the Cameroonian still provoked Rosario’s yellow card and found himself embroiled in a disputed connection that could have awarded his team a penalty. Replace the 88th minute with francegio (not).

Yassine Adly (4): A very disappointing match from a midfielder who was not at all able to exert the expected impact on the Bordeaux match. The future AC Milan player will have made the wrong choices.

Gideon Mensah (6): This Sunday’s best Bordelais, by far! The rescue author from the start on his streak against Dolberg, the left piston tried to knock the mutiny and bring his pumpkin on his ascent, but the Ghanaian would be very lonely.

Javiero Delrosson (5): Well-meaning but too much waste for the attacking midfielder, who managed to make a difference but failed to end his actions. Replace the 73rd minute with sko mara (no).

Mbaye Niang (4.5): The striker also showed a fighting face and was running a lot. However, Senegalese proved to be completely harmless. Replace the 72nd minute with Rmi Oudin (unremarkable).

Eui-Jo Hwang (4): A forgotten match for the striker who undermined his team’s rare attacks by receiving systematic offside signals 4 times. Good lobbying effort. Replace the 88th minute with Tibo Kledge (No).

Nice :

Walter Benitez (5.5): author of a decisive exit in front of Hwang, finally pointed to offside, before the break, the goalkeeper had a quiet evening due to the lack of attacking influence of Bordeaux. The Argentine will only have to negotiate a very light kick from South Korea in the second period.

Flavius ​​Danieluk (5.5): sided with the right-back position, the professional center back performed well. The Austrian showed so much toughness in duels that he even put Ahmet Khodzic in trouble for some climbs. Replace the 86th minute with Jordan Lutumba (no) Who failed in front of the publication in the last moments.

Jean-Claire Todibo (6.5): Like his intervention as coach at Delrosson’s feet before the break, the defender was stubborn and gave an impression of strength that rarely happens in duels. The controversial contact with Onana in the penalty area and a few misses have slightly tarnished his record.

Dante (6): Sauber, like Todibo, the central defender was also superior against the Bordeaux attackers. In addition to his technical accuracy which was good in the increments.

Melvin Bard (6.5): Active in his left lane, former Lyonnais was rewarded with an overburden that led Lako to foul and resulted in a goal for Delort.

Hicham El-Boudaoui (4): Mixed match for the right attacking midfielder. Aside from a good cross from Delortt’s header on losing the ball to Ahmet Hodzic, the Algerian in general had a difficult attacking role in this role. Replace the 54th minute with Bilal Al-Ibrahimi (No)Who missed the ball 2-0 after Lutumba’s participation.

Pablo Paulino Rosario (5): A right match for a midfielder who didn’t have to be strong in general. At the size of the play, the Dutchman was less well known than Thuram. Replace the 73rd minute with Mario Lemina (no no).

Khphren Thuram (6): Origins of Delort’s goal and header threat a few minutes before that, the midfielder found himself involved in most of his good shots. It’s all but a coincidence since Niois has shown his advantage once again, with good playing volume.

Justin Kluivert (4): The author of a good pass for Dolberg after Costel’s mistake, the Dutch winger confirmed his shot. Confused between speed and acceleration, it symbolizes Niois’ inaccuracy in the area of ​​truth. Replace the 73rd minute with Calvin Stings (no).

Kasper Dolberg (4): The Dane noticeably provoked Marcelo’s yellow card in the first half and didn’t return his worst version of the match, and the fact remains that the striker blundered in the end, which is nonetheless his favorite area, sending a shot that was too weak at the first opportunity in the gym. Replace the 63rd minute with Amin Jouiri (not)stirring, but not in russite.

Andy Delort (7): Read the comment above.

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BORDEAUX 0-1 CUTE (mid-time: 0-0) – France – Ligue 1/35 days
Venue: Matmot Atlantic – Bordeaux – Referee: Johann Hummel – France

Objectives : – A Delort (74) on Nice
Warnings : Marcelo (31)FOR BORDEAUX – K. Thuram-Ulien (11)And B Rosario (70)FOR NICE

Bordeaux : B. costelJ. GuilavoguiAnd MarceloAnd a. Ahmet HodzicJ. Onana (Franciergio, 88)And AdlyT. Lacoux (J. Briand, 79)And Z mensahDelrosson (S. Mara, 73)Mr. Niang (R. Oudin, 72)And Hwang Ui-jo

Nice : W BenitezJ TodiboAnd DanteDanieluk (J. Lutumba, 86)And Mr. coldEl-Boudawy (B. Ibrahimi, 64)And P. Rosario (M. Lemina, 73)And K. Thuram-UlienAnd Kluivert (C. Stengs, 73)K. Delberg (A. Qweri, 63rd place)And a. Delort

Combatively, Delort was finally rewarded with a goal.

Mensah struggled. without result.

Dolberg again unsuccessful.

Huang and Bordeaux continue to sink…

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