The Pentagon says the Russian offensive in Donbass is late

Moscow confirmed on Friday that it had bombed the city of Kyiv the day before, during a visit by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, while an operation to evacuate civilians hiding in the Azovstal factory in Mariupol was scheduled to take place. Moreover, according to the Pentagon, Russia is facing the resistance of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass. Find the news on Friday, April 29th.

  • 10:22 p.m.: The Pentagon accuses Putin of “corruption” and “cruelty.”

The Pentagon has accused Vladimir Putin of “corruption” and “brutality” over the way Russian forces are behaving in Ukraine, accusing them of killing civilians, including children.

In response to a question during a press briefing about the psychological state of the Russian president at this point in the conflict, US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby appeared to be on the verge of tears when referring to the atrocities attributed to Russian forces.

“It’s hard to look at certain photos and imagine that a serious leader could do that,” said John Kirby, usually known for his mastery in front of the cameras and his composure.

  • 9:21 pm: Zelensky fears failure of talks with Moscow

Open talks with Moscow are in danger of collapse, warned the Ukrainian president, who attributed this possibility to the anger of public opinion over the massacres committed, according to him, by Russian forces, according to the Ukrainian Interfax news agency.

“The Ukrainians want to kill them. When this situation exists, it is difficult to discuss,” Volodymyr Zelensky was quoted by the Ukrainian Interfax news agency as saying.

For his part, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused Kyiv of being responsible for the deadlock in the talks, especially criticizing Volodymyr Zelensky’s government for constantly changing its position.

  • 8:22 pm: Paris and Berlin “determined” to support Moldova in the face of “risks of destabilization”

The heads of French diplomacy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, and German, Annallina Barbuk, said they were determined to support Moldova, the former Soviet republic neighboring Ukraine, in the face of the “risks of destabilization” it faces.

  • 6:39 pm: The Russian offensive on the Donbass retreats

A senior Pentagon official said the Russian offensive in the Donbass, which was advancing “slowly and unevenly” due to resistance from the Ukrainian army, was behind schedule.

“We believe they have fallen behind what they had hoped to achieve in Donbass,” the senior official told reporters on condition of anonymity. “They are at least several days late,” he said. “They are far from being in contact” with the troops who entered the Kharkhiv (east), north of Donbass, and who came from the south of the country, which is one of the goals of the Russian army in taking the pincers deployed on the front line around the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

  • 6 pm: Moscow says it has paid off its dollar debts

Russia has said it has made dollar payments on its dollar debt, as the country faces Western sanctions over its attack in Ukraine, raising fears of a default.

At the beginning of April, Moscow tried to settle dollar debts in rubles, and the US Treasury no longer allows it to repay its debts with dollars held in American banks.

  • 4:29 pm: London sends a team to investigate war crimes in Ukraine

The visiting foreign secretary has announced that the UK will soon send a team of experts to help Ukrainian and international investigators investigate atrocities since the Russian invasion.

  • 2:17 pm: According to Russia, “US is flooding Ukraine with weapons”

On Thursday, the United States released an extraordinary fund of $33 billion to help Ukraine, in addition to the $700 million granted last week. And the Kremlin views this support with a very bad eye, accusing the US president of “dumping Ukraine with weapons.” Vladimir Putin launched counterattacks by brandishing the nuclear threat, explained Elena Voloshin, a France 24 journalist specializing in Russia.

  • 1:12 pm: Two British volunteers ‘captured’ in Ukraine

The UK-based non-profit organization Presidium Network says Russian soldiers have “captured” two British volunteers in Ukraine.

“Two British nationals serving as volunteers to whom we are not related but known to us, Paul Urey (born 1977) and Dylan Healy (born 2000),” he said, “were arrested by the Russian military at a checkpoint in Ukraine on Monday.” Dominic Byrne, one of the founders of this NGO in a press release. According to the presidency, they disappeared while driving to help evacuate a woman and two children to Dneprorodin in the Zaporozhye region in the south. The last call was at 4:00 AM.

  • 11:11 am: Indonesian President Zelensky and Putin invited to the G20 Summit

Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced that he had invited his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky and confirmed that he had invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to attend the G20 summit scheduled for November in Indonesia.

The Indonesian leader said in a video address that the Russian president had confirmed that he would attend the summit scheduled to be held in Bali in November. Indonesia, which chairs the G20 this year, has come under heavy pressure from the West, led by the United States, to exclude Russia from the group since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

But Jakarta has resisted, saying its position requires it to remain “neutral” and that US President Joe Biden, in particular, has suggested Ukraine’s involvement to find a balance.

  • 9:52 am: Russia confirms its attack on Kyiv with “high-precision” weapons during Guterres’ visit

Russia confirmed that, yesterday, it carried out a strike with “high-precision” weapons against Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, amid a visit by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The Russian Defense Ministry said in a press briefing that “the Russian forces destroyed with long-range high-precision weapons the workshops of the Artyom Aerospace Company in the city of Kyiv.”

According to the mayor of the city, Vitali Klitschko, at least one person was killed in this blow. He said on Telegram that rescuers “found a body” while clearing rubble at the damaged site near the city center. In a separate message, he said that four wounded were taken to hospital, adding that more than 100 Kyiv residents had been killed since the Russian invasion began two months ago.

Following the discovery of this body, Radio Liberty, a US-funded media, indicated that the victim was one of its Ukrainian producers. “Vera Gerech died as a result of the fall of a Russian missile on the building in which she lives,” the radio said on its website.

  • 8:43 am: “Operation” to evacuate civilians from the Azovstal site, in Mariupol, planned for Friday

The Ukrainian presidency announced in a press release that an “operation” to evacuate civilians holed up in the Azovstal plant besieged by Russian forces in Mariupol, southeastern Ukraine, is “planned” on Friday. Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, including dozens of children, are stranded, according to Kev, at the huge Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, with the last Ukrainian fighters in the city.

  • 8:06 am: The Russian strike on Kyiv, the symbol of the impotence of the United Nations?

On Thursday, Kyiv was hit for the first time since April 14 by Russian forces and had not been close to the city center since the invasion began. Gulliver Cragg, France 24’s special envoy in the capital, questions the symbolic value of the Russian strike at a time when Antonio Guterres has acknowledged the impotence of the United Nations in this conflict.

  • 6:53 am: Bombing of a military hospital in Mariupol

In Mariupol, the Azov battalion indicated on Telegram that a military hospital located in the vast Azovstal metal complex – where Ukrainian fighters were holed up – was bombed at night from Wednesday to Thursday. Azov said the operating room collapsed, soldiers who were receiving treatment there died and others were wounded.

Lioudmyla Denisova, responsible for human rights, responded to Telegram: “I call on international human rights organizations to respond to the fact that Russia continues to try to eliminate even the defenders of Mariupol who can no longer carry a weapon.” Parliament.

  • 4:55 am: Eastern and southern Ukraine under Russian bombardment

The southern and eastern regions of Ukraine – where Russian attacks are concentrated – are under heavy bombardment.

The Ukrainian General Staff emphasized that “the enemy is intensifying its offensive. And the occupiers are carrying out strikes practically in all directions”, with particularly intense activity in the Kharkiv and Donbas regions. According to him, the Russian army is trying to prevent the transfer of Ukrainian troops from the north to the east.

According to the governor of Kharkiv Oleg Senegubov, five people were killed Thursday in the bombing of the city and its region. He emphasized that the Russian forces, trying to advance from Izyum towards “Brazkevka, Duvinki and Velika Komishovakha”, suffered “heavy losses and were forced to retreat.”

“The situation is very difficult in the Donbass region of Lyman, and the whole city is under siege,” Andrich Pankov, head of the Kramatorsk administrative region, told AFP. According to him, almost half of the territory of the municipality is occupied by Russian tanks and columns, coming from the north by Izyum, previously captured.

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