Why will the last mini golf course in Nice close?

Seventy-eight candles on the clock and still the same love for a decade. Roland Letscher has known thousands of lives, from photographer to recorder. Upon his retirement, aTiger Woods from Nice As its clients call it, it was decided to restore the abandoned “historic” mini golf course in Fabron.

For the first six years, you only let me cover my costs”Sex trusts. Elga, his wife admits: “Golf is his child, his whole life. He hasn’t missed a single opening day in nine years.” After three consecutive three-year franchises, the city decided to bring the franchise back into the competition. “I received a letter two months ago telling me that I have to return the keys and empty the golf course before May 5. I had just bought two new ovens at €5,000 each so I could restart the catering service that has stopped since the Covid stopped. If only they had done at the end of the year I understand, but this is the beginning of the season.”Activity manager grieves.

“Nobody wanted that at the time.”

On Wednesday afternoon, the eighteen-hole customers stormed the field. Rings, castle, treadmill, all sorts of obstacles delight young and old alike. The fear of seeing this symbolic place in the Fabron region disappear has gripped the regulars. “I already came with my son and now I came with my granddaughterLawrence slips, loyal mini golf. It brings an extra advantage to the garden, it is an institution”.

A few meters away, near the cliffs, a roaring sounds: “It’s a scandal! What are we going back then, we no longer have a garden, no more refreshments”, upsets Fabien, a client for two years. “Nobody wanted that at the time. I never counted the efforts or money I was able to invest to bring the last mini golf between Minton and Antibes back to life.”sorry for Roland Letcher.

Coming into the ’80s soon, it’s impossible for him to leave his clients this way without a final compromise. “You know, I’m 78, if I was doing this for the money I would have quit a long time ago. Being in touch with my golf clients is my way of surviving.”

Roland is still very attached to his business, and is somehow preparing for closure. To thank its customers, prices are scheduled to be reduced until Sunday. He will have to erase everything after that.

Questions to Monique Billet, Deputy Mayor of Nice.

There is no doubt the elimination of activities in this park

Why will Mini Golf close soon?

It’s a public domain franchise that is subject to an invitation to competition every run, and we’re approaching the end of the period. No improvement was made to the process, despite all the visits we were able to make and requests we were able to express to the operator. It cannot be kept as is. Before any reopening of competition, the work must be done.

Is it possible that at the end of the works there will be a mini golf course?

For us, there is no doubting the elimination of activities in this park. An invitation to compete will be launched once the repair work is completed.

It is simply that the exploitation privilege is coming to an end. Moreover, the best offer that will then be selected will not be decided on the basis of fees but specifically on the basis of hygiene and environmental criteria.

How long will the work take?

Once the site is freed up, we will have to engage the competent services to make a more detailed diagnosis of the building and to see the importance of the work that will be carried out a little. But these are no small jobs. It will take a few months.

The operator confirmed that they were not aware of this problem…

He had known for a long time that his privilege was about to expire, and then I could understand that he did not leave with pleasure. He had to think about it in advance in order to anticipate the competition and he could apply in the same way as the others, it is the ad hoc committee that decides according to which candidate makes the best offer.

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