Debne Escobar’s death shakes Mexico

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The unexplained death of this young girl in this country at 33,300 murders in 2021, including 10% of women, awakens deep anger toward authorities accused of neglect in investigations into the assassinations and disappearances of thousands of women each year. . The drama finds echoes throughout the American press.

An extraordinary fact in a country with nearly 100,000 missing persons in total: The week-long media interest in the student’s disappearance on the night of Friday, April 8 to Saturday, April 9 near Monterrey, the northern industrial capital.

After 12 days of searching, his body was found on Friday, April 21, at the bottom of a tank next to a roadside hotel bound for Nuevo Laredo, on the border with the United States.

Viral, his last photo – roadside, alone at night, in profile, slim figure and long hair, arms crossed, handbag draped over his shoulder, white blouse, beige maxi skirt, Converse shoes – became the emblem of the feminist protests.

Debanhi I give you my vote “,” We demand justice Women shouted in Mexico City last Sunday, after protests in Monterrey on Friday.

All defects of justice

Interest in its history has transcended the borders of the country, from Peru to the United States. “ Missing woman in Mexico. one out of several thousand “, summed up Thursday The New York Times Adding in one: The case sparked outrage at the authorities’ inaction “.

Even before his daughter’s body was discovered, father Mario Escobar played the media card to denounce the failure of the first stage of the search.

This case is more obvious than others because the media decided that Valeria Moscoso, an expert in psychological and social affairs, told AFP that the complaints of other victims’ families did not have the same resonance.

This case summarizes all the flaws in justice in cases of disappearance women, Ms Moscoso adds: “ Lax authorities, complicity of victims and their crimes, criminalization of their families, and impunity of aggressors. »

On Wednesday, in the presence of the father, the State Prosecutor of Nuevo Leon drew a note during a conference announcing the dismissal of two prosecutors for ” mistakes “and the” omissions “.

For example, the search teams passed several times near the reservoir but only discovered the body after twelve days.

During the same press conference, the Public Prosecution Office showed a video tape in an attempt to clarify the facts.

At 4:29 a.m. on Saturday, April 9, Dipanhi was wandering alone on the side of the road, before entering the inn complex and bending over from the window of an abandoned restaurant, according to CCTV footage.

Previously, the young woman bought a bottle of alcohol in a convenience store with two girlfriends, and then left a party after an argument with her friends and other guys, according to witnesses and other photos from CCTV. The young woman then boarded Didi’s car – an on-demand transfer service app – which she later got off of for an unknown reason, according to several testimonies.

Ten feminicides a day

In this case, which was spread in the media, the driver denied on television accusations that the father had made an inappropriate gesture towards Al-Dabanhi. On the contrary, the driver claims that she wanted to call her friends and parents when she decided to get out of her white car, which is why he took the famous Depanhi photo on the side of the road and shared it.

There are a lot of assumptions. We can’t rule out anything Prosecutor Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero said. ” We are not ruling out any leads in the investigation The father who initially spoke of the kidnapping and murder confessed.

Ironically, it was this death, the result of an assassination or accidental fall, that sparked a rare outcry against female murders and disappearances.

In Monterrey itself, the young mother, Yolanda Martinez, has been missing since March 31, according to the Mexican press. 322 women have disappeared in Nuevo Leon state since the beginning of the year alone. ” 90% of these disappearances happen within 72 hours Underestimate the attorney general.

In 2021, Mexico recorded 33,308 murders, according to official figures. Approximately 10% of the victims are women. Feminists deplore an average of ten murders of women per day.


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