Testimonials – Recommendations. Video games too difficult? “The guards of the Temple of Difficulty are fools.”

Some video games have made it quite an argument in their own right, amassing a large community of gamers looking for a challenge. Released at the end of February 2022, elden ring It sold over twelve million copies in just over two weeks, earning it the title of best debut for the studio. And this is nothing, because FromSoftware is the root of many successful games and series, Evil spirits to me Sekiruknown for its difficulty.

elden ring It is indeed a challenging and demanding game, which we can also attest to after trying it out (and yes, we did take a lot). It has also been a source of discussion on social networks, as has been the case every time a game from the studio was released, and it may have been for example when a game was released. Cupheada retro shooter that hides the real challenge behind the aesthetic of Fleischer’s animation of the 1930s.

Because even if there are heroes in underwear to help players in difficulty elden ring Some prefer to add different difficulty modes, allowing a larger community of adventurers to take part in the mission. This does not fail to upset the purists, who see it as an unnecessary choice that distorts the original work.

When hard video games are scary

The debate was lively between the two camps whenelden ring, with some players becoming interested in the universe after giving up exploration due to the difficulty of FromSoftware games. Since his 38-year-old peak, Julian isn’t afraid to admit it: ” The souls [série de jeux développée par FromSoftware] It makes me afraid. » before giving up “Perhaps a biased view of these games is difficult.”

Meanwhile, Ludovic, 34, has tried hard, but considers that some titles are not “Compatible with his player profile”Throw in the towel before the investment you represent: “I fell blood borne and the Evil spirits Because it is very difficult, and it is impossible to completely devote myself to it until I am able to advance. »

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Same case for Julian, of the same age, who dropped the console in front back : ” What a lose. “ He admits that he does not understand “Those who play these games and get annoyed when we talk about adding a simpler difficulty” : “I don’t understand how increasing the difficulty negates their enjoyment of the game.”

An elitist vision of video games?

The basic idea, which appears implicitly in many testimonies, is an idea “gate guard” or “Access Control” : Experienced players, consciously or unconsciously, will disqualify those who are not at their level and whom they consider unworthy of playing their ‘own’ games. Faced with this desire to maintain difficulty, some do not understand.

“I think it is elitist! Why deprive younger or lower quality players of an entire category of games?” Micheline, the 35-year-old player regrets. “It is good for everyone to benefit from it.” Eve, of the same age, goes further: The guards of the Temple of Difficulty (who push the discourse to the point of absurdity) are pompous. »

Fortunately, there is room for repentance. This is for example the case of 37-year-old Guillaume. Whoever now willingly plays in easy mode for some time admits that he adopted long ago “That ‘elitist’ aspect that comes from adolescence when one views a little (or even a lot) with disdain for easy situations and any other help that allows to overcome a difficult path.” A school of difficulty, set up as a model in an environment where competition weighs as much as entertainment.

Will the addition of different difficulty levels make it possible to match players from all directions, by giving everyone the possibility to undertake the adventure according to their abilities and desires? Here’s what Christophe, 36, thinks: “These options make it possible to make the game accessible to anyone who wants it, without distorting the experience of people who want a game in which the slightest error is synonymous with it. game over. » So experts will have the difficulty they desire, and more relaxed players can try the game without fear of having to give up the game for lack of time to devote to it. And so everyone will be happy. Yes, but no.

Betrayal of a video game?

As Patrick Bega, host of the RDV Jeux podcast, among others, reminds us, “For FromSoftware, difficulty is part of the game experience that Miyazaki wants to provide, including beating it.”. Some creators are already building their game around the idea of ​​difficulty and multiple attempts, making players’ frustration and flexibility the engine of their progress.

In many games, death is mandatory, leading the player to wonder how to get past the obstacle. This is the famous principle “Die and try again”Literally, “die and try again”. A concept that, historically, was not intended specifically for a group of seasoned experts, but is sometimes found on the contrary at the heart of very popular games, such as cult. Prince of Persia 1989. However, it is true that over time, this mechanism has become more and more marginalized.

And so, when we talk to him about difficulty, Patrick Bega assumes his point: For him, “Difficulty is a kind of false discussion,” Insisting on ” Little “. What matters, according to him, is above all the author’s vision, that is, the direction the development studio would like to give: “If the author wants to make a game in which the arduous conquest of the game is a part, even he is experience, then he should be able to do it. »

Clouds agree. If they are now reconciled with the easy game modes, it is sometimes difficult to see the need for them in some games: “I confess that it seems complicated to me to suppose to an author that he subverts his vision by adding such and such a function to open his game to a less diligent audience…”

Between regret and surrender

continues: “I see no point in distorting the gaming experience just to say to myself ‘I played that.’ If the game wasn’t made for me that’s too bad we’d play something else. Just slide the slider to give birth to a demon souls Who bends blindfolded has a real interest? » Finally, easy mode doesn’t seem to be the miracle recipe for reconciling everyone.

Many players end up ‘controlling’ their own access and prevent themselves from playing very challenging games. This is for example the case of Eddie, 29, who always finds out what games have to offer before starting: “If a game doesn’t allow me to lower the difficulty level, the last example for me: SekiruI tell myself that the game is not for me and I will not complain. » A way like any other way to guard against frustration that inappropriate difficulty might cause.

“Whether there’s an easy situation or not, I don’t care: it’s the studio’s artistic vision and they do whatever they want,” Thomas, 29, sweeps up before adding, philosopher: “It’s boring because I haven’t been able to make games that look fun because of it, but don’t bother.” However, it seems that a small hint of regret appears after the resignation.

Just what Jeremy, 27, assumes when he says he doesn’t allow himself to play certain games because of the difficulty of those games: “ Sometimes this is done with a prick in the heart, for example Cuphead. » before relativity: “Too bad if I missed the major video game of the decade or year, I know up front that I wouldn’t enjoy playing it, even though the universe or the game design would have pleased me.”

Fortunately, the provision of video games is now wider than ever and still allows everyone to find something for themselves. “The main thing is that people stop wanting to impose their vision on everyone,” Thomas concludes.

Testimonials – Recommendations. Video games too difficult? “The guards of the Temple of Difficulty are fools.”

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