7 totally WTF games to test on PS5

game news 7 totally WTF games to test on PS5

If the PlayStation 5 is particularly prized for its Triple A, it still has some weird coins worth a detour. If you are not the most complex in terms of gameplay, then these games are no less fun on their utterly rave side. So if the experience tempts you, the editorial team at JV offers you to try seven weird and not without interest games on PS5.


  • Catherine: full body
  • Boyfriend Hattopol
  • I’m bread
  • My name is May
  • ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! Back in the groove!
  • Absolutely reliable delivery service
  • untitled goose game

Catherine: full body

Catherine: full body It is a puzzle game developed by Atlus and first released in 2011 on Xbox 360 and PS3, then released for the second time in 2019 on PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4. We discover the character of Vincent, who is in his 30s in a relationship with a woman named Catherine whom he will marry soon. But one evening, he meets a younger woman named Catherine with whom he will maintain an ambiguous relationship throughout the adventure. Finally, compared to the original version, this full-body version adds a two-diameter figure that complements a strange love rectangle. For the game, the gameplay is divided into two parts. During the day, you should manage your relationship between the three suitors and discuss with her. But at night, Vincent has a nightmare in which he is in his underwear and horns, while he has to climb a structure made of blocks that is getting higher and taller every day. Fortunately, you are not alone as other anthropomorphic sheep accompany you on your nightly travels.

Boyfriend Hattopol

Boyfriend Hattopol is a visual novel that simulates romance games because we found our suitors instead… pigeons. In this strange world, you play as a registered protagonist of the St-PigeoNation Institute who is the only human in the institution who will therefore have to meet pigeon students to make connections. If the whole universe is represented in the style of manga, then the birds are real images simply cut out. But don’t be fooled by the cliché and parodies aspect of this game as it actually hides 14 different endings and some of them lead to exciting bad endings. Finally, to progress, the player must increase three different skills, intelligence, vitality and charisma, to better communicate with his companions.

I’m bread

As the name suggests, in I bread Bossa Studios invites you to embody… a slice of bread whose ultimate goal is toast. To achieve this, you control the four corners of the bread and you have to make your way to the toaster to avoid messing around. Easier said than done, because toast is completely unpredictable. Moreover, obstacles are scattered on the floor and shelves are in your way making the task almost impossible. As you understand, the title should be considered a joke, and therefore it is not surprising to see that the errors are numerous and that we sometimes find ourselves stuck in the wall. The camera is also messy at times, so you have to be indulgent if the concept appeals to you.

My name is May

We stay at food with My name is May, a game that looks like a clicker and has a bowl of mayonnaise as its main ingredient. While this is in the middle of an existential crisis, Spice asks you to click on it, changing the animation and adding costumes to it. Sometimes the latter will give you the best impromptu quotes. In addition, this title will appeal to fans of the awards because the title offers a surprising number of hits while describing the mood for that much sauce. There are four different stories to unlock and you can even compete against your friends in online mode. There are several goals to achieve, but if you want more, know that there is a sequel to the title.

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! Back in the groove!

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove It is a remake of a game released in 1991 on Mega Drive. In a psychedelic world, you play as two aliens who are searching for the missing pieces from their ship. As its name suggests, the atmosphere is great and hip-hop plays a major role in the adventure. The visual aspect is 90’s which contributes to a somewhat special atmosphere to this experience. In fact, the graphics are a mixture of 2D and 3D while the map is teeming with details, colorful and babbling characters. Moreover, it is possible to interact with them and their reactions are often strange.

Absolutely reliable delivery service

Absolutely reliable delivery service is an action game published by Tiny Build in which we embody delivery men who must do everything to fulfill their orders. To achieve this, they have a large number of vehicles available such as a helicopter, a hot air balloon or a boat. Since this title is in this selection, you can imagine it’s a type of game with a bit of wobbly physics. Just getting from point A to point B quickly becomes a real obstacle course, especially in multiplayer that can accommodate up to 4 people. In addition, the map is large enough for this type of experience, allowing you to walk around for a while and have fun without just focusing on the missions.

untitled goose game

at untitled goose gameYou play a mischievous and thief goose who enjoys wreaking havoc wherever you go. In each area, you have to achieve many objectives like stealing things with discretion because humans will not let them slip away. In fact, some do not hesitate to chase you if their property is stolen. To circumvent it, it is then necessary to use tricks such as jamming it somewhere. You can also make use of your character’s abilities like chatter to lure humans away. Finally, since the last update, it is possible to play twice to allow points for more Machiavellian tricks.

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