The Fressino Moshi Cup: A Fabulous French Classic

For decades, Mashi cut, invented it Henry de NoelDuke Moshi, member of the Steering Committee for Fontainebleau golf course and president of the French Golf Federation (from 1924 to 1941), associated, in collective memory, with the Bellefontein course. However, the first copies of the championship took place on other golf courses: at Chantilly for the first time in 1927, at Morfontaine on the 28th, at Ormison on the 29th, at Wimereau on the 30th, at Hossegor on the 31st, at Saint-Germain-en-Laye on the 33rd Interrupted during the war, the Mouchy Cup certainly returned to Fontainebleau with the exception of 1948 (in Saint-Cloud) and 1966 in Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche, to commemorate Patrick Fressinowho had died the previous year at bellifontain but also due to work done on the golf course site: “The construction of the François Couprin high school made it possible to restore a plot of land in agreement with water and forests, specific Christian MagscherClub manager since April 1997. Thanks to this acquisition, three holes (at 7, 8 and 11) It could have been redesigned. »

In the 1950s, the organizing committee of Fontainebleau decided to schedule the competition during the Easter holiday. And after thirty-six qualifying holes in Saturday’s game, the four semi-finalists and then the final winners combined. In 1972, the stage play was abolished. Qualifying, with the Patrick Fresino Cup since 1966, played over eighteen holes and the Moshi Cup over thirty-six. The competition was finalized in 1985 with two qualifying rounds (Friday and Saturday) ending with 39 players (and ex aequo) making thirty-six holes in the Mouchy Cup, on Sunday. ” Every year our obsession is the weather Christian Masher says: It is often distasteful. We had snow and polar temperatures (-6) After we were forced to start shots, wind and rain. Two years ago, during the pandemic, I found myself in the course on my own. The weather that day was fine. I said to myself: What a pity the competition didn’t happen. But, around 5:30pm, a storm quickly approached the course and rained heavily! There is no moshi without water. » In April, the Augusta National’s main season begins, which usually falls a week before the Frayssineau-Mouchy Cup, French amateurs became “masters”. There are no magnolias, azaleas, or dogwoods in Fontainebleau, but brooms, heathers, lilacs, and trees are several hundred years old giving this place an enchanting beauty and charm like a Georgian golf course.

The Five Victories of Hervé Fressino

Herve Fressino. credit / d

It was turned on again last July, Hervey Fressino He is almost fully recovered to the point of resuming training: “ I can’t leave this game Confirms. I hit balls every day and play some friendlies. Golf gave me a lot of feelings as a player and then as a coach. sate me. It is exceptional to live by your passion. I wish that to a lot of people. » Five-time winner (1968, 69, 75, 79 and 81) of the Moshi Cup, Hervé Fressino stands on the podium for the most successful players at Fontainebleau. Henri de Lamaze (7 wins) and Michael Carlhyan (6). ” It is the first great classic of French golf, Hervé Fressino continues. I especially remember my last success in 1981. I wasn’t in the lead at the start of the last lap. I played a great match, three strokes, 18 to 67 or 68. My mother was there. The Fontainebleau course is exceptional and always well prepared for this competition. The greens were very fast. Was it better to put nails under the shoes to avoid falling? (He laughs). »

The great French champion won the event in two different formats: in match play at 68 and 69 and stroke at 75, 79 and 81: “ At that time, many match-game competitions were being played, particularly at the international level, He remembers. The formula of this game has a special flavor. It was also very educational. Then he took stroke play. All Grand Prix races today are played in a two-stroke game. La Mouchy continued this inevitable evolution. » National Head Coach for eighteen years, Hervé Fressino has seen the emergence of players such as Jean Francois RemiseAnd Laurent LaSalleAnd Mark FaryAnd John Van de Velde And others: talented boys, admits. I have worked a lot for the French high standard. This was my main concern, besides revealing. DTN functionality has changed quite a bit since then. She has held other positions in the sport, almost all of them. Lots of coaching, organizing company days, managing golf. I am also passionate about technology and biomechanics. I teach at my own pace at Polo de Bagatelle. I love this game, it’s my life. » Once again this year, Hervé Fressino will honor the invitation of the Moshi Cup Organizing Committee for a winners’ meal on April 30, the day of the second round of the Patrick Fressino Cup.

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