Logitech Lift Test: Our View

Put your hands on your desk without thinking about it. In a natural way, you will not lay it flat, rather it is placed perpendicular to the edge of the side of the little finger. If you are holding a regular mouse, you will have to make a movement of your wrist to come in and lay your hand more or less flat depending on the models.

In the Ergo Lab, the brand Logitech has developed a new model that respects the natural position of the hand: the vertical mouse lift. It promises to provide more comfort than the classic mouse thanks to its special shape and includes other interesting features that we have already seen in previous models such as M650.

Logitech offered us to test out this novelty by letting the color pick up, so why not pink? It is also available in graphite gray or white. The left version is only available in graphite color. Note that Logitech is also communicating about its efforts in sustainable design using 54 to 70% recycled materials and by offsetting the carbon footprint of its manufacture through actions for nature and renewable energies.

To fully appreciate the design of this mouse, you need several shots. On the side of the click buttons, it looks like a classic mouse that could have been placed on its edge. The wheel is located in the middle of the two main buttons and there is a customizable button just below them.

In profile we can see a slight inclination, at exactly 57 degrees, to best respect the inclination of the hand. The two additional buttons are placed under the thumb in a natural way.

profile account

Their round shapes are a lot of fun, even if that makes transporting them less practical than flat mice for those on the go. The touch is nice and the fabric in the back allows it to be maintained without slipping away.

front view

Under the device, the door to the battery compartment opens with a slight pressure thanks to the magnetic fastening system. It is powered by an AA battery (included) to provide up to two years of autonomy, depending of course on the intensity of use. We also see the button that allows you to change the Bluetooth channel, which allows you to link the lift to three different devices and easily switch from one device to another.


We can also see the connection dongle that we can do without if we choose to connect the mouse via bluetooth. It is compatible with device operating systems on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPadOS, and Android.

Settings are configured and customized via Logitech’s Options+ app, which is still in beta, but is fully functional. You can of course assign several types of actions to each button, such as the button above the wheel which by default allows you to change the cursor speed. This can be useful, for example, when using a gaming or editing application that requires more speed or accuracy.


Action assignments for each button can also be made according to the applications. Using the program is very simple thanks to the well-designed interface.


Another benefit of this software is that the “streaming” function is enabled. If it is already possible to switch from one computer to another using the switch button at the bottom of the mouse, the streaming function allows you to switch from one computer to another simply by “pressing” the corner of the screen with the pointer.

To avoid involuntary switching from one computer to another, it is also possible to select the option that requires pressing the “Ctrl” key to trigger the switch from one screen to another. We tested this possibility by trying to use one computer running macOS and another running Windows simultaneously without causing any problems.


When we first started, we wondered how long it would take to switch from a classic mouse format to this comfortable one. It was faster than we thought, without the adaptation time needed for a comfortable keyboard
Ergo K860. Within 24 hours, the Logitech lift was certified and it is perfectly normal for the hand to prove itself in this position.


Elevator is not the first mouse that the brand offers in this format. This is for small to medium sized hands. This can be determined simply by using a credit card by counting the number of card lengths needed to cover the hand, from its base to the fingertips.

hand size

The lift is convenient if your hand is 2 to 3 credit cards wide. On top of that, you have to switch to the larger model, the MX Vertical, even if you regret missing out on the silent click and smart wheel. Another possibility is to use a more classic and affordable format with the Silent Click Signature M650 which comes in multiple sizes and in a left-hand version.

If we like everything about the lift, the magspeed wheel is what this model lacks. The Smart Wheel is very nice, and we’re sorry it isn’t equipped with the ultra-fast scrolling that equips the MX Master or MX Anywhere.

These details, however, will not be missed by those who have not experienced the game of fast roulette. Another reluctance might be the size for those with a mouse on the go. Although it is very light (125 grams), its shape is less convenient to be carried in a laptop bag.

Despite this, the Logitech Lift has something to appeal to not only if you’re having trouble getting your mouse to feel like normal. In addition to the extremely comfortable and quickly adopted position, its texture and silent clicking provide real comfort in use. Note that it is in a custom left-hand version only in graphite color. The right-hand version is available in white or pink for €79.99.

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