Patrouille des Glaciers: The End of Jovian Heidegger’s Apotheosis Career

Four years after its last release, the Patrouille des Glaciers is finally back. Nearly 1,500 teams will attempt to tie Verbier from Zermatt or Arola. Among them are cousins ​​Jovian Heidegger and Erwan Kasser, who will collaborate with Janick Ripley. For the two cross-country skiers in Vaud, it will be above all having fun.

Jovian Hediger and Erwan Käser at the start of the CEO / RTS Sport / 4 minutes. Wednesday at 9:15 pm

I had to climb to find some snow on this mild day in April. But whatever the circumstances, Hediger and Käser are mainly taking advantage of recent trips to improve their technique. Instead, Vodua used to skip the stages of the Cross-Country Ski World Cup, and he embarked on a physical and mental challenge. Or rather, he was the second to proceed to the transfer of his eldest son, with the connivance of Laron III, Janic Ripley.

We wanted to celebrate the end of Joe’s career by celebrating the occasion. We thought Patrouille des Glaciers was a good opportunity to do something special for it. We got him on board for a bit without asking him much for his opinionErwan Kasser laughs.I got really hooked because I didn’t plan to run it. My friends got excited and took me on an adventure‘ Bellerin smiles.

effort management

A young retired country skier, Hediger admits his preparation wasn’t the best, it was he who started a new career in the offices 3 weeks ago. “We’ll be the team with the lowest legs. We are counting on a higher-than-normal basic physical condition. For my part, it’s been 3 weeks since I started my new office career so things are sure to change a bit. We’ve done some trips with Muveran in particular, and that’s been our great preparation.”

For Vaudois, one of the main difficulties is managing the effort, explains Erwan. “We usually train for 2-3 hours. But when going up to 3600, we rarely do that.”. and his cousin to explain: “We are used to skiing over the threshold. For us, it’s a 40 minute max effort that we’ll be able to hold on to, while here, that’s exactly what we shouldn’t be doing because if we start at that pace we’re going to explode on the way. “

Finishes in less than 8 hours

The three athletes will attack the mountains between Zermatt and Verbier from Friday night to Saturday. 57.5km long trip to get 4’386m high. With the goal of crossing the finish line in less than 8 hours. “We fixed that a bit without having a lot of references. After the cups of Moveran, Erwan caught fire “, says Hediger. “I went to look up the teams that we either beat or that just beat us to compare the reference times,” Casser explains. “I think there is a way to go well. The goal is to cross the line in less than 8 hours. Obviously it can be played but then it also depends on the conditions.”

The duo will also be able to count on each other’s individual qualities. “Irwan is indestructible”Jovian laughs. “He has endless energy. I might find it worn out in the end.” His cousin concludes:Joe is a rooftop fox: he knows how to set goals at the right time. He’s also calmer than me, maybe when I pack my bag 3 times he’ll tell me, “It’s good that you have everything in it (laughs)”“.

Alpes de Chau, Florian Gallaud

Foot pain, their obsession

Fear is the presence of physical problems such as pimples that make racing less beautifulHediger admits. “Käser continues: “You have to run a rhythm, and keep that rhythm for as long as possible and with a smile. “We are not used to such long efforts. Knowing we will go at a certain pace. We will not be able to use the handbrake all the way, surely we will run very fast at one point or another in the race,” Heidegger concludes with a laugh.

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