The war in Ukraine: in Mariupol, the sound of bombs, the sound of Donbass … The point on the 65th day of the attack

Two months after the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, the attacks were heavy and rare positive signs. If the Kyiv regime announced on Friday morning, on the 65th day of the war, its hope that it would be able to evacuate civilians holed up in the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. But AFP journalists heard from Friday morning until mid-afternoon heavy bombardment on the industrial site, during a press trip organized by the Russian army.

Elsewhere in the country, intense fires in the Donbass and more targeted strikes in other regions do not allow more optimism even if, according to the Pentagon, the Russian offensive in Donbass is postponed. Russia, the owner of the psychological exhaustion game, confirmed Thursday night’s strikes on Kyiv, which was hosting the United Nations representative at the same time, in a new sign of Russia’s contempt for international rules. Point in today’s news in Ukraine.

In Mariupol, the uncertain evacuation of civilians stranded in Azovstal

This is the news this Friday morning in the news of this war in Ukraine. Mariupol, which was almost erased from the map, could have been the scene of one last “operation” on the crucifixion site in Azovstal. On Friday morning, the Ukrainian presidency announced in a press release that the evacuation of hundreds of civilians trapped in the factory, which is besieged by Russian forces, is “envisioned” for “today”. Among them are dozens of children stranded in these huge steel mills with the last Ukrainian fighters in the city.

In the early afternoon, journalists noticed that the eruptions were spaced only a few seconds apart in Azovstal, some of which sounded particularly powerful. Columns of gray smoke sometimes rose over the industrial area.

On the other hand, the situation was calm in the port, but it bore the scars of the siege that made Mariupol, a strategic city on the Sea of ​​Azov, one of the symbols of the Russian attack on Ukraine. A sign that the danger has not yet completely gone away, mine clearance operations are taking place in the port area, where missile fragments are scattered on the ground. Two unexploded shells were stuck vertically in the tar.

In Kyiv, contempt for international law

Today’s event was on Thursday. Several Russian strikes hit Kyiv on Thursday evening, when Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, was with the Ukrainian president in the capital. Antonio Guterres, who a little earlier called on Moscow to cooperate “peacefully”, said that he was “shocked” by this act. The Kremlin, which is treating this gesture with new contempt for international law, on Friday underlined the strike, which was carried out with “high-precision long-range” weapons.

The workshops of the space company Artyom were targeted, but “lead (sic – Editor’s note, Four missile strikes) were a whistle a few meters from the Secretary-General of the United Nations,” said Friday morning Oleksich Aristovich, military adviser to Volodymyr Zelensky. The bombings in Kyiv were aimed at “humiliating the United Nations,” as the Ukrainian president criticized in a video. Ukrainian Radio Liberty journalist Vera Geresh was killed in the raid and 10 people were wounded.

The strikes on an arms factory in Kyiv on Thursday are a reminder that security is not guaranteed anywhere in Ukraine. Since February 24 at 4:30 a.m. (Editor’s note, at the time of the announcement of the Russian invasion by Vladimir Putin), there is no protected area in Ukraine, said Friday on BFMTV Etienne de Boncin, France’s ambassador to Ukraine since 2019. Russian missiles are capable of striking the entire region. »

Ukrainian forces destroyed a fuel depot used by the Russians

In response, the Ukrainian regime announced, Friday, through the voice of the military advisor to Volodymyr Zelensky, that it had destroyed a fuel depot used by the Russians. “Today in Donetsk a fuel depot used by Russia was hit,” Oleksi Arestovitch notes on BFMTV. He responded, among other things, undoubtedly, to the Russian attack on Kyiv. “We will find an answer,” the military advisor promised, without saying more about the nature of the perceived reprisals.

The governor of the Kursk region bordering Ukraine, Roman Starovit, announced, Friday, on a telegram a new mortar attack in his area of ​​\u200b\u200bUkrainian territory, at a checkpoint in the village of Krapets.

In the east, “the enemy intensifies its offensive.”

Heavy fire pounded the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine, where Russian attacks are concentrated, this weekend. The enemy intensifies its attack. The occupiers carry out strikes practically in all directions, “referring to the Ukrainian General Staff. The battle of Donbass remains Russia’s priority, ”according to the British Ministry of Defense, which noted particularly intense fighting around the cities of Lyschansk and Severodonetsk.

Kharkiv indicates this intensification. Its governor, Oleg Senegubov, stated that five people were killed Thursday in the bombing of the city and its region. He emphasized that the Russian forces, trying to advance from Izyum towards “Brazkevka, Duvinki and Velika Komishovakha”, suffered “heavy losses and were forced to retreat.”

The Ukrainian army claimed that it had captured a “region of strategic importance”, Ruska Lozova, on the highway linking Kharkiv to Belgorod in Russia. The Ground Forces Command explained, “From this village, the enemy fired targeted fire on civilian infrastructure and living quarters in Kharkiv.”

For the Pentagon, the Russian offensive in the Donbass is delayed

A senior Pentagon official said Friday that the Russian offensive in Donbass, which is advancing “slowly and unevenly” due to resistance from the Ukrainian military, is “at least several days behind schedule.” “They are far from connecting” the forces entering through the Kharkiv region (east), north of the Donbass, and those coming from the south of the country, which is one of the goals of the Russian army to take the Ukrainian troops. They are deployed on the front line around the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Although the fighting has begun, the senior US defense official added, “we believe it continues to create the conditions for a sustained, larger and longer offensive.” He said Russian forces “do not want to make the same mistakes as in Kyiv,” where columns of tanks were frozen by Ukrainian forces armed with shoulder-fired rocket launchers and remote logistical support was suspended. He noted that “artillery fire and air strikes against Ukrainian forces do not have the desired effect, as the Ukrainians continue to resist.”

Invitation from the International Organization for Migration

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) on Friday appealed for $514 million to help ten million people displaced or forced to migrate after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than 5.3 million Ukrainians have fled their country as of April 27. Women and children represent 90% of these refugees.

“About 200 French” are still on site

About 200 “Frenches” are still in Ukraine, according to Etienne de Boncin, the French ambassador to Ukraine who returned to his office in Kyiv in mid-April. Since February 19, we have been calling on the French to leave the Ukrainian lands. “Those who remain are often Franco-Ukrainians or French who have returned despite our recommendations,” he said on BFMTV on Friday morning.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman noted that about 50 thousand Ukrainians have sought refuge in France since February 24. Among them, 12,899 young Ukrainians were able to integrate into French schools, colleges and high schools throughout the territory.

Emmanuel Macron, “expected” in Ukraine. “He knows it and I think he definitely plans to attend,” Ambassador Etienne de Bonsen comments on BFMTV. “It’s not yet time,” adds Quai d’Orsay spokeswoman, Anne Claire Legendre.

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