Ukraine: on Russian TV, World War III and nuclear weapons evoke without complication

RUSSIA – Earlier this week, Russia warned of the “real” danger that the current conflict in Ukraine could escalate into World War III.

In the context of unprecedented tensions between Moscow and the West, Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov warned of the danger of a new world war: “The danger is serious, it is real, and it cannot be underestimated.”

Since this powerful statement, Russian television has taken charge, highlighting the potential use of nuclear weapons more than ever. As shared by a journalist Challenges Vincent Lamigon on Twitter, Russian public TV channel 1 published an example, Thursday, April 28, during its show 60 minutesgraph of the flight times of a Sarmat missile launched from the Kaliningrad enclave to Paris, London or Berlin.

This next-generation long-range missile, which Vladimir Putin recently described as “unparalleled,” will take about 3 minutes 20 seconds to hit the French and English capitals, and 1 minute 45 seconds to reach the German capital, according to the presenter.

During the same program, the analyst is trying to explain to him “very seriously” that “the Sarmat missile has been leveled, there are no longer the British Isles.”

Russian television continues to threaten Western countries with nuclear strikes, in a desperate attempt to dissuade them from continuing to help Ukraine. (…) “

The day before, it was journalist Margarita Simonyan, at the helm of the news channel Russia Today – a media banned in the European Union since February 27 – who caused an uproar when she declared “Either we lose in Ukraine, or in the world”. The third war begins.” “I think the possibility of a third world war is more realistic,” she concluded, BFMTV reported.

“It seems to me that the idea that everything will end in a nuclear attack is the most likely scenario, which to my great dismay, but it is inevitable,” this pro-Kremlin journalist, considered one of the companions of Russian propaganda on television, offered.

“accepting weakness”

As TF1info explains, these remarks by Russian journalists and analysts on public television, calling for an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and the possibility of a new world war, have been repeated for several days. In programs and discussions that sometimes last three hours, the idea of ​​using nuclear weapons is put forward without fear, sometimes presented as desirable – while during this time, every statement of Vladimir Putin is scrutinized, while his army suffers severe disappointments in Ukraine.

It is (…) a way to terrorize the West. As Russia does not achieve its military objectives in Ukraine, it seeks to prevent the delivery of weapons that significantly alter the balance of power on the front,” translates Olivier Schmidt, Director of Studies and Professor at the Graduate Institute of National Defense (IHEDN), in Express. “The goal is to put pressure on Western leaders by raising the risk of escalation in public opinion.”

For Pierre Servent, a specialist in defense issues and military strategies, the latest threats from Moscow illustrate the difficulties facing the Russian crew. “I consider this an admission of the weakness of the Kremlin’s structure,” he explained in an interview with France Inter on Wednesday. “When you look at the sequence over 60 days, each time (Vladimir Putin, Editor’s Note) takes a hard hit, bam, you have a statement on nuclear power, in World War III…”

In doing so, the Russian media broadcasts television, trying to win the full support of the Russian people.

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