Loire-Atlantique: Ma Sécurité, an application to download to communicate with the gendarmerie

On April 14, 2022, the gendarmerie published a message warning residents of the theft of two wheels in Chateaubriand (Loire Atlantic). © L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

wish ». it’s a name A new application developed by the Ministry of the Interior bound for Inform and support the population in different procedures related to security.

This new tool was launched in March, and it has found its place Since the beginning of April 2022 on the Gilles Maurer smartphoneAnd Commander of the Gendarmerie Company in Chateaubriant (Loire Atlantic).

Guide people to the right steps

Available on smart phones iOS and Android, presents preciousA source of information To the population, who will be able to find a certain number of useful information, For individuals and professionals. An exact answer will be given to each user, especially on Steps to take, for example, if the user is a victim of theft, violence or cyberbullying. To do this, all he has to do is answer a short quiz.

The application also provides a fileAn important source of documentation To report for example about b Concerning the procedures that must be adopted to ensure the safety of its property and personnel. Emergency numbers are also listed there and can be called with just one click.

Likewise, users can be Contact your digital brigade to ask questions or Report spousal or intra-family violence. The National Police may also be selected if the applicant resides in a police-administered area.

Leo Guteret
Commander Jill Maurer can communicate certain information to the population in real time. © L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

Useful information in real time

In addition to this educationally designed information bank, this application It allows local brigades to communicate in real time with the population.

“At the local level, we can include Notifications related to local issues Says squadron leader Maurer. “For example, it issued its first leaflet on April 14 alerting residents to the presence of two-wheeled robberies in the Chateaubriandt conglomerate.”

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With this new tool, Each gendarmerie can alert the local population in real time. The user is informed directly via a notification on his smartphone.

“It can also be related to accidents that cause traffic disruption or veer actions. You can provide information that can be directly useful, for example to protect property or to change a lane.”

Users can choose to follow the information sent by all brigades in the area. ” This New methods of prevention and informationto the public,” the company commander sums up.

Leo Guteret
The company commander sends these messages from his computer. © L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

Complaints on the go

This new application is part of the process of digitizing the services of the National Gendarmerie, which has accelerated since the beginning of the health crisis. from now on, Each brigade in the area covered by Châteaubriant is equipped with a laptop.

His situation began with confinement so that the gendarmerie could work from their homes. This system has been developed since 2020 and has been popularized since the beginning of 2022. NowAll regional units are equipped with at least one laptop for receiving complaints on the go. »

This new equipment facilitates the gendarmerie steps, to collect complaint files outside the gendarmerie. “This systemFacilitates the process for people who are physically unable to move, for elected officials or for victims who do not want to be seen in the gendarmerieJill Maurer notes.

The digital tablet also accompanies the gendarmes in the field to take an electronic signature. It also makes things easier, for example when someone enters the hospital. Previously, we had to take statements manually or wait for her to be discharged from the hospital. »

If present-day hindsight was not yet sufficient to provide real time to the Company’s soldiers, there is no doubt that it must at times facilitate some very tedious procedures.

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